February 15, 2010

Hometown Kentwood, MI

Meet Heidi! She's 10 years old!

My parents gave her to me when I was 12 : )

She's chilling in the cat's new bed lol

She's so camera shy!

Look at what I found at Meijer!!!!!!!!!!!

I needed some cheapy makeup brushes since I didn't bring any with me home.
They're actually SUPER soft!
Meet Tobey! He's 7 years old
He's still a toddler in my eyes lol
Since he's the youngest member in our family
He's 16-17lbs! He's SOOO big & tall.
And he loves to give everyone (even guests) butt massages haha
People always freak out because their behinds never see Tobey coming! LOL

Heidi's other nap area

The snow & the birds! My mom puts food out for the birds & they flock to our front yard

Sunbathing Dreams!
Tobey makes the rugs all hairy


This is Minh's Seattle office the day / well night he took me to the airport.
He spents 10 hours a day here! The firm just moved to a new floor, so all the attorneys got new offices. Minh got the 3rd largest office : )

That pile of work is my competition now-a-days

8 offices for 8 attorneys (I think..hahaha)


He used to preach me that whenever I would be mad at him, or say I wish I dated someone else. lolllll

College of Law means you're drowing in debt dawg!

We were in the office on Sunday night hence casual Sunday night attire lol
I bought him that Husky calendar!

Minh needs to furnish his office, but he's waiting for me to come back to pick out paintings & a rug.

I learned the recipe from a friend on Twitter : )
Since I was tweeting how I was craving PB cookies!
I didn't know they were so easy!

1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup Peanut Butter!
Bake at 325 or 375 ..I forgot hahaha for 15 minutes!

They tasted pretty good because my little sister ate them all!

I haven't left the house in a few days lol
I've just been in my PJ's all day. At our house when we're at home...we wear our "at home" clothes, only changing when we have to leave. haha

I do need to go pick up a lamp, and the new Revlon Photo Ready Foundations today.
CVS has them Buy 1, Get 1!!!

I just feel like trying it out since I love MUFE HD Foundation so much.
We'll see how it goes, I read tons of reviews & everyone says it's shimmer and I want to witness it first hand : )

Time to go get ready? lol maybe I'll leave the house today...maybe I won't...


  1. Heidi is so adorable, I wanna give her a big kiss lol. Oh man does Toby do shoulder massages?!

    I've made those peanut butter cookies (that recipe) before! Easy and delicious!

  2. Heidi is so adorable!!! butt massage from Toby? LOL.

    Peanut Butter cookies reminds me of middle school. I used to make them, I don't know what happen.

  3. There's no place like home.....cute pets...I wish I had one....

  4. you got the new aquafina chapsticks!! they are so amazing i'm almost all out need to go buy more! I love the ecotools brushes they are so soft. i tried the same recipe for the peanut butter cookies as well it was on the label of the jar. Let me know how you like the Revlon photo finish i've been wanting to try it as well.

  5. Your pets are so cute!! =D

  6. When I'm in Michigan, all I do is visit & people visit! I wish I had pj days just to be w/my mom & dad & close family. I was there in Feb. 1 year & I froze my butt off, & of course everyone laughed at me !

    Minh's office is huge. Really great for him!!!

  7. Awww! Heidi and Tobey are so cute...my Tommy is as big as T is!

    You MUST help that Minh decorate his office...can't believe an attorney works there...looks like the desk of an outsourced programmer, lol!

    Have fun in Michigan!

  8. LOL new aquafina!!! XD new flavors? hehe Heidi is so cute! she looks pissed that you are taking photos while trying to take a nap LOL X3

  9. Heidi and Tobey are soo cute =D. Makes me want to take them home hehe. Wow look at that pile of work on Minh's desk!!! Can't wait to see you decorate his office =)

  10. aw heidi is adorable :P do your pets fight?? haha since theyre lk cat & dog

    your posts arent showing up on my dashboard >< i tried unfollowing and refollowing quite a number of times xD

  11. Haha!! "College of Law means you're in DEBT"! LOL! You crack me up Steph!! But that's a pretty swanky office! But Minh's worked hard for it! :)

    Awwww Tobey & Heidi!! Sooo cute!! I love how they sleep in each others bed! LOL! Tobey looks so much like Tomo it's a little scary! But he has more "tigerish" striping. :)

    Holy Aquafina!! LOL! And EcoTools are very soft! I use the blender brush in that kit for my under eye concealer!

    Mmmm.. PB Cookies... Send some this way! ;)

  12. yummmm cookies :) love eco tools!

    i think it's awesome that minh is waiting for you to decorate his office.. shows that you have great taste ;)

  13. heidi and toby are adorable! i love the pics of them lounging!

    now i want peanut butter cookies!


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