December 14, 2009

What I Collect

This case contains all brand new items. I keep the products I use in another case & in my bathroom. I guess some people collect stamps, model cars, figurines...and I collect MAC & cute piggy banks from all over the world ^_^.

My latest purchase, I never came across a lip set that I liked more than this one.
These colors are very me : )

Only cost me $25!

Pretty pretty packaging ^_~

I've started collecting MAC since junior year high school. Of course back then, being dependent on my parents I could only get a few items each week. But now that I'm all grown up & working. I spend on my addiction. Often times, some MAC favorites end up becoming very treasured & worth a lot of Ebay. Plus, they always make great gifts. The funny thing little sister has no interest in makeup! I share my interest with my mom. She loves cosmetics too ^_^ She used to spoil me with MAC, now I spoil her back with MAC, handbags, and anything she wants. My parents are the best, and I'm grateful for them.

A steel box arrived from Bangkok, Thailand ^_^
I think one of my cousins is living there right now -his life is a vacation!

Candy ^^

Random: Did you know that when you buy Visa gift cards, you get charged sales tax? What's worse is, the person who uses it to buy goods get charged sales tax as overall tax is being charged twice in a sense.

Apparently, there are a lot of complaints on the law forum Minh reads lol


  1. MMmm Mandarin oranges!! Love it cold on a hot day! :)

    LOL MAC & piggy banks! That is cute!!

  2. OMgosh you have lotsa MAC!! *jealous** hahaha!! Btw, I got the DSK threads today! Yay! Thank you so much :D

  3. Amazing collection and pictures Steph! Great hobby :)
    It must feel great giving back to your parents.. My sister and I hope to be able to take care of our parents and send them back home to retire. Talking about back home... Yay for box from Thailand!! hahaha.
    And yummy snackage :D

  4. awesome steal...very affordable..
    being a student sucks sometimes, so when there is a good deal i have to get on the

  5. wahh! i want that mac stuff! hahaha, i love the packaging :)

  6. I own absolutely zero Mac products. LOL. I really like those colors but I'm not a lipstick person =T

    and wow, fun fact! lol. So it's basically not even worth buying a gift visa card. lol. Might as well give the person cash instead -___-

  7. Yeah, I noticed that gift card thing years ago at a store. I was incredibly pissed, since that is just wrong on so many levels. Now, if I know that's going to happen, I refuse to buy the card. I would much rather give a check to someone than a gift card that was/will be charged tax twice.

    Mmmm, oranges... One of the best fruits, in my opinion.

  8. Ooo omg that lip set looks so good. Now I want it too :( Lol I have way too much lip stuff already.

    Those mandarin oranges look delicious!

  9. Piggy banks??

    I saw a wicked one in Cape Town...hihihihihihi poor you!!

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  11. Oh my gosh! I love mac!! I just bought a whole bunch the other day! They have the best and cutest stuff! BTW, its nice that you spoil your mom back! =)

    Also sephora is having some sort of special where you purchased a minimum of $35 you get $15 dollars off!

  12. wow that's a nice collection! ^.^ What's in the box? >.<"

    BTW, yes, that's we want for our friends. Let's hope your sixth sense was wrong this time and he's gonna be a faithful partner. There's nothing worse than 'I told you so!"

  13. I've never seen candies like that :o how are they call ? (yeah, i love food :p)

  14. so much mac! me so jealous >.< hahaha. maaan, those mandarin oranges look so yummy! you're making me hungry lol

  15. Gah, so much mac! And I don't own one mac item yet haha XD
    And those lippies are gorgeous!

  16. The mac package is too cute ^_^ i love nude colored lipsticks too ^_^ your are so sweet buyin' goodies for your mom.

  17. Piggy banks? What a CUTE idea! I wish I thought of that sooner.

    Your collection is amazing.

  18. i collect weird stuff erasers...haha and bikinis...LOL btw...what collection is that from? i'm such a noob...haha ;x but i only started collecting and using MAC this year...better late than never eh?


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