December 21, 2009

I heart Kim Kardashian

Who doesn't love Kim Kardashian?! She has got the most beautiful face, and a killer awesome body! She's only 5'2 or 5'3 lol...I'm such an online celebrity stalker!

Click Here to see more photo's of Kim's Outfit
I loveeeee her jacket! I did some research and it looks like Kim & Kourtney Kardashian are going to be designing a line for Bebe. I can't wait to see what they come up with!

The jacket she is wear is from Bebe (I read her tweet on Twitter), I went to the Bebe at South Center to check it out in RL (Real Life), and it is really gorgeous. I adore the tweed! How Coco Chanel, right??? But more edgy!

For some reason, you can't find it online, but it's available in Bebe stores. I personally never really shopped at Bebe. I think I own 1 thing from them and I forgot what it was. My mom likes Bebe, hahahaha the freaking Vietnamese lady would right? I think seeing a lot of Viets & OLDER WOMEN wearing Bebe kind of turned me off too. I am Viet-American, and I figured I'd not conform. haha Well, old Viet ladies who do nails wearing Bebe (form fitting t-shirts with rhinestone "Bebe" on the boob area you know which shirt I'm talking about) REALLY ruined the brand for me. lol

I used to know this lady who could not fit into Bebe clothes (aka her boobs were super huge), wear was not a pretty sight. I was in 8th or 9th grade. Every since then ~ I've had a bad image in my head : (

Seriously, if you google, "asians wearing bebe" things like this pop up.....there's a lot of forums & threads, it's kind of entertaining to read.

For example, somone said:
" I decided to check out the Viet forums for a bit and saw some fugly chick wearing a Bebe shirt. I never got around to inquiring about this, but I've seen them a lot the past several years. I didn't really care until my TA wore a shirt. I'm too lazy to research it, but where and what is this brand? I've only seen Asian girls wear them."

But I like Kim's Bebe jacket. & everything else they have that's not the spandex-y t-shirts w/ rhinestones!

The Bebe Tweed jacket costs $159--
I don't think I own anything clothes that cost more than $99 apart from a winter coat.
Hand bags...that's a different story. lol

I was so tempted, but I'm not proud of myself to buy it =/ I don't deserve it, not in my current body hahahahaa

I'm having a lot of body image issues! I cannot drop the 40lbs that I've gained since my junior year in college. I was comfortable with myself when I was 18 and 19. At 21 and now 22, I'm not loving me.

Stupid relationship. lol Minh says I feel really secure & comfortable in our relationship, and you all know what that means! (LBs, LBs, LBs) FREAKINGS ELLLLLL BEEEEE'zzzzzzzz

Minh & I are going on 2 years officially this January 1st. We've known each other for almost 3 years. 0_0 time flies. It's so sad! I don't want to get old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minh's 27th Birthday ----December 18th
Christmas------------------December 25th
Our 2 Year Anniversary--January 1st

Basically, lots of present buying --lucky man!

Anyhow, back to me, the woman.

I do want to be my perfect (by perfect I mean, most confident) self at age 25.
Look at my friend Holly ~ she's super gorgeous!

GH (Gangsta' Holly) & Kim K are my beauty idols!

I think I have so many shoes & handbags because
my shoe size hasn't changed, I've been 7 1/2 since I can remember.

Handbags are one size fit all!


Happy Holidays ~!


  1. omfg! i work near bebe in southcenter (godiva chocolate store)!! you should stop by sometime :)

  2. Gangsta Holly! LOL! Love it!! And Steph I can see you rocking that jacket! ;)

    I wish I could fit BeBe! LOL! I'm too big (not in the boobies tho) for it!

  3. aww. New Year's day is your anniversary? I like hearing relationship stories. :)

    not a huge fan of bebe, but their store always looks so sleek and futuristic. and that picture of the jacket looks very nice. and i can agree with you about body image. well, i guess mine was more about my skin issues for majority of my life (from 5th grade-just recently). It kinda brought me down in confidence, but lately I've been aiming to feel more confident too. good luck to us both! ^_^

  4. @ xsimplyriri!!! Yay!!! I don't know anyone from this area! So cool that you found my blog!

  5. "old Viet ladies who do nails wearing Bebe (form fitting t-shirts with rhinestone "Bebe" on the boob area you know which shirt I'm talking about)"

    haha that's soo funny!

