December 9, 2009

My day filling in for a secretary...

Yesterday, I spent 11 straight hours internetless at Minh's firm in Everette, WA. 0_0
I couldn't bring my jewelry to work on because I'm supposed to play "secretary."

I couldn't believe how busy it was! Client, after client. He met with a total of 13 clients yesterday.
By the way Minh's a bankruptcy attorney, but his heart is in immigration law. Bankruptcy law is just super lucrative right now. Blame the economy! But everyone who files bankruptcy needs a bankruptcy'll find a job at a bankruptcy firm pretty fast if you've had some experience through classes or internships (from what I witnessed with Minh).

I didn't realize how hard Minh works because I've never gone to work with him until yesterday. I used to be super bitchy at him when he would come home late. He usually gets home around 7-7:30pm. I would be pissed because my dinner would always be cold if he'd come home around 8, or like today 8:45pm. I'm new at cooking, and I'm sure the food would taste better if he was home on time to enjoy it. So yeah...I feel somewhat bad for being a complete bitch in the past. When we were in college, I used to get mad (sometimes cry & cause drama) when he wouldn't spent enough time with me...I guess I didn't understand how much "studying & reading" he had to do in law school. He spent his last year working for an Immigration law firm + finishing his 3rd & last year of school. (3L). 1L, 2L, 3L (1st year, second year, 3rd year law student). They talk in code, if you ever ask a law student what year they are, they'll probably tell you one of the "L" levels lol.

Anyhow, his secretary went on vacation & the firm is still "screening" to hire a new secretary for the Everette office. The firm has 3 offices, the main one in downtown Seattle, one in Everette, and one in Tacoma. Anyhow, they let me go in the office to help Minh manage his clients that day.

I so tired...there was nothing to do! I organized my entire Macbook. All my files are super tidy, and all my photos are where they should be.

I found some pictures from college in my dorm room lol

It makes me miss my old hair, and less plump face.

Random ass pictures from my photobooth I found

Minimal makeup : )

(I found my first blog picture! It's still my blog profile picture today ^_~)
I won't change it! Cause this is me the day I started blogging

I took blogging very seriously lol

Obviously I didn't read enough beauty blogs before I did that makeup..hahaha the crease color is all the way near in the inner corner!! AHHHHHHHHH

Michael Buble in Seattle. April 3rd.
MY 23rd birthday is April 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If Minh doesn't get me tickets, I think I'll break up with him.

"I'm your man" - Michael Buble



  1. Steph I love your blogging soo very much! Wow, I admire that Minh's true passion is helping immigrants! I love all your photos! Sooo very pretty! :) OMG I am excited for you when you see Michael Buble! :) I love that song you mentioned...hehe! I like the part "I'll howl at your beauty like a dog in heat" hahaha! That's good ol' driving music! :) Congratulations on cooking! I hope you share with us some delightfully delicious recipes! :) I am all over the place in this comment, but OMG soo excited for you, I am sure that Minh will get you tickets to see Michael Buble. :)

  2. lol. well happy early birthday.... it's not even 2010 yet. haha. You had such great, healthy hair! You still do now, of course ;] Did you dyed it in the first few pictures when you used to have long hair?

    Lawyers work hard, as a WONDERFUL and POWERFUL girlfriend (or should I say wifey?) you are... you have to have some understanding for him. But of course, keep the bitchy side of you there! You'll need it once in awhile. A guy will not listen if you're not bitchy once in awhile, even though they hate to admit it! haha.

    I really hope he gets you those tickets, you're such a big fan! more like number one fan. lol. If Minh doesn't take the hint... well, bitch slap him!

    So I just recently discovered Zumba class.. or something like that. They have it at the YMCA, from what I researched. You should give it a try! Get some blog gfs to come join you! =] If I lived closer to you, I would of dragged you with me because I don't know anyone to go with and I'm interested. It seems like so much fun!

  3. You looked great then just as you look great now! LOL! :) I know never thougt I'd be into a Kdrama boy! LOL!

    It's always good to see what the other half does. That way they can appreciate each other more. I wouldn't feel too bad though, cuz that was then. LOL made no sense huh? But It's good that you're very understanding. :)

  4. lol steph you are just too funny!! yeah michael buble is pretty amazing. i just finished organizing all his music that i own this past weekend! xD hehe now it's all tidy in my iTunes with bomb quality album artwork. muahahaha. xD wow minh is such a hard worker, but i don't blame you for feeling wanting him to eat the dinner you cooked up for him while it's hot...because that's when it tastes best! but i guess that's why it's important to get to step in someone else's shoes and see what their day is like, right? :D you're a good girlfriend, don't worry! :)

  5. It really helps if you have similar types of work patterns, or else it can create stress, as you've discovered!!

    Jamal and I both work from home, have similarly long hours (like Minh!), so we don't nag each other, because we understand exactly what the other is up to!

    Happy early birthday--and MY laptop needs organizing...don't know when I'm going to do that!!

  6. lol u gonna break up with him for real?lol
    yeah i know after blogging quite awhile,our makeup skill improve a lot !lol
    less plump face?u mean like chubby?lol

  7. My BF is in law school right now... he wants to do bankruptcy law, too! haha! Yeah, I can imagine that it'd be super busy!

  8. I did not know you were in WA! hahaha wierd. I'm in bellevue aww so nice of you to help out at the office :) I love your postings and your pictures pretty girl!

