December 20, 2009


I was sitting there printing shipping labels, and I hear a lady's voice: "NEWPORT HILLS!!! SANTA IS HERE, COME OUTSIDE!, NEWPORT HILLS!!! COME OUTSIDE"

lol, I yell for Minh.

Come over here! Santa's coming. So he comes over...and we both sit there waiting to hear the lady's voice get closer.

The name of our neighborhood is Newport Hills btw. (I live in Bellevue, Washington [USA])

It was the weirdest thing...because her little bug went by first...and we were like THAT IS NOT SANTA, what kind of scam is this?!?!

10 minutes later....

haha we catch a glimpse of "Santa"

Time for my Nail "Pawlish"
for our paws! :P

The OPI was a gift from my friend Shellie :)
The color is called.......I don't remember, but it's pretty purple and totally rad!

Isn't the color pretty?

New at DSK Jewelry, aren't they gorgeous?!
A bit on the expensive side, but I'm worth it!


  1. the purple nail polish (or "pawlish") looks really pretty on you!
    i wonder if i could pull off purple nail polish...

    your new earrings are super cute--i especially love the dangle ones~~

  2. I really like that nail polish it's very pretty. Do you like the seche vite top coat? I've been wondering if I should go get a bottle.

  3. In my old neighborhood, Santa used to sit on a firetruck and ride around handing out candy canes to kids. It was the best. :)

  4. That's so cool how you have santa riding around in your neighborhood lol We don't have that here xD

  5. That is sooo cool Steph! :) SANTA!!!

  6. OMG..
    those earrings look very lovely!!!
    You make me proud mama!

    I'm super jealous of your neighborhood. =)

    Let me know when you are coming home! =)

    Love you!

  7. We were at an outside mall yesterday & at one end was a dressed up Santa passing out food & on the other was one u could take a pic with. The poor little kids were so confused!!

  8. LOL that's awesome how they went by your neighbourhood!!!!! Love the nail polish & earrings!! :)

  9. that is such a pretty purple colour! :)

    i hate seeing fake santas :( like the ones that don't even resemble him... i went to the shopping centre.. and i saw those santas that you can get your picture taken with.. and HE WASN'T EVEN ROUND AND JOLLY! he was skinny as heck! i was like, that's so not right! :P

  10. that purple is fantasticccc! loves it!

    i woulda thought that was a scam too!!! but that's cool that you got "santa" parading around in your neighbourhood... in the first pic, i actually thought that little shed/house/whatever that was really had "DSK" painted on it. hahaha!

  11. LOL at "Santa" and yes, very pretty nail polish!

  12. gorgeous stuff as always Steph. i saw in the pic you have the Seche Vite top coat and everyone is saying it's the best, yes ? if so i'ma go get me a bottle tomorrow :).

  13. omg that is so cute!! why dont we have that here in melb haha!
    and gosh where u live looks like a perfect little set for a movie or something heheh :) x

  14. I always love your nail color. =)

  15. LOL that's funny! Santa riding down the street! ;)

    Oohh SecheVite is LOVE!


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