February 17, 2010

Shopping @ MAC Online

Online Shopping to the Rescue!
From Left: Pink Nouveau, Viva Glam Gaga, Viva Glam VI, Russian Red (a must have right?)

The weather in MI has been freezing, so I figured I'd online shop rather than physically bundle up, and drive on over to the mall.

Sadly, the shipping took a while because of the "weather delays." I've been waiting & waiting!
When they arrived today, my mom didn't tell me! LOL
It was just on the kitchen counter when I strolled out to get some water.

I actually placed two orders. The Lady Gaga lipstick came out the day after I placed my first order grrrrrr.

I wanted the Gaga lipstick so I ordered 4 of them to qualify for Free Shipping.
I didn't even want to think or pick anything else out lol. I knew this was going sell out, and it has! Glad I grabbed me some :)

The packaging is pretty sweet, I love the metallic red signature.

I read some great reviews on the MAC Lip Gelee's so I decided to try it out for myself.
I got the new Shift to Pink.
It's so different that on the website, a lot darker in person, but still very pretty.
I'll try it out tomorrow since it's night time here...and all I'm doing is sitting at home with my mom and sister lol.

I spent a few hours watching episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker. I really should look into watching a good movie.

Loaded with glitter!
I will try you tomorrow!

By the way, I hope everyone had a great Lunar New Year & Valentine's Day.
I spent mine with my mom's side of the family. It was fun to see everyone & my cousin's new baby. I haven't met up with any of my friends yet since most of them are still away at college lol.

I hope to catch up next week with most of them : )
My dad has also been in California so I've just been staying home to help out my mom with daily life. Nothing exciting. It's just really relaxing to be in my parents house. My sister is in her senior year of high school & when she gets home from school is the time I usually wake up. lol

I'm such a bum, but I have been productive & working with my web developer. I'm thinking about starting a new business venture, but still doing my research & networking. I'm one of those people who can't do just 1 thing...I need to do as much as humanly possible.
I'm ambitious, and I make it rain!

Don't do something without a reason. If you do something mindlessly, then you're wasting productive time!

In DSK News,

DSK Jewelry is going well, I'm making bracelets at leisure & posting them on the jewelry blog. They've been quite a hit with everyone since they're original, one of a kind bracelets. :)

In Minh news:

Minh's still working hard & being the best at what he does. We talk every night until he falls asleep which is usually 10pm or 10:30pm Seattle time lol.

We've been talking a lot about moving & moving on with our lives. We're kind of both stuck in a work rut, and not really relaxing or enjoying our daily life in the Northwest.

Hopefully in the next year, or year after Minh can start studying for the California bar. My ultimate goal has always been to move out there. Most of my relatives live in Orange County, CA. I like the idea of being close to family, but not too close. Close enough to be able to visit them every few weeks. I want to see my niece & nephew grow up & be part of their lives mostly. That and eat Pinkberry & In n' Out Burgers!

I feel a bit isolated in the Northwest. I just gotta suck it up, and be there for Minh...help him advance in his career, and then pick up and move South (with or without my bf). lol

I will catch you all tomorrow! Bye!


  1. I bought 1 viva glam gaga on mac site then it said its backordered
    ordered 2 of them from bloomingdales site and one in the actual mac store that sell sold it! I LOVEEEE THE PACKAGING! Adore Gaga! <3

  2. hehe. better weather in socal =)

  3. MAC lipstick makes me all giggly i looooves it. I like every single color that you got! I bought the gaga one too and my friend who was at work..shes like you better! she has the pink nouveau and i love it on her. im workin on the red russian but just havent got around to purchasing.

    anywho, i would love to see a fotd with the red and gaga!!! =D

    dont freeze over there and take care! its actually nice crisp and kinda sunny in the NW? HAHA weird.


  4. oOoo! My bf treated me to a MAC shopping spree as my Valentine's gift, and one of the lippies I got was the Gaga lipstick! Had I known how cute it was going to be, I would've snagged another one!! But we were actually at the register paying for my stuff, when I saw the lipstick on display on the counter and the SA was like "oooh, if you lovee pinks you HAVE to get the Gaga lipstick!" and my bf liked it and it was actually him who told me to get it...so i did! but grr! I wished I swatched it right then and there so I would know how cute it was and picked up like 2 more! loveee MAC lippies :) I was looking at Pink Noveau...that's one of the next ones i'm going to get! And I want that Viva Glam VI too!

    Hope you've been fab, Steph!<3

    <3 Caroline xoxo

    I have the Viva glam VI and I love it...im planning to get the gaga lipstick as well as the Russian Red, but i don't know if i can pull off that red.

  6. I am eyeing up your russian red!! And after seeeeeking here and there I cannot find that Up Your Amazon nail polish.....:(

  7. yay! i picked up the viva glam gaga lipstick the other day too but only got one..maybe i'll go back and get another one soon!!?!?!?!

    awww man i know how you feel..washington sucks ass! and lived here my whole life so far...i wanna move down to california too kinda sick and tired of the depressing suicidal weather! but i'm just too scared to venture out on my own since i'm opposite of you...all my family and friends are here...& so is my bf =[. we def. should hang out sometime since you live up in newport hills *right?* anyway ttyl =) hope you have mucho fun back home!

  8. You're like the 100th person that has a picture of the Viva Glam Gaga =)and I'm still waiting on mines! It's so cold in GA, that I didn't feel like stepping outside, so I ordered mines online. And it's backordered :( I am thinking about stopping by the malls in a few to see if they still have any I really want it, lol!

    How's the Lipgelee? I love pinks, they look better on my lips than red! I'm looking forward to that next post of yours! I just started watching The Millionaire Matchmaker, last week and it was an interesting show!

    Hope you're keeping yourself warm and have a great day, hon!

  9. GAGA lipstick!!!! i love it and the viva glam vi is my fave!! i'm so glad i was able to get the gaga lipstick in store or i would be kicking myself for not buying the day before. the packaging is just gorgeous. stay warm and have lots of fun w/ your family :)

  10. I so need this Lady GAGA lipstick =(

  11. OMG been so wanting the Gaga!!!! U soooo have to post up pics with you wearing it my darling :)

  12. glad you're able to support him in the end, even with the kicks and bumps :)

    nice haullll.

  13. whoah!! You got a lot of the Gaga! =) YAY for back up!! it's really pretty and its SOLD OUT too =(

  14. the viva glam gaga looks sooo purtyy. must do swatches!

  15. I got MAC Viva Glam Gaga too! I got two. :) I'm glad I got it, because they're sold out now!

  16. No way ... I live in OC, yay shipping for DSK jewelry will be cheap for me XD ... seriously though Orange County is a really nice place to live, if you live in a nicer community the houses are very expensive though. My house is large, but for the half the price our family bought a summer home that was 3X the size o_0

  17. I admire you for moving to Seattle to be with Minh. What a great GF you are! I hope Minh knows he's a lucky guy. I can never see myself moving out of CA. I wouldn't move for anyone. I know i won't!! :D


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