February 4, 2010


I haven't posted about makeup in a while lollll, I fail as a "beauty blogger." Well, I failed as a beauty blogger long ago. hahaha, Thank you so much to the beauty bloggers who still visiting me from time to time. Especially when all I do is rant about how annoying my life has been as of late. lol

Minh & I really want to move into that apartment, right now we're just trying to figure out if it's worth it lol. We figure rent will cost us a quarter of 100k for the high rise apartment for one year. Two of my friends who live in NYC are like go for it! From the sounds of it..NYC is super expensive. They're both excited for me to experience "city life" The alternative is finding a home to buy together (but that's a bigger commitment). Anyhow ...we'll figure it out! We always do : )

My theme, "Peachy"

I used the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner for the first time!
I have it in #1 Black Ink (comparable to MAC Blacktrack Fluidline.
I must say I like it a lot!
The price is ehh around $21, $22 separately? But it is definitely worth a try.
The one I got came in a "Bridal Kit" lol I didn't even know it was a Bridal Kit until I took a picture of it. I also used the Bobbi Brown "No Smudge Mascara" (it's not bad, but nothing special).
Eyebrows were "freshly" threaded at South Center Mall lol
They offer a MEMBERSHIP option at the threading booth. I think it costs $65 for the year? I'm not sure....but I like to try different places so I opted not to join.

It costs $15 for eyebrows now! $7 for lips
Golly.. it's only $8 in Michigan at the Lansing Mall for eyebrows! Lips $5.
I guess the popularity is growing & the fact that I live in a bigger city now.
I made Minh get his done too : ) He looks less beastly after he's groomed. The man is super hairy, his facial hair grows so damn fast. The Vietnamese men in my family are not even hairy.
Minh is obviously not related. Thank goodness. hahahaha

I'm wearing Freckletone lipstick by MAC with Goldyrocks Dazzleglass on top.
I love Goldyrocks! I always use it, thank you Nu for the great present : )

I'm also wearing my new Colorado Topaz Baroque earrings in Gold!
I'm so proud of them because I'm love the Smokey Quartz color lots.
Aren't my eyes big? It runs on my dad's side. lol Our ears & noses are HUGE.
Freckletone & Goldyrocks

The most amazing Dazzleglass ever!

This was my first Anastasia Eyebrow item : )
I had to buy their special pencil sharpener too (costed me $6) because it wouldn't fit in any other one I had! I now have a total of 4 Anastasia products, and I rotate them often ^_^
The best eyebrow products go to Anastasia, hands down!

I recently received the Brow Powder Duo from a friend : ) I cannot wait to try it! I've always been curious about the eyebrow powders.

The Bobbi Brown "Bridal Kit" haha
I just used the gel liner, and mascara
I picked it up at CCO a while ago for $52, well I think Minh paid for it because he bought more items than I did. Whoever buys more of something pays for it, that's usually how we roll.
Most of the time, it's me paying for stuff, but I let him buy stuff too or pay for dinner so he feels more like a man. (I hope he doesn't read this --well I know he won't read it because he's been so focused on work). But yeah...ladies, let your man be a man! They appreciate it : )

Finally busted out my Jill Stuart & Paul & Joe Eyeshadow Palettes!
I used the peachy color from both palettes <3
I bought them both from blog sales : )

Left Jill Stuart #2 Fantastic Light
Paul & Joe #1 Eye Color Palette I

lol, the name of the P&J palette isn't that creative, but the package is so cute!

I recently talked to my friend Eki about Japanese makeup. I forget about my awesome Jill Stuart, P&J Palettes, so chatting with her reminded me to pull out my luxurious Made in Japan cosmetics. Thanks girl!

I have a big post coming up with that awesome present I received from a beauty blogger turned sister! I can't wait to share with everyone the love she shared with me : )


  1. Yeahsss girl! You finally tried the gel liner lol. I really like the FOTD. Peachy goodness with luscious lips! :) haha.

    Hopefully you and Minh figure out the living situation. I would love to see you livin in luxury&styleeee! :D Then of course, I could sit all day looking at pictures on your blog and twitter because you'd be sharing it with us right?!

