February 6, 2010

Adore Alice

I hate how my bed sheets are always wrinkled!
Alice in Wonderland Nail Set : $12.50 (I couldn't get myself to pay $8.50 / full size when my mom gets 50% off!) I'm going to Michigan tomorrow so I can't wait to go shopping with my her.

Hot Tool 2" curling iron, reg. $47, on sale! $29! <--been needing one since I left my good one to my sister & mom Urban Decay Book of Shadows Alice Ed. $52 Been dying to own it! Just cause I wanna be cool lol

I guess I will try it out tomorrow or when I get back in March : )

I just love the colors to this palette. That's why I felt that it was worth the fifty bucks
Look at all the pretty colors! I love each and every one of them!
Better value than MAC!
I hope to try it out tomorrow, or else I'll have to long for it from Michigan.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder!

From Left: Absolutely Alice, Thanks so Muchness, Off with Her Red!, Mad as a Hatter

I used Thanks so Muchness (love the name!)
I kind of half-assed my nails today. I had on an OPI blue..haha it stained my nails so bad.
I was too lazy to file and buff. I just put the new nail polish on straight up without a base!
It reminds me a lot of OPI's famous "I'm really not a waitress"
But it is a bit more red in this photo. I'm not loving it, but I don't hate.
My skin color just doesn't look great with red, pink and peaches are better for me.

Isn't the little bottle just darling?
Seche Vite, I honestly picked it randomly at Target! lol
I bought that and a Sally Hansen top coat because I needed a top coat for an art project.
I find that it dries very quickly, and it seems to be getting great reviews on blogger & youtube.
I don't find it to be super glossy or shiny though. Nothing beats the top coat my mom uses at her nail salon. Now the question is...what brand is that? lol she buys it in a huge glass bottle and distributes them in the smaller ones. I definitely need to snag one to bring back to WA.


Minh & I toured another luxury apartment today and it was not even luxury! The only "luxury" part is probably luxury pricing! The appliances were pretty standard, although the area was very nice. In the heart of Bellevue. I think we're both set on the Metro Towers since it's literally the building next to Minh's work.

Tomorrow is the super bowl! I'm glad I'll be able to watch it! It starts at 3 or 3:30pm here.
West Coast! : )

My flight is at 11pm, so I'm planning on going to the airport around 9pm, or 9:30pm.
I hate flying, but seeing my family again will be so worth it!
Plus, my ticket was free (yay frequent flyer miles). : )

They're rarely ever stacked, but since I'm leaving them for a while ~ I thought I'd clean up a little bit around the work desk.
Bye my Swarovski Collection!


  1. Yes, I have love for DSK! LOL!

    OMG... I am green with envy right now. I want everything in the Alice collection! What a great haul! Haulin' -- ballin'! Ha ha ha!

    Yeah, Avalon apartments have disappointed us, too. I heard the management at their Redmond location can be kind of difficult to work with. I know you were looking in B-town, but since it's the same company, eh...

    Stay safe and enjoy your trip! No working! ;)


  2. What a fantastic haul! I really want the mad hatter OPI shade is screams buy me!!! I cant wait to see more swatches

  3. Awesome haul! You can't go wrong on Urban Decay palette!

    I want to get my hand on those nail polishes the "Thanks so Muchness" looks so vibrant! Although the Mad as a hatter looks similar to one of the shades I already have from OPI also.

    Good luck on finding a place!

  4. The Alice in Wonderland pallette is gorgeous. I really want it but we don't have Urban Decay in Denmark, and $52 plus shipping is more than I can afford this month :-(
    Be sure to post some looks using it! :-)

  5. oooh, absolutely alice looks..absolutely gorgeous!
    the blue is such a vibrant blue!
    i wonder if itll look half as good on my nails as it does in the bottle...hmmm...

    hope you have a safe & sound flight tomorrow as well as a relaxing break!!

  6. I nominated you for an award: http://kittynail.blogspot.com/2010/01/blog-awards.html

  7. Great haul! That UD book of shadows is so lovely. I am curious what quick dry topcoat your mom uses at work lol. I use seche vite every time I change colors it dries so fast!

