February 15, 2010

Up the Amazon Without a Paddle!

I did my nails! One of my all time favorite polishes by OPI
"Up the Amazon Without a Paddle"

That's my cold hand lol
Winter weather takes it toll on your hands & feet!

As you can see we have a lot more light & sun in Michigan even in the winter.
The reason I barely take photos of daily life fun is because there's never really any good lighting in the Northwest around this time of year.

Presents from my cousins, Dr. T

He's a huge fan of L'Occitane

I've never seen this one before!
They're coming out with new stuff so fast!
I can't wait to use everything : )

I've been wanting the FOOT CREAM!!! But I've been so cheap to buy it lol

The hand cream is also #1!!!

I love the new Aquafina chapsticks so much, I had to take better pictures of them to do them justice lol

The smaller version? I guess. lol

SEE THE BIRDIES! They come everyday

Winter Michigan
My parent's back yard in K'hood.

See, they always nap together lol so cute!
When they were younger they use to snuggle sooooo cute.
Especially when Tobey was a kitten, he'd always sleep next to Heidi.

My mom put a cover on the couch because of all the pet hair!
That's official their couch, human's don't sit there. It's reserved.

Tobey's swag.

You know you're Vietnamese when.....
Tobey says "see ya later!"

p.s. Have you noticed my right hand side bar? I named off all the things I want to make life easier for Minh hahaha

YET HE FAILS STILL. He was at the LV Store and called me to ask for a PRODUCT NUMBER for a pair of LV Earrings. ....

He did manage to the book I've been wanting! He got the last brand new one, lol
The couple behind him got the display. :D

That's my room back in Seattle!
I'm so excited to open it up and see what's inside!
3 more weeks & I'll be back home. Not sure I'm excited or not lol.

We're celebrating our Valentine's Day March 14th since we couldn't be together : )

Random, but I think Neiman Marcus is kind of weird. I placed 1 order...but they're shipping both things separate...but only a few hours apart. That's just strange lol


  1. Awww I love your kitty and your doggie! It's so sweet that they're such good friends. :)

    I lovelovelove L'Occitane's hand cream!!! It's the best!!!! I haven't tried the foot cream. I will have to now!

  2. Your nails look pretty. I can see why "Up the Amazon Without a Paddle" is one of your favorite colors. I'm tempted to go out and get that color for myself now.

    Do you have a picture of your cat and dog snuggling together?! Sounds so cute! I can picture how cute it must have been.

  3. AWwwwww, Stephie.

    Your posts seem SO MUCH BRIGHTER and happier now that you're home. I think, home is REALLY where the heart is. It's so great that you're finally back in the safe comforts of your home and with your family.

    I bet Minh is missing you so badly, too! Poor thing!

  4. I love being home, I do! I need to go get a new phone charger, I've been chatting with my bf on my mom or sister's cell phone lol

    I've been text free for 5 days!

  5. haha, your animals are so cute <3

    love your nails!!

  6. omigosh i went to vegas and found a pair of louboutins for $299 at the barney's outlet...and my fat feet cannot fit it! gosh i wish i had slim feet -.-'

  7. again w/the lounging! they have the life!

  8. oooooooooooooooooooooooh la la!! That nail colour is beautiful!! I am going have to try and find one! Its like the purrfect shade of wonderful.

    I am a L'occitane fan too!! My fave thing is their tired leg gel!

  9. your nails are amazing, that color is great!!!! and L'Occitane! I love their stuff... the first time i tried it was at a Four Seasons and i've been in love ever since... you just feel so fresh and minty after showering with their products! hahah! ;P

  10. LOL easy for Minh! Too funny Steph! But at least you know he's getting you some hot earrings! ANd the book is cool too!

    Aww L'Occitane is the SHIT! I love their stuff!

    Tobey & Heidi are always soo cute together! I love how they can be cohabitants with each other! Wish my cat & dogs could do that! LOL!

  11. Beautiful pictures, girl! And the nail color looks so pretty.

  12. That polish looks so pretty on you. I have a few L'Occitane hand creams and I love them! I miss the snow so much!

  13. I've been shopping around like crazy for a good lip balm. Seeing that you love Aquafina Chapstick makes me want to try them as well. =D, where did you get yours?


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