  9. Wow those pictures of you are so pretty, but I still think your just as pretty as when you started blogging:) I hope you get to go see the concert you deserve it :)I love your blogs ^_^

  10. your lips always looks so nice! :D

    it's a good thing that your man is a hardworker doll, don't worry! :)

    were you bored playing secretary? lol

  11. Love the old pics!!! WOw, 11 hours?!?!?! That's long! I only do a 7 or 8 hour as a receptionist, and it's not every day. Goodness! Then again, you do find a way to do something else during those hours.. HAHA. There's a lot of interesting things that go on, right? HHAA. Take care!

  12. hope you get to go to the concert!! lovely pics of you with long hair, i think you look pretty with short hair as well.

    ***Minh if your reading this take Steph to the concert***

  13. Wahahaha, I love your hoodie pics. Gangsta Steph. Really cute. ^^

    And honestly, it's really good that you got to see how hard he works. It makes you appreciate him more when you can see outside of your own bubble and into his CRAZY world! ;)

    As for dinner, I'm sure he appreciates the thought of you cooking for him as much as he likes it freshly warm!

  14. Steph.
    Thnx for sharing your day.
    Thats how I exactly feel with my husband.
    He's a chef so his hours are crazy, and he only gets 1 day off!

  15. omg 11 hours without internet? I'll die in boredom!!

    your posts always make me laugh :) love your sense of humor

  16. ur photos are so lovely!
    u have very pretty eye! i love how they look! lol

  17. i love your old school pics cus you're so cute oh and i understand how you get mad cus you dont spend too much time with your boyfriend cus i dont since i work so many hours a week...sigh it sucks...LOL but loving your blog and your jewelry is amazing! <3

  18. Hey Steph, LOL you are totally gorgeous! You looked good then and good now, fantastic job with the make up!

    I can totally relate to you being upset about Minh in the past. I have turned drama queen when my bf didn't spend as much time with me as I would like... Well, it might be a little different cause I don't get to see my bf everyday since he's in med school overseas. Although he's coming back in 5 days and I'm probably going to be scary possessive! O_o...

    But yeah.. it's interesting why we girls create so much drama when our loved one isn't able to be with us as much as we want... And of course, we totally feel bad about it later, but can't help but be so disappointed when he doesn't show or give us full attention we're hoping for at that moment because they're so busy.

    Nevertheless you know how much Minh loves you, and in the same way, I keep reminding myself that my boyfriend spends as much time as he can with me and that I shouldn't turn into a basketcase everytime he tells me he has to study.. but yep, it's hard! ^^

    Steph & Minh 4 eva! <3

  19. Hello! I just wanted to drop by to show some love. hehe. I really like your DSK jewelries and you're very creative! =D Oh and you're very pretty too! hehe. I've always wondered how you looked like since whenever I stop by your website I see bunch of pictures of cute asian girls. hehe. Anyway, take care and best of luck in your business! =D Happy Holidays<3

  20. You look pretty, and your hair looks healthy :) Hope ya get your tickets! Happy early birthday.

  21. If his heart is immigration .. when will he leave his current job? =\

    I've just finished high school and hoping to study Engineering in University .. I hope I'm not making a mistake =(

  22. Hey Steph!

    For us, it really depends on what the other person can handle. If I have to work late a lot, he will cook dinner more during the week. If he's busier then I'll cook. I have a longer drive home so I'm usually pooped in the evening so he's really been good to my lately. It's not just one person or the other for us, we try to be flexible and communicate about what we need and what we can handle. That being said, it's not altogether bad if you are comfortable doing certain chores separately, like cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry. As long as you both appreciate the other doing their tasks and don't take it for granted. When you communicate appreciation, it's much easier to do chores with a giving spirit. ^^

  23. wowwww yeah, i can just imagine the hard work minh has to put out! and its not like he can look at the clock and say "ooo! its 5, gotta go" ;P

    haha so does he know you're planning to break up with him if he doesn't get m.b tickets? hahaha!

  24. crazy hard worker. :) but you gotta love every bit of him.. i feel the same way when i see my baby work .. i think to myself like what is he possibly doing that's taking him so long. i then walk to the room where he works since we work together and realizes that he has a crap load of work to do..

    but michael buble tickets!! OMG he's amazing!

  25. I LOOOOVE reading about your day, rants, whatever, etc. It just seems so interesting! lol!

    Wow, thats so crazy that a lot of people actually do go see lawyers!! Well at least you understand from Minh's POV now.

    I've never heard of Michael Buble but i'll just have to listen to him sometime since you <3!

    Have a great weekend! <3 ya!


  26. I read your blog as much as time allows. I'm in college I started later in life as I'm 30 years old. I'm not in law school but I'm working my way to get there. I eventually want to become a lawyer. If he has any advice I would love any he might have. There is a lot of reading in college and my husband is the same as you might be. So, I'm glad you realized it. I hope that once I am in law school my husband realizes it too. I love your blog and wished I had more time to comment

  27. 11 hours w/ no internet? How are you supposed to be an effective secretary w/o the internet?
    Now I feel bad, my friend just graduated law school and I was kinda bitchy to to him for ignoring me.... *picks up phone to redeem myself*

  28. Don't dread on your long hair! It'll grow back. =)


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