  8. Oh wow! The Urban Decay palette looks lovely!

  9. Dammit! Been looking high and low for the alice opi nail polish collection in sweden! ;_; I can't find it and now you have me lemming it more! xD

  10. The Alice in Wonderland inspired OPI nail polish set is gorgeous! Have to get myself a set too <3

  11. ohh yay!! you get to see your fam!! <3<3 I hope you have a wonderful time :D
    oh my goodness lotsssss of swarovski's XD I would be in sparkly heaven LOL I look at my small collection and I think it looks so pretty but I bet seeing sea of swarovski's are just gorgeous!! <3

  12. Have fun back home darling!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy babe!! Alice in wonderland galore!! Love it!! Look at your work station.. you go girl!!

  13. wow so much swarovski! i'm jealous :P

    cute little bottles! i think red looks great on you :D

    have a safe flight!

  14. Whaaa Alice!♥♥♥
    The nailpolishes look awesome!*-*

  15. ooh! It's the Happy Hauler!

    Have a safe trip to Michigan!

  16. I want that Alice palette sooo bad... just for the packaging. =P

    I love your stacked mini shelves. I'm super nosey and like to see how people organize their stuff.

  17. OMG, I just got OPI Mad as a Hatter, and I love it. I'm don't wear nail polish to work, but I put it on on Friday afternoon and where it till Sunday night. Such an awesome color.

  18. Alice fever! LOL! Ohh that Mad as A Hatter polish is love! And SecheVite is the SHIT!! I don't even paint my nails that often, but I always have to use that when I do! LOL!

    Can't wait to see looks you're gonna do with the UD ALice!! *hinthint* ;)

  19. New follower!

    I lived in an Avalon community for 3 years, not the best, not the worst...

    Where did you buy the curling iron? I bought it 3 mo ago and then returned b/c it wasn't worth the $50

    I want the nail polishes, where'd you get that? lol


  20. Oh, yeah, I soooo want that palette!!

  21. OMG you are back in Michigan right now and I am also back in Michigan! What are you doing this week, starting Wednesday? Let's schedule some things while you're home!

    I still have your christmas present! (bribe bribe bribe bribe hang out with me)!

  22. OMG! I saw the Alice and Wonderland eyeshadow set and it's gorgeous! I am hoping to buy that soon.


    I have been looking all over the place for it and have not found it anywhere in Atlanta =\

  23. omg im sooooo jealoussss. i want the alice and wonderlandddd

  24. I couldn't decide whether to get that mini Alice set... hmm. I haven't gotten the UD Alice palette and I really wasn't planning on it but your post makes me want it now! hahaha

    Blue and green polishes *always* stain my hands. Sigh. I usually just wait a couple days till it naturally wears off. I wish I didn't have to do that, though. :\

    Have a great trip home!

  25. How cool. I bought the Alice makeup set over the weekend! :D I thought the sparkle was beautiful on most of them! :) I usually don't use Urban Decay, but I have a good feeling about these colors. They do look amazing. :D Just on looks, one of my favorites is definitely Vorpal.

  26. Stephanie,
    i loooooooooove this post! im drooling over everything. the urban decay kit has some great colors and the fact that it comes w/ the liner and primer. can't wait to see them on you. im really diggin the alice set also but i just got the mad as hatter one, i haven't tried it yet.

    that's great that you and minh are looking for a new spot! how exciting is that!!!

    have fun in michigan and buy LOADS with your aunts 50% off lol!

    p.s. how do you know Vivi your model? that's my friend's friend! i dont personally know her but my friend modeled with her or something like that. small world!

  27. Um, so I am hatin' on u for havin' those nail polishes! I just got my Alice palette earlier this week (thanks to Ms. Tammy!!!) and didn't realize how big the box was!!! Gotta use it ASAP! It would be great if I had my new lippies with me already... damn Pacific Ocean.... LOL


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