January 6, 2010

Bank's Overdraft Protection is NOT that Innocent!

Hey dudettes!

I hope everyone's night is going well. I just finished watching the People's Choice Awards on CBS. I wasn't really paying attention because my youtube subscriptions are far more interesting! :)

I really did like the show that was on before the People's Choice! It was called "I Get That A Lot." It was just so funny! They have celebrities work at normal everyday jobs, and when someone would recogonize them, they'd play it off like it wasn't them! Hence, "I get that a lot." Snoop Dogg's part was the best!!! He was a valet guy, and every time he would pull someone's call out, he'd blast one of his songs, and sing along --and the owners of the cars would be like..wth. lol I need to find you a clip! It's definitely worth catching if you can.

I LOVE the part when he starts jammin' out to "Gangsta' Love" and the owner of the car is like ...0_0.... hahahaha CHECK IT OUT! I promise you will laugh :D

This is my every day face, when I watch TV.
I am mindless & blank.

I love Quick Capture on MAC it does this 3...2...1 countdown then SNAP
I haven't tied my hair up in a while... I think it's because the last time I went to the hair stylist they told me that I tie my hair up too much and that it was somewhat damaged at parts.

I tied my hair up EVERYDAY during college, it was just out of habit. So that's why you see my hair down in most of my photos (I'm trying to prevent those "hair scars" from a pony tail).
My favorite lip color currently is MAC Creme Cup with MAC Dazzleglass Money Honey to top.

: *

I changed my outerwear to head outside. Minh bought me that vest 2 years ago when we first started dating. It was my Christmas present! : ) Initially...he bought me a coat right...and it was the SAME coat that I wore all the time around him! haha he's so silly.

So he returned that and surprised me with this one. It's faux fur btw. I don't think I could ever wear a rabbit fur, that's just too sad!

It was 50 degrees out today, partly sunny (which is really surprising for the Northwest).

I should book my tickets to go back to Michigan soon. Corporate taxes are due January 31st for me...which is why I have to stick around to meet with DSK Jewelry's accoutant. I'm slowly taking care of the paper work. Sighh, I dislike paper work. I found out that two of the postal workers also own their own jewelry company! I was so excited, I spent a good 10-15 minutes talking to them about our companies. They gave me a lot of great tips! I can't wait to go back to the post office now. lol

I talked to my mom today and she just said.. translated.."Come home when you're free."



I haven't seen my dad is 4 months! I think that's the longest I've ever gone without seeing my dad. ( I look a lot like my dad btw). I take after him in many aspects. ^_^

We have the same habits, except he's more organized than I am.
He's also really nice.

I'm not as nice as my dad...haha I take after my mother when it comes to being "nice."

Minh came home wearing the Burberry tie I got him for Christmas (just the signature plaid-large pattern).
Minh's been wearing a lot of Burberry to work lately, and one of the other attorney's notices ~ and makes fun of him. I guess she came up to him and asked him what he thinks of Burberry because she wanted to get her boyfriend something for Christmas. Minh said he just pointed to his shirt, and said why not get him a shirt like mine? "You wear Burberry?" lol that's what he said she said. Minh said yeah my girlfriend buys it for me. (which I do, proudly ^_^). My bf deserves to look on point at work!
From what I've heard about her, she seems pretty cool & has an appreciate for Burberry (most people in Seattle seem to...I think it's because it's so rainy here, and Burberry is known for their trench coats). Everywhere you look, someone is sporting that famous hint of print.
Minh said his co-worker is a lot like me in terms of wanting expensive ishhhhhh
I just figure, you live once, what the heck.

If something catches your eye, and you're not in 27% interest rate credit card debt.
You should go for it!

Speaking of 27%+ Credit Card Interest Rates.
That's how much Bank of America has raised their rates!
Isn't that ridiculous?

Thank Buddha it's not my credit, it's someone else we know...I wonder who that other person I know could be!

So yeah...that sucks!



Listen up my bank account holding friends.

Who here thinks OVERDRAFT PROTECTION is wonderful?

Lets say you have checking account tied with a credit card for overdraft protection, and when you overdraft say by $45...it takes it out of your CC right?

You're thinking phew! I didn't get charged the $10 overdraft fee WOO HOO.


Did you know that the interest rate on for that OVERDRAFT is the same interest rate on a CASH ADVANCE?

And then the worst part & most evil/deceiving part: For example your credit card balance is $5,000, and you usually pay the minimum each month about $100.

That Overdraft of $45 (from the example above) gets tagged on at the end of that credit card balance, so $5,045 right?

WELL, that $45 with the SAME INTEREST RATE AS THE CASH ADVANCE does not get paid off until last!


You're better off playing the $10 overdraft fee rather than roughly 29% interest rate on that overdraft.

Isn't that just tragic? I bet not many of you took the time to think about overdraft in such a negative way. But sadly, it's real!

Not to be hating on Bank of America, our friend works there lol.
But Minh's sister worked there ~ and she learned a lot of the little tricks that the banks use to make money, and the overdraft protection is one of them.

Don't be fooled by the word "protection!"

I hope this post brings a bit of light into the issue.

Psshhht! Nordstrom Rack start their really big sales [end of the year what what]! The sales associate (SA) told me that they count inventory on January 25th, so they're trying to get rid of all that they can.

Everything was marked down 35%-60%!!!
I bought Minh another Columbia jacket for $84.99 marked down from $129.99
We bought him one at the beginning of the season in black for about $100. He's lucky to own the brown one now too! A lady in line asked me if I was going skiing. I laughed and said no, it's for my boyfriend. She replies, "oh, well lucky boyfriend!." INDEED. He better appreciate!

