January 20, 2010

Shaking Hands with CEO's

I don't know why, but I was posting on the DSK blog, and felt like sharing with you a part of my life that probably gets over shadowed by DSK Jewelry.
I went to Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. I took about a 4 year break from jewelry to attain my bachelors.

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Retail/Merchandise Management from MSU. Some of our Alumni in my degree program include, the CEO of Bath & Body Works (I met & talked to her :)), the Richard Golden (creator of DOC Optics) -met him too! Because the CEO of Bath & Body Works is still very involved in MSU's program, I had the chance to fly to New York City to visit their corporate office. I got to sit at Harry Slatkin's board room/office! (founder of Slatkin & Co Candles--sold at Bath & Body Works).

That is The Harry Slatkin (better known as "The Nose" for his brilliance in developing candle scents) in his beautiful NYC office, we all felt like we were living the Devil Wears Prada's lifestyle this entire trip!!!
By the way, Harry Slatkin's bff is Vera Wang ^_^
We all had a few moments to talk to him one on one, and he gave out his business card, and told us all to email him if we ever need anything or had any questions. He's completely awesome, and so sophisticated! I adore him.

My classmates & friends in Bryant Park, NY

I initially wanted to be a Buyer (my plan if I decided not to pursue law school), and get into buying for department stores, jewelry stores, etc. I did have a connection through another MSU Alumni at Cole Haan's corporate to get an opportunity to interview with Tiffany & Co. We all know Tiffany's right? ; ) Her friend was big time at Tiffany's & Co, and she told me she could get me the connection, but I didn't follow through. I knew that I did not want to have a life in New York. (Although, I do have some family there). My auntie lives in West Hampton ^_^

It doesn't ever hurt to tell someone what you want to be, or what you want to do.
Talking is good if they're willing to listen to what you have to say.
Always have a 2 minute commercial ready about yourself! You never know who you will run into!

Someone always knows someone who knows someone!!!

Basically, I really valued my experience in college. It was definitely a stepping stone to where I am today. I hope to go back to school just so I can have more opportunities to shake some more hands :)

Since I'm going through my photos, let me show you what the Corporate Office of Cole Haan looks like (famous for shoes). They offered us an internship opportunity too, but again I didn't want to live in NYC.

Beautiful view of NYC's Cole Haan
They had tons of pennie's in a bowl
It's just beautiful in there, I would love to have that table!
Isn't the office just super trendy?
I love being in a board room.
They had walls of fabrics, textures, skins!
I was going through my old myspace picture (I haven't be on myspace in a long time).
These photos were posted 2-3 years ago!
I used to do custom orders for friends or friends of friends.

I started with beaded Swarovski bracelets, just thought I'd share!
This was before I created DSK Jewelry.
I used to have displays at beauty salons in the Grand Rapids, Michigan areas back in the day. It got a bit harder when I moved away for college so I had to put it on pause.


I was in school, hence the notebook paper : )
For those who dont' know, I learned my jewelry basics in 2005 on vacation in Orange County, CA from my cousin who is a jewelry designer (her and her sister-in-law were very savvy).

I didn't think much of it, I just started making pieces for myself for fun.
Anyhow, back when Minh & I just started dating. He was always studying his law books, and I was always beading in my free time since I was an undergrad.

hahaha, Stephanie Nguyen Design! lolllll


  1. OMG BIG TIMEEE!!! You are very very talented and I feel proud that I met you and we became acquaintance here in blogger because I know someday you will be very very famous! More famous than Tiffany's :D
    I will be like - I know her! and I got some DSK jewelries too!! :D

  2. WOW! I am so thrilled for you! Contacts like that last a lifetime!

  3. It's so cool to see your pictures! I minored in Fashion Merchandising. Sometimes I wish I'd majored in it, but I wanted to keep my parents happy, so I majored in accounting (bo-riiiiiing). You really are such an icon of success. You've accomplished so much!

  4. wow you get to meet the ceo of bath and bodyworks!!! i love there stuff and i love how the cole hann office looks so lovely and modern. if my interior design friend see it she'll be loving it. retail management is so much fun i should of switch into that but by the time i was taking a retail class i was in my last year. at least i had a class i enjoyed in school :)

  5. Awesome pics & post. Thanks, for sharing..

  6. I know someone from the Tiffany Corporation too =] hehe *high five!* I guess someone always know someone. In my opinion, in the business world, you need connections. Business is more of a social field... kind of?

    You have great stepping stones. It's always nice to have stepping stones to get you further into what you love to do.

  7. i majored in fashion merchandising in college too! now i work at a construction landscaping company. hahaha couldnt be further from fashion! hahaha.

  8. wow, fancy meeting those big names in the industry XD I'd love to work for tiffany & co too, just for the experience :) at the end what I always want to do is having and running my own thing ^^

  9. Steph I think you are amazing and I know you are gonna be the jewelry maker to the stars one day! :)

  10. Go Girl!!! I'm proud to say that I've got connections at DSK Jewelry!!! (I got a connection right?)

  11. Aww....you are SO creative and artistic Steph. You really have come a long way and obviously knows the in's and out's of business and entrepreneurship. Says a lot about how motivated and ambitious you are in life!

    You really seemed like you had such a great experience. You've got a lot of those connections :)

  12. love the pictures :) loving your blog too :) !

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  14. Thx cutie. Hope you had a great time over the holidays! =) xo

  15. wow really an awesome layout Steph! <333
    I kinda miss ya...for some reasons that i don't know lol
    but i really do.. =\ weird me.

  16. Steph you are the SHIIIIT!!! ;)


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