  2. Love the look. Very natural.. And the Bobbi Brown kit looks great!

  3. Your makeup looks so good! It looks professional... seriously! Mine always looks kinda half-*ssed, like I did it in a rush. :( I also like your winged eyeliner!

    Y'know, I've never gotten my brows waxed or threaded before. I usually just use tweezers on myself, though I really want to try threading. Don't tell my BF I told you this (hahaha... he'd *kill* me) but I totally wax his for him! They are pretty nasty, and he almost has a unibrow sometimes!

  4. prettyyyy. I never got my eyebrows threaded. My grandma knows how to do them! lol. Have you tried doing it on yourself? I think Bubbi has a tutorial on threading. You seem skinnier. GORGEOUSSSS =]

  5. I LOVEEE YOUR look to pieces! umm...but definitely go for it! you only live once and since you're living already, why not enjoy it while you're at it? hahah ;d as for the house, it's too big of a commitment so do the luxury high rise and live like a stahhhhhhhrrr ;D LOL and do it while you're young b/c it wont be cool when you're old and wrinkly. LOL

  6. Looking good! =D

    I always wanted to try those threading places at the mall, but was scared...does it hurt?? Lol, your eyes are pretty and your ears and nose aren't huge! You're just imagining things, m'dear :)

  7. Looking good Steph! Did you color your hair darker?! It looks dramatic! In a good way of course! ;)

    LOL threading is something I still can't find down here! So I just to waxing! LOL!

  8. My mom told me threading is actually bad for you.

  9. Steph! You look absolutely gorgeous:)

  10. You're so beautiful Steph!! Your makeup looks great!

    I'm a bit skeptical to try the eyebrow threading. My bff got hers done a couple of years ago and it broke her skin out in a rash. Scary!! I just stick to what I know...tweezing. That's great that you got Minh to try it out...brave fella!

  11. just random, but steph ur layout looks incredible! and u look so pretty!. u have big sparkly, anime eyes. so cute.

  12. You're looking very chic and urban! Excellent eyebrow work!!

    So, you're moving in with just Minh and not flying one way to Michigan?

    Take care!!

  13. You're looking very chic and urban! Excellent eyebrow work!!

    So, you're moving in with just Minh and not flying one way to Michigan?

    Take care!!

  14. i've never gotten my brows threaded, do you think it's better than waxing? haha, it's crazy here in the northwest for getting your nails done and eyebrows done. it's expensive here in portland, oregon to get any salon related treatment, but when you go down south to cali, my friends say getting their nails done are like, 15 bucks for french tips ... here it's like, 30 bucks ... waaaah! lol.

    yay for more anastasia products! those palettes are cute :]

  15. cute look steph!!! :)

    isn't it amazing the cost per living in different states? my bf and i just bought a small 2 bedroom condo in town and it's crazy that my friend spent roughly the same for a 5 bedroom brand new house out in "the country" (about a 40 min. drive out west. haha). and my friend's friend got a huge mansion w/pools and tennis courts in indiana for half what we paid for our little condo! the thought makes my stomach turn.

    i hope whatever you decide to do, makes you happy. just get out of your current situation!

  16. So gorgeous!!! Love that look on you and you made me crave for that lippie!

  17. You look beautiful! Love these pics of you. Your eyes are amazing.

  18. your hair is getting so long I like it!!! dont chop it off grow it as long as possible I want to see some curls hehe :D

    ohh I love JS and P&J<3<3 yes use them more often or else they are crying being stored away and not being loved LOL

  19. I swear by threading, I would do it weekly if I could afford it! You just gotta make sure the place is sanitary and some of them make your eyebrows smaller and smaller with every visit. I WANT A MEMBERSHIP!!! That's $5 a month! It's $15 a visit here!

    I am green with envy looking at all your beauty items!! Freckletone is on my wishlist!

    I loooove the CCO, I need to pay them a visit ASAP!

  20. Steph...i really think you should consider making make-up tutorials. Your make-up always looks so flawless! Gotta share your tips and tricks with your readers :)


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