I constantly buy him new socks, and undershirts too.
I strongly believe that confidence is what helps you become successful.
Nothing beats the feeling of new anything!
Small things like new socks can boost your morale :)
Behind every great man there is a woman :P

I am that woman! I'm going to help him move on up!
I just need to learn how to cook better food. lol

I think what boost my confidence the most is getting a mani & pedi.
Whether I do my own, or get them done. Nothing makes me feel more wonderful about myself than clean fingers & toes. :D

Good night! & Be careful with those credit cards! They're evil creatures!
And watch that Snoop Dogg clip!
It's funny shit!


  1. SHEEZ that overdraft thing IS a scam...I am under Union Bank and I overdrafted by about 30 dollars once...they usually give you about 2 business days to deposit cash before charging you the fee. Unfortunately I totally forgot...but I just went up to a really nice bank teller and she just reversed the fee for me. It was freakin 40 bucks! Definitely learned my lesson.

    Thank goodness I got to the post office before my mom did...I got the ***URGENT OPEN IMMEDIATELY*** letter! Quite frankly, I think paying the overdraft fee is less of a punishment then hearing my mom lecture me for hours LOL.

    I LOVE "I get that a lot!" It's an ongoing show now?? I saw the special once, the one with Heidi Klum working at a pizza place. That one's hilarious..i'm sure it's floating around youtube somewhere.

    I love Burberry..it looks so classy. I really want a collared shirt/boots/coat. I've only got scarves! Your boyfriend is definitely a lucky guy !

  2. Overdrafts are no fun and my fees are at least $30. I am really thinking about heading over to Chase. They give you mobile alerts so you can prevent yourself from over drafting better.

  3. I totally heard about that show!!! I didn't really know what the premise of it was, but that is awesome! I'll have to start watching it. That clip is hilarious. :)

    Also, um WOW I had no idea what the specifics of overdraft protection were. Holy crap! What a load of... That is ridiculous. Now whenever I open a bank account I'll know the real deal. Thanks!

  4. banks in general are sneaky! my old bank (i switched b/c they were so awful) charged $39 per overdraft!! and they would take out the largest transaction first (for ex. a $600 check, then overdraft a 2.63 coffee!) jerks! i say stick with the local small banks- no, you can't find one when you are away from home, but the service is 100% better and they are way more likely to waive a fee!
    i heart burberry too <3
    and you are too cute always buying your man new socks & whatnots to feel good about himself- does he know how lucky he is??!!

  5. lol love that clip =)...Wow thanks for the info on the overdraft protection. I really thought it was a good thing lol. See this is why I love reading blogs, you learn so much from others! Love the saying "Behind every great man there is a woman". I tell my man that all the time haha. I have the same prob as you(need to learn to cook better).

  6. OMG Creme cup is one of my favs too! :) Ohh you look gorgeous Steph, but you always do! :)

  7. Ooopsie I was checking email and it was my Maryapril email and it automatically signed me in. It's April (Aprilathena7)

  8. any cash advance services would cost money of course, my best suggestion is to never overspend, if you don't have that money, don't purchase it. it's very simple. :)

    glad to hear you gonna see your family soon!! family is the best thing ever!

  9. i've seen that show before!!! omg it was hilarious!!! the one i saw was heidi klum working in a pizza shop....the best one was jessica simpson working in a computer hardware/fixing store....that was THE best...

  10. @Lena! Where is your blog missy!

  11. omigosh you totally got me into watching that show the whole day today haha ;x i love how your hair poofs like that i can never get that with my hair i dunno why...haha i should really clean my room since it's what i stayed home from work to do...LMAOS

  12. LOL that snoop thing was funny! Haha!!

    I do hope you get to go home soon to visit your family!

    Yeah interest rates are going up again. *sigh* Like I'm not in debt already... Sheesh.. and I soo hear you on that overdraft thing! I have to ask my bank to take it out of my statements, cuz it throws me off! I ended up actually going over once.. that thing didn't help me at all!

  13. I am contemplating on starting a blog lol. I am so behind in this blogging world. Maybe it's because I have nosey family that makes me fear of opening one lol... When I do start one I'll let you know hun =)

  14. I wish I can buy my husband clothes. HE IS TOOOOOO PICKY!

  15. LOL @ the video. I've seen that show before too, but I can't remember who the celeb was, but I remember watching it. ;D

    I totally know what you mean about the whole mindless face when you're watching tv. I do it too. It's so funny because I apparently don't listen to other people when I'm watching something. I get too into it.

    You look so pretty with your hair up! I rarely put my hair up now, but I used to all the time too. I just loved wearing cute little hair ties and all that.

    Minh is so silly. It's funny how he didn't realize he got you a jacket that you already had, but I agree with the fur thing. It's really sad that they would even consider making anything fur. I mean, faux fur looks just fine, you know what I mean?

    And I can't believe it's that warm in WA. It's like, 12 degrees in OK. Wtf. LOL.

    Burberry = Love!

    Banks are usually tricky. At least you have Minh to help you with all their tricks and whatnot. Oh, loopholes. HAHA.

  16. LMFAO! i missed the snopp dogg one! that show was comedyyyy. i hope theres more episodes.

  17. thanks for the heads up on that overdraft, i will definitely warn my parents, lol

    my history teacher uses that quote ALL THE TIME, but she says: "behind every great man is an even GREATER woman" - which totally makes it so much better, lol

    i say it to the boyfriend all the time =)



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