December 5, 2009

Holiday Shopping Maddness!

Went on a Christmas Shopping Spree was so fun!!!!!!!
It was pretty spontaneous because I woke up early and my roomie Hany asked me if I wanted to go with :) Minh was working today, and I was caught up with most of my work so I took most of the day off to shop for my friends & family. (naturally, I had my Blackberry to respond to emails of course ^_^) I've had the Blackberry Curve 8900 for about 2 months now and I HIGHLY recommend it. I had the older Curve, loved that too, but the 8900 is definitely a lot better. The camera is 3.2 megapixel! (that as the same # of MP as my first ever digital camera!) P.S. I got it free for signing up for another 2 years with T-mobile. Did you know that you get a 12% discount off you T-mobile bill & free activation if you have AAA? (Triple A). You also get a discount off your bill if you're a student!!! Most people don't know that!
To my student readers with T-mobile, call them up & get on that!

I think I'm going to try to keep weekends work free starting 2010, My New Year's Resolution is to resist working on weekends. It's difficult running business that is in the form of a company especially an LLC who elected S-Coropration taxation.

There's a lot of "behind the scenes" work that most people don't know unless they actually have an LLC themselves or study them closely. I depend on a team of professional (that the company pays) to help me run my jewelry company.

To my accountant/CPA/Book keeping readers, if you have any suggestion or advice. I'd love to hear what you think about my choice in electing S-Corp. I do have my CPA, but it's always easier to hear or learn information from a friend. Since CPA's don't really make the decisions for you...they just do what you want them to do. Any advice is appreciated!

: ) But business chat will be for another blog post since I get the "how do I start a business" questions & e-mails often.

I just want to share with my crazy shopping day!

There were just sooooo many people out shopping! Usually I online shop, but had the opportunity to go so why not!

I went a little crazy, I think Hany saw my shopaholic side.
If I see a deal, I want it ALL.
I'm notorious for buying an entire stock of every and anything I like.
I figure I will always use it, or share it with my friends & family.
I also have a fear that they won't continue to carry the things I like.
So I don't just buy 1 or 2, I buy the whole current stock at the particular store I'm at >.< Examples, Aquafina Chapstick....MAC Emote Blush...Lavender Whip Lipstick...
Just whatever I really fall in love with, I NEED TO HAVE IT ALL AND NEVER RUN OUT.

I know, I sound like a psycho with a problem.
But nobody seems to complain ^_^

I'm an impulse buyer, and I don't spend the time to think before I buy.
I just know that I want it, and I take it to checkout. I dislike wasting time, because time is money. So I buy buy buy, then if for any reason I regret my purchase, I return it.

If you think about it, the time you take to think about something you want to buy...takes away from your LIFE. lol Plus, if you are attracted to something, you know you will keep thinking about it if you don't buy it! What happens if you go back and it's all sold out?

Yup. That's my paradigm on shopping.

Anyhow, Hany definitely saw my crazy shopping side.
She was literally fighting with me to take stuff out of my hands because I went overboard a few times at a few stores. I kept saying "omg you're embarrassing me! stop it! stop!"
But she did talk some common sense into me when it came to a few purchases I was about to make. Thank you Hany : )

It's rare to have a shopping buddy that's NOT Minh.
Minh just encourages me to buy whatever. He's really easy going, and a crazy ass shopper himself.

There was a line into the Coach store, so we waited.
I personally don't care much for Coach bags anymore because it was my obsession in high school, but I still love their silk scarves. I have a mini collection of them myself ^_~

I left with 3 Coach bags, and 4 scarves. They're all going to be presents, just don't know for who yet. I can't post pics until after Christmas because most of my family read my blog. :)
***shoutout*** Hi Mom! Hi Julia! Hi Dad! ***shoutout***

Let the holiday shopping season begin!

$ Spent @ Coach: $424 (mom, aunts, cousins, friends)
$ Spent @ Sony: $249 (for myself)
$$ Spent @ Columbia Sports: $32 (something for Minh)
$$ Spent @ Burberry: $289 (bought presents for my dad & cousin Dr. T ^_^ since they're both classy men!)
$$ Spent @ CCO: $221 (they had the graphic garden collection eyeshadow palettes! gifts for friends & cousins)

Total Spent For Presents Today: $1215
I give good presents, or at least I like to think I do!

