November 12, 2009

Palty Japanese Hair Dye

I dyed my hair about 3 weeks ago. I used Palty Japanese Hair Dye for the very first time!
The box was about $11 at Uwayimaya, my local Japanese Grocery Store ^_~

I bought the Black, and I loveeeeee it!
I've never used a better hair dye!
I had my hair dyed with an Italian Blue Black last March at a Salon..cost me $70 for the faded after a month!

So far..this Palty is for the win!

You just squeeze the contents of the tube into the bottle and shake shake shake, apply : )
I didn't use the pink conditioning oil because the girl in a tutorial on youtube
didn't use it. LOL

I dyed it Blue-Black remember look at how it faded!
From March-October

Now my new color!
Just a quick webcam pic from the other day.
I haven't taken pictures in a while, I've been camera shyyyyy

But I hope to return back to youtube soon!


  1. wow, thank you for the review!
    i will skip the pink oil too now XD~
    i purchase a brown palty from uwajimaya month ago, but a week after that i found out that i'm pregnant...haha, can't wait to try, gotta ask my doctor about that ;D

  2. i've been curious at that hair dye everytime i see it. it looks nice!

  3. Isn't it great to find a cheaper easier alternative? The color looks nice on you! I wish there was a Japanese (or any asian in fact) market where I live =x

  4. Oooh its cute. I've seen it around, but I've been scared to try it! So I've been searching for western brands!

  5. LOVE palty, i always go back to it because of the non harshness, the non bleeding etc and it colors my hair right the first time. Man I miss being on the west coast! i have a few boxes i bought just in case i didn't find a near by mitswa.

  6. I love your hair color too!!! Your hair look really shiny and healthy. wish there's one of those store at my area, but of course there's none :(


    Stop tryin' to look like Bella though, they've come out already and they're holding hands to prove it.


    Nah but foreal *does the messican whistle* GOOD LOOK!!! <3

  8. Reeeeeallly beautiful. your hair really looks healthy and shiny! above all it suits you a lot!:-)

  9. Just dyed my hair with the Palty natural black and it came out SOOOOO nice, I love it. Only bad thing, it's been about a month and I think it's already fading. I hope I'm trippin' LOL.

  10. Wow that looks awesome and you shouldn't be camera shy! You are very pretty!

  11. ooo LOVE the new color on you! Your hair looks sooo shiny!!!

  12. love the dark hair! I've see palty at my local Asian market but there weren't any instructions in english! after reading this post, i might give it a try! thanks for sharing steph ;)

  13. Love LOOOOVE the black on you, so pretty and healthy and shiny!

  14. oooo i was eyeing palty colors before.. maybe i should def go check it out xD i dyed my hair black too! woot ;P

  15. Very nice Steph! The black really makes you look snowy white! In a good way! LOL!

    Even though that's my natural color, when I dye it that dark again, I just look a pasty mess! LOL!

  16. Amazing hair colour. The black makes you look slimmer. ;D Of course, that's what the colour black does. Lol. I haven't had my natural black hair in a while, I miss it. D: But, really nice hair! And you shouldn't be so camera shyyy.

  17. I was thinking about using Palty when I was in Japan but never got the chance to :(


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