January 9, 2010

Thanks Dudettes!

(The back of the DSK business card)
Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback over this past week regarding my frustrations with "living" in general. It's kind of fun to read about your personal experiences with roommates, and how insensitive guys can be, lol. I love hearing everything from someone else's point of view.

I like hearing stories

Lets see, I blog about my personal life because 1. this is a personal blog, 2. because it's my outlet --kind of like a diary (think what xanga was for everyone back in the day). Woo xanga! My xanga's name was Asncabbit (where I met KC! who has a blog now :))

I'm not looking for a pity party because that's lame. My blog is self expression! I don't feel that I need to be "fake" and only put happy life events on blog. I keep it 100% real. I want to be able to go back and reflect on the hard times so I can appreciate the good times even better! I do it for me, and you're welcome to follow my journey through my twenties ^^

I live my life on the internet (it is my career of choice : ) everyone knows that) & I feel comfortable sharing everything. I'm not asking you to share your relationship or family relationships on the internet ~ so please respect the fact that I'm not shy to talk about my situation. You can take it for what it is, if you choose to read. Don't have "feelings" for me, or tell me that "I shouldn't" write about so and so. You're not me. But I'm telling you If you bottle up your ishh, one day you're going to over carbonate and explode! lulz
Why do you think wives murder their husbands and vice versa?
I'm sure they didn't plan on stabbing their siginficant other the day they got married.
Just think of my expression on blog as a form of healing & self-help to prevent me from gutting someone.

I always figure it out in the end : ) & WIN! cause I'm Stephanie Nguyen & I have friends & family who love me for me!

& Nonnerzzz (person I know luvs me) , I'll be back soon! It's been too long since we've hung out. Even though it's winter...we can always go sledding!

So yeah, Minh miraculously has the day off today to spend with me, last night we went to Barnes & Nobles --so relaxing! As much as he works, and as much as I get pissed of about it...he always makes it up to me, and reminds me how much he loves me and wants to see me everyday after work. : ) See girls, I am heard! Minh does read my blog occasionally and he picks up hints pretty well. Lets see...next hint: the LV Art & Architecure book you promised! jk jk, I don't need it.

Minh is incredibly --CALM. It's amazing how calm he is about every issue.
Maybe it's cause he practices law. He has interpret and understand everything from everyone's side and be logical to form a way to issue the problem.
Yeah...if it were me...well as you can tell...other people's feelings get hurt when I'm mad.
I'm pretty irrational and will call everyone negative nancy names...sighh

We're going to go run some errands, and clean the house. Then tonight, i'm going start working on "Everything Bracelets" again ^^ I can't wait to bend, manipulate & CUT!

I can't wait to book my ticket!
Have a great weekend!


  1. oooo i forgot to tell you but i absolutely adore the back of your business card :) i sort of want to do something similar when my 250 cards run out. but.. you know. we'll see. it's totally your idea so :P

    i'm glad he had the day off!!

  2. You know, I completely admire your openness on your blog. I love reading about your life and your ups and downs. I wish I was good at writing and expressing myself... if I was I might not have so many breakdowns! Ha! Anyway, I'm always glad to read your posts! :)

  3. yayyy i'm glad things are looking up!!! =)

  4. I love the back of your business card! So meaningful. Those are the kinds of business card I would make a display and will always keep in my wallet. Just too pretty! :D

    I love expressing myself through blog too, so just keep doing whatever you're doing and just to let you know, we are always here for you, will support you til the end. I might not able to always leaving you comments, but I always read your blog :)

  5. i missed your last post, so i am just catching up! (and i totally read the living sitch part-even though we aren't really friends, i have read every one of your posts for a while now, and i do feel like i know you because you express yourself so well-that's why i love your personal blog so much! i feel like i am sitting in the room chatting with you)
    anywhooos, i am glad to hear things are better today. no matter what you do, you are going to rock it, because that's how you roll. all that matters is that you are happy!

  6. glad you're feeeling better again!! :)

    Stay strong!

  7. Giiiirl, I'm so happy that you're feeling a bit better! You so had me worried.

    I'm really glad that you and Minh were able to spend some time together away from the roommates' haunted guests. They just never leave. *sighs*

    I deff understand the blog thing. Blogs are to express your feelings, all of your feelings.

    Totally can't wait for your "Everything" bracelets to come back! They are absolutely amazing. (:

    Stay strong babe.

  8. i love the orchids and the saying since it's so true...LOL i work too much and i never have time to see the bf...so it's the other way around for me...LOL

  9. YEAH GIRL! Minh better recognize and appreciate what's in front of him! :) Glad things are turning out for the best! xo

  10. I'm glad to hear you and Minh got to spend time together! And that things are going smoother today. Hopefully your housemate issues also get resolved quickly.

    LOL Minh pick up on the hints!

  11. I love your business card the orchids are so pretty.


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