I still need to buy for Minh's family...I was with Hany so it was hard lol
I like to be more secretive about those presents cause I don't want anyone to spoil a surprise.

(well..I bought myself a new Sony Camera...just because I misplaced my Pink Sony's battery charger and didn't want to spend $60 on a new I got a new camera. It's 12.1 MP instead of the 10.1 MP that my Pink one had. I like to upgrade often. Plus, it was on sale! I bought my 10.1 MP Sony last year for $349 at Fry's. I upgraded to the new model for $249 w/ tax. You can't beat that unless you got the hook up!

I picked Bronze because it's different : )

My camera from last year (isn't it cute?)
I think both camera share the charger so I'm good ^_^
I like to have extra cameras to keep in my bag. You never know when you want to take pictures.
Camera phones don't always cut it!

Then after our shopping spree Hany & I met up with Minh to go test drive a BMW 330i.
So after that..we went to the auto part store to buy a few things..then to Costco to look at tires.

And then...
This happened.
Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera
Came with a case & other goodies.
It was like a Costco gift package

with tax $940.00

It's obviously meant for regular consumer use since I research it a lil and the true pro cameras are like 2-3 k.

I personally have always used my Sony Alpha 300 D-SLR and love it (bought it with casino winnings last year)because it's really easy to use.

BUT that one was 10.1 MP, and this one has 15.1 MP & FULL HD 1080 capture!
It tapes videos too! How cool is that? I'm excited because I really want to get back into making youtube videos. I think it's just fun to have videos of yourself to look back on in the future.

Then you can say..omg look at how stupid my hair looked there. Haha maybe even show the kids or grandkids one day? I think it would be lots of fun to reflect on my life one day through youtube. It's just a lil sad that we get a little bit older everyday. I don't like the idea of aging, it scares me. I guess I relate to Bella, haha I don't want to be a GRANNY!

Minh had been eying that camera (he's more into electronics than me), and reading reviews.
haha it didn't get that great of reviews, but we wanted to try out an affordable Canon before splurging on a 2-3k one in the future.

I can't wait to use this baby for new jewelry shoots!
Sarah, my sweeeeet photographer friend suggest I get a 100mm macro lens for the camera to take better photos of jewelry. I can't believe how much lens' cost!
They're almost the same price as the camera itself. I need to go to the camera store and check them out in RL before I buy it online (hahaha, like I said, I'm an online shopaholic. Going shopping in the "real" world like today is rare.) Plus, you can always find a better deal for anything online!

Camera lenses are kind of like WALLETS.
You buy the bag..and then the matching wallet is practically THE SAME PRICE!

Gotta love retail!

Camera's charging now, will post a video tomorrow announcing my new Winter Collection that I've been holding off on, and a new Promotion w/ Video to describe it all : )



p.s. Santa will you bring me an Audi R8?
Our neighbor down the street has one...and I stalk his car whenever I see it at the grocery store AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA
The guy looks like ice T, but skinnier & dresses freaking cool.
He wears like jeans, fancy cowboy boots, leather jacket..sunglasses, and his hair is tied up in a pony tail.

Another neighbor drives a LOTUS, wtf

So yeah...
I really want one. Thank you Santa, you can park it in our


  1. OMG Steph this was soo much fun to read! :)Wow, what a fun shopping spree!!! :) By the way, I want to TRULY thank you for the package! I received the earrings I ordered and the extra goodies and I have to sincerely thank you soo much for the extra goodies! THANK YOU!!!! I didn't have enough money to get the CAT earrings I wanted to buy because I have not been working since I moved and because of my tonsillectomy and I didn't wanna bug Justin for anything else so I want to THANK YOU soo much for the pleasant surprise of the CAT EARRINGS! OMG! I was sooo delighted! I love the other earrings and bracelet and yummy candy and the AQUAFINA...ohh man I was running low on it! Thank you soo much!
    Your friend,

