February 5, 2010

FOTD: Dior 009 Sky Glow Eyeshadow Palette

Sarah asked me if I did a look with the Dior Sky Glow Palette yet, and I did but I told her I never posted it because I was suffering from eczema a few months ago (right when I first moved to Seattle). Today, I decided to pull out that Dior palette, and paint my face : )

Since I've been here the eczema on my face has cleared up A LOT. I thank the fresh air & expensive city water lol. It looks like our house has a water leak, the owner of the house is stopping by tonight to fix the problem. He said, "to change the rubber stoppers on the tank," haha whatever that means. No wonder our bill these past few months have been in the $220's! I thought it was just having extra guests, haha fate would provoke me!

I was so freaked out earlier, I left to go to the credit union for Minh...and the SHED was open!!! I was like WHOA. Scary, since it's usually locked. I get home...and it's closed! I was kind of weirded out, so I emailed the landlord and he told me he stopped by to check some stuff around the house. He's coming back later this evening to do some repairs. Anyhow, that was comforting to know that it wasn't just me going mad.

Dior 009 Sky Glow Eyeshadow Palette (used all but the teal/blue).
Lips: MAC Angel & clear Revlon lipgloss
Eyes: Dior Palette, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
Eyebrows: Go Brow Anastasia
Mascara: MAC Zoom Lash

Contacts: Adult Grey EOS (I bought all the colors, but I haven't used them all yet...they get blurry sometimes). I don't really know where to go for circle lenses anymore because a lot of places stopped carrying them. I searched on google, and I guess circle lenses aren't legal and may cause health problems. I can see that lol sometimes my eyes tear up and get so irritated if I keep them on too long. You can only really wear them 1-2 hours max without starting to get teary.

I haven't had on circle lenses in about a month. I've been so comfy with my Acuvue. The thing is when I make jewelry, I can't wear circle lenses, it just doesn't work.
But now that I'm putting jewelry aside, I have more time to play with makeup and all the fun girly stuff : )

Just my natural lashes with mascara. Simple, simple, nothing too flashy. I haven't been wearing falsies at all. I need a special occasion to attend!A "kissy" face always makes the face look more narrow!

Canon DSLR + Perfect Lighting = AWESOME
Why do I have my dad's nose? ugh
It will only grow bigger and bigger, I've seen my aunts lol all 5 of them.

See, the problem when you've gained a few extra means your eyes get squinty if you smile.
I'm still working on that, haha it's just I'm lazy. No one to blame but myself! I love bread & brie.

YES, I also notice that I always seem to over line my eyes.
It's a bad habit. I don't know why I line it all the way around.

Less is more Steph, Less is more!!! That's what my boy cousin told me one time. hahaha


  1. Great FOTD! Lookin' beautiful as always. :)

  2. another cute look! you're on a roll!

    omg. i looove bread and brie! and gouda, and well...cheese in general!

  3. love this look! glad this palette found such an awesome home xD hehe.

  4. Wow ur skin looks flawlesss! I like over lining my eyes. Ahahah makes it very dramatic, urs looks good


  5. Love this look! Beautiful pics. THe palette looks nice! And love the lenses..

  6. steph, you definitely need to do more of these. you look so stunning.

  7. Awww Steph your skin looks GORGEOUSSSS!!!! and amazingly FLAWLESS! i love the circle lenses on you <3

  8. adorable! I think I need to invest in a few good pale lippies since they look so good on you. ;)

  9. Hello Dolly!! Very nice and the contacts are giving you that cute doll look.

    LOL good to know that it was your landlord.. It'd bug me too if I couldn't figure out who opened the door!

  10. OMG MY FAVOURITE CHEESE IS BRIE TOO!!!!!!! so damn good <3

  11. You're lookin' GREAT!! You'll knock em dead in Michigan!!

    I love Briiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee too!

  12. pretty look!! I love the lips especially... the circle lenses look good on you as well... I gotta get me some of the new ones, they look amazing!

  13. What a cute look! I think you can definitely wear that black eye-lined look! Your eyes look so kitty-ish, hihi... <3

  14. very pretty look! awww your eyes are not that squinty at all! you can't go wrong with bread and brie..i love them both.

  15. love the makeup colors. :) and I feel you on the bread thing. haha. I'm a huge fan of carbs and will never be able to give it up. XD Everyone is talking about circle lenses! I have bad eyesight and need to wear either my contacts or glasses, so I don't think I could ever wear them without getting distracted by the glasses. :(

  16. Steph,

    You look flawless in your photos and after seeing this post, I want to get all the products you've used....lol..

    And I was just about to comment on the lenses you're wearing but then you went on to say that not many places carried them anymore :(

    I too wear Acuvue (Oasys w/hydraclear) and it is really comfy. The circle lenses on me gets dry uber fast and sometimes has a stinging sensation which I am pretty certain is no bueno :(

    Anyways, lovely post as usual and Happy (early) Valentine's day sweetie!

  17. I love this look! CD shadows are amazing, aren't they? I swear they last forever, too. I think they're worth the money.

    I love the color on your lips! It's so purty!

    Man, seeing your pictures really makes me want to get a new camera. We have a Nikon... It's okay, but nothing to write home about.

    I still don't know why your posts here don't show up on my dashboard! Lame! :(

  18. Wow, you are so gorgeous! And I don't think your eyes are overlined, you look pretty!

  19. WOW, I lllllove how you look here :) I too have a habit of overlining my eyes, lol. I have to invest in Dior someday! I look ridiculous with kissy pics, lol. I have tried to look cute in those pics for years...FAIL, haha

  20. HAHAHA you are hilarious! "Less is more." Love it!

    I feel your pain, I have my dad's nose too and mine is all shapeless... like a lump. Bleh. :\ Ah well, love yourself the way you are, right? hahaha

  21. Why are you so pretty? Your skin is PERFECT.


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