    About the gaining weight thing, in the past year I used to be 103 and now I'm up 10 lbs. My bf, he's actually gained a lot of weight since he got with me. When he runs into people he hasn't seen in awhile they asks him what happened. He just says it's love. =)

    I never knew Kim Kardashian was soo short! It gives me hope! =D

  6. lol Steph you're so funny xD And i agree with you on the gaining weight thing but its also when you got money lol you just spend it on food while atleast for me and my bf =P

  7. I LOVE KIM KARDASHIAN! everyone seems to think she's like some useless slut who's only famous cause she made porn, even if she is, it doesn't take away the fact that she's freaking hot! her face is so beautiful and she's got the prettiest smile! :P

    i know what you mean about the lbs hon, me and my bf have been together for nearly a yr and omg the weight i've gained, it's ridiculous :P i totally need to lose weight... maybe after christmas... hehe :P

  8. kim is super gorgeous... ughhh i <3 that girl and her style. if she's collaborating with Bebe, i cant wait!
    i used to work at Bebe while in college and dont really shop in there anymore. their logo stuff is not my style and you're right on the thought about it too! i thought i was the only 1 to have noticed that... i totally agree with u.
    happy anni to you guys and a happy holidays babe if i dont talk to u til then.

  9. I would kill to have Kim's body!!!

    She's gorgeous!

    Yeah Bebe's size are smaller than the regular size. I still fit, but I'd rather buy the clothes there when I'm smaller :(

    Goodluck on your weight lost. We're pretty much on the same boat. I want to lost 20 lbs, but it's sooooo freaking hard!!!!

  10. lol i saw that you live in newport hills? lol i use to live in that area a few years ago ehehe i have a friend that lives there still :)

  11. hey steph! i totally love kim too! her hair and makeup are always so perfectly done it drives me nuts. lol. u totally brought back my high school memories when u mentioned bebe... everyone used to wear the bebe logo tshirt. that was like the thing to do. ahh memories! haha

  12. fuck bebe i love ur big boobs! hehe i feel ya though! 40 lbs lose or gain, ull always be fly to me steph!

  13. I agree -- Kim is HOTT. I've never owned anything from Bebe...

    Happy Holidays to you too, hun!

  14. i LOVE the kardashian's :] especially kim! her outfit in that picture is super cute ... i wish i looked like her ... lol. congrats to you and minh for almost two years! yeah, my boyfriend and i have been together for a little over a year and a half, and ever since we started dating we've both gained mucho weight :[ one of my new years resolutions is to lose weight though, hopefully it works!

  15. Hey girl, don't feel bad about your self-consciousness. I think you look great and you need to find happiness in who you are now. You're beautiful, smart, successful, and have a wonderful guy too! Let that be motivation for the rest to settle into place.

    It's funny about kim being only 5'3" because that's still 5" taller than me! At least it's possible for her to gain or lose weight, I can never be 5" taller. :P Haha, but I'm still happy with me! :D

  16. Love Kim K! She's gorgeous w/an awesome bod! Omgosh, I know what u mean about the weight gain & relationships! hahah. I went through it, and now trying to cut down.. hahha. So difficult, but I'm trying..HAHA. Have an awesome Holiday, beautiful!

  17. lol. yes, that's true about viets working at nail shops wear bebe but I don't care. I still wear them. I love bebe, not sure why but I just do. haha. I don't own much of bebe because it's so expensive for my taste right now but once in awhile, I do treat myself to something that I really want from bebe. lol.

  18. i'm super excited to see what kim & kourtney come up w/for bebe. i love that jacket!

    everytime i watch their show i'm always like "i wish i had her hair!!!"

  19. omigosh the relationships really kill a girl weight wise. i've been with my bf for 4 years and i gained almost 45 lbs...sighhh but i did nutrisystem and worked out a bit and i lost about 30 as hell though cus i loved the food i ate before! LOL sighhh i guess i was too "secure and comfortable" in my relationship too! i totally let myself go whenever we went out to eat...sigh guys have it so bf dropped almost 40 lbs and packed on 20 lbs of muscle in no time flat. for me, its soooo freaken hard! my ass is still too big! the only thing that shrunk are my boobs! and that sucks even more!! LOL

  20. haha. i love kim! kourtney is actually even smaller! like 4'10/11 (my height) so i love it how they're pint sized!

    i personally love bebe but i HATE anything with the bebe logo plastered. i hate the tees with the rhinestones. BLEH! and it's always the old viet ladies with tons of makeup wearing it!!

    their business suits are really stylish, chic, but very professional for the office. I also like their casual fashion tops. :)

    I hope you end up going in and picking up a few things!

  21. lol wow;
    i`m right there with you
    valentine`s day is in feb
    his bday is in march
    && our two years anni is in april

  22. Old Viet ladies who do nails wearing Bebe...hahaha...that made me laugh so hard!! It is soooo true!!!!!!!!! Oh, and they pair that with the True Religions or 7 For All Man Kind jeans too. LOL!!!!!!!!


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