  2. O.M.G! lol. Hanny is just like me! If we went shopping together, I think you'll kill me. hahaha. and whoaaa! That's a lot. Woman, you're balling!!! lol. I wish I had that kind of money to spend. lol. Oh jeez! have to tell you this.... my cousin went shopping and her husband decided to get anything she want.... she end up spending over $1,000 on just herself! hahahahhaha. But her husband seems to be happy. He's lucky that money means nothing to him. lol. and are you going to buy another camera? sell them off! lol. Lens was expensive back then and it will continue to be expensive. Lens does make a big difference for those type of cameras. haha. Shoot, my mom have a really good one from back then and it's still great now! ;] Sometimes, it's just better than a digital camera. I freakin love your old Sony camera! I had no idea they came out with the pink one!! =O It's better than what I have! haha.

  3. wow... i need a camera badly these days. no camera = no post for blog...
    maybe, if the price of the sony camera is affordable, i will get the 10.1MP instead 12.1 shall check out the price.... great great haulage!!!!
    excited for ya

  4. I love reading your blogs there always so entertaining. I too am a shopaholic lol ^_^ Can't wait till your next video :)

  5. OOMMGG!! I wish I can shop like you.. lol.. just get whatever I want and wouldn't care about prices. I think that's everyone's dream. *I wish..* :)

    I want that T1i.. its my dream camera, although I don;t know how to use it.. I have been a "point and shoot" girl :)

    I would love to see what you got at the CCO! :D

  6. Haha! you are so funny. . . the way you write is so descriptive and warm . . .it's almost feels like we've been shopping with you! great haulings you have gutts gal!:-)
    all the best for the festive season . . . and please keep international orders open. . !;-)

  7. I wish I could impulse shop. But that's why I read blogs.. so I can live vicariously through you guys! ;) And Steph.. those sound like AMAZING presents.. not just good ones! LOL!

    Aww you had the camera I have now! I love SONY for point & shoot! Have fun with the new one! And the DIESEL cam too! LOL! It is the same one as L's I think. It's a great camera!

    Audis are awesome!

  8. Steph, if you and I went shopping together at Duty Free, I can't begin to imagine the damgage we would inflict on our credit cards, lol!!

    I've just started Christmas shopping...better get with it!

  9. wow what a shopping spree! X3 congrats to new DSLR!! that is such a great price for 2 lens kit!! Yeah the really good lens are super expensive XD Im eyeing on some nice lens to but $$$ >_<

    I cant wait to see some pics from T1i!!

  10. wow! happy shopping huh hun? you went nuts! i've been shopping myself with my mom and sister but they're all for presents :P

    i'm notorious for being picky with presents so my mom and sister just take me out shopping for christmas haha badd!

    well im glad you had a very very productive day shopping! :D

  11. Sigh, take me with you! >< I never have time to go shopping ;_;.. Shop for me! LOL. To be honest, I felt like I went shopping with you after reading the blog. Haha. ^^ I tend to spend a lot for presents too, but I'm picky I think.

    I want a camera too.. I keep going towards Nikon, but Canon seems to be good too. What do you think? I'm not too sure yet. Well, maybe you can check that out for me too! :D

    Keep up the retail exercise! <3

  12. Retail therapy! GOTTA LOVE IT!

    You'll love the canon rebel, I baby mine like crazy.
    I compared the Nikon D60 with the Canon Rebel XSI last christmas and I went with the Rebel because of the reviews and specs. I'm very happy with my purchase though Nikon's are paper light compared to canons! The battery last FOREVER too hahaha. I wish the lenses were crazy expensive... I wanted a macro lense but it's like $1200 +. I'm excited to see you use your camera!

    I wish I could find the aquafina chapstick you love so much lol I'm still on the hunt.

