December 22, 2009

I love Lady L Online!

I was her fan before we became friends :) hahaha you don't know how appetitzing that is for me! We have become really great friends this past year & I love her to bits!

Check out her latest tutorial using a Kate (Japanese) Eyeshadow Palette.
She got mad skills when it comes to blending that eyeshadow!

P.S. Nothing beats getting a shout out from your friend :)


  1. Love you back!!! Thank you! :)

  2. facking HOT betch... I love that woman -- shit I love you BOTH. dammit

  3. I'm with KT I love you both! Hell I love you ALL!! But L is my #1 BITCH! LOL!

  4. I LOVE ALL THE ABOVE! hahaha <3 <3 <3


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