November 11, 2009

Goodies! (D&T Charms, Dior Palette)

I bought some blog goodies 2 months ago, and completely forgot to post about them!
The first package was from Dana D&T Charms (click here), she's also one of my lovely DSK customers ^_~
She loves her sparkles!

She makes the most adorable cell phone charms ever.
Look how cute her packaging is!
I bought two of the Eki Charms (one for my bf's sister)
and I asked Dana to make me a charm with purple ^_~

She called it the Stephy Charm, how sweet of her!
I love my new lil charm!

Minh cleaning in his pajama's as I am taking pics of my mail lol
Goodies from Sarah!!!!

I love Sarah, she's one of the nicest friends I have ^_~
I bought her Dior Palette from her blog sale about 2 months ago lol
Visit Sarah (here)!
I got everything in the mail the day I moved in I believe, or that weekend.

I've used the palette a few times, but I have yet to do a look with it for blog :)

I will soon!





  1. yay for all the goodies! Dana's cell phone charms are soooo pretty!

  2. Ooohh someone else called Dana makes nice phone charms!! hahaha.. my name's Dana too.. =P

  3. loving the goodies =] and loving the new layout!!! Is your site ready to launch!? =D I see something clickable... I think o.O

  4. ahh i love dana's charms, i ordered one a few months back and love it :D x

  5. lovely packages! And your new house looks so spacious! I love the window seat as well :)

  6. WHooo mail call!! How sweet are those charms! Very cute! And yes Sarah is the bomb! And so is STEPH!! ;)

  7. Those phone charms are so pretty :)

  8. Those phone charms are pretty gorgeous! ;D

  9. What a lovely buy! I love the stickers! Have the same Dior palette, hehe! ;)

  10. eeEeee, I'm so excited that you posted them! :D haha

    I'm glad that you like them ^__^

  11. lmaoooo :) i wanna see a pic of you + that shirt! oh and an eotd dammit :P

  12. looove the charms!! :D Dana's so talented! :)


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