  13. MmMmM I loveeeeeeeeee going shopping with you !!!

    Cant wait to seeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

  14. I'm so jealous of your shopping spree!!! I haven't been on one in a looong time. :(

    I know what you mean about shopping for cameras. My mom got me new Canon for my birthday this year but she put me in charge of researching them. Gaaaah... it was hell. hahahha :)

  15. I love everything you have in your shopping list. I know I can find it at at its best retail price now.

  16. OMG Steph!!!!!! You're ultra funny! I like the fact that you're quick with what you want to buy. I think it is easier for people who are more stable with their income. So I can understand why some people hesitate a lot before they buy anything. But I definitely love your way of thinking about buying stuff. Your bulk purchases make me laugh!!!! Not in a bad way but a good way XD like when I saw your post on the gazillion lashes that you eyes popped out onto the screen LOL it was a lot for me to take in hehehehe you're awesome! Love you!


  17. that is one crazy shopping spree you went on. i got a canon dslr last year for xmas and i love it! i use to buy in bulk cuz i hate when i run out of things and when they discontinue things but i stop cuz i have too much things now. hmm never clear the entire stock yet. i think i should of clear out the aquafina lipbalm cuz is so hard to find at the superstore i go to.

  18. Of course I'll review the IQQU for you! :D I got them during Black Friday because they were on sale for $25/product, and the Jasmin Rice Scrub was $15. Ooohh You will love the Jasmin Rice Scrub, kind of like a sweet cake or pastry, I can't really explain it but its too nice to smell :)

    Looking forward to see your CCO haul! Yay! I saw some Nordstrom Palettes at my local CCO too. I have the other palette (Fresh Cut - something like that).

    Have a great week!

  19. Lol! I always have fun reading your blog entries. They're so entertaining :D THAT's a real shopping spree! It sounded like it was sooo much fun! Maybe I should save up money for a year and then just go shopping all at once like this. ;P Your family is so lucky! :)

    Nice DSLR! I want one...sadly, the bf bought one before I could (he has a Nikon D5000) so he just tells me to use that one now instead of buying my own. :( There's just something more exciting about having a DSLR to call my own :( *Sigh*

  20. haha, when you said you went on a shopping spree, you went on a SHOPPING SPREE! ;p at least you found awesome deals though! i've had no luck so far trying to shop this holiday season :[ maybe i just go at the wrong times ... your new camera is so cute! my boyfriend just bought me the newest samsung one, it's pretty sweet, but i still love sony (esp. 'cause my computers are sony) lol

  21. I love reading your posts stephanie. haha. they're so funny!

    shopping galore!! I love going on sprees like that and it's even more fun when its gifts for other people sometimes. I love the goodies you got yourself! Show pics of what you got from burberry -i never know what to get my dad and maybe yours is a good idea!

    i read your jewelry blog too - i want a piece named after me! *winks* i was a winner last month! hehehe.

  22. I'm a total shopaholic too. Which might explain my insane amount of debt LOL! Martin is extremely conservative. I'm use to buying something I like, in 3 different colors. He didnt agree with that lol!

    I've been itching to get a Canon dSLR but I dont even know how to use my SX10IS! So I figure I'd hold off until I learn the basics.

  23. congrats on ur new purchases....impulsive shopping is the way to go cuz thats when you know its true love with ur purchases :)
    thats how i ended up with 2 of my favorite bags...i saw it in the store and i knew i had to have its become a tradition for me to go on vacation and come back with a bag....

  24. wow baller! haha tell santa i want an audi too. ur neighbors are drug dealers in a huge crime syndicate. i suggest joining. jk! i love shopping too. love you steph!


  25. Wooo nice shopping you got done!! :D I like the colour of your new camera, nice choice!! Audi is like, my -dream- car so I feel you about your neighbour haha!! ;)

  26. Steph! your shopping spree sounds AMAZING!! lol DSK Jewelry must be doing well! :) I'm happy for youu! Those gifts are more than just "good"--they're CRAZY baller!! >:P hehe I wish I had a disposable income! If only I had some kind of talent that people would like and be interested in, so that I could start a business! Sadly, I have no such "crafty" talents :'(

  27. The whole wanting to swipe everything off the shelve when you're obsessed with that product, I can related to that! Especially when they aren't that popular and are often discontinued. I've learned my lesson so when I try it and really like it, I go back and empty the shelves or I do it in a couple of visits. LOL! I'm glad you had a great time shopping with your roomie! =]


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