February 23, 2010

Reflect & Relate Interpersonal Relationships

Reflect & Relate by Steven McCornack

My favorite Professor while I was a student studying at Michigan State University!

This class changed my life, it's one of MSU's most famous classes on "Relationships." It was taught by Steven & Kelly, a husband wife team. Their class is pretty famous at MSU, and it's a battle to get a space in the class each semester. The lecture hall holds 500 students! Everyone would bring their friend along to the class! We had people sitting in the isle, just to hear what Steve had to say that day in class.

If you read this book, you will be ahead of the relationship game.
You will better understand your significant other.

He gives us his real life scenarios to study & understand.
All about Love, Sex, Friendship, now who would mind going to that class?

Voted by the students as MSU #1 favorite campus secret in one of our "underground student websites" to survive MSU
COM 225, if you go to MSU and aren't taking this class as an elective...you're missing out!

I regret selling my book after I finished the class, but I still have all my notes that I love to open up and read.

If any of my friends come to me with relationship problems, I always refer them to this book. It will change your life because it changed mine. It help me let go of the past. If your heart hurts because of a relationship or past relationship, this book will cure you by helping you understand the psyche of men & women.


***Update*** lol, this is somewhat embarrassing, but totally cool.
Steve contacted me to say thank you for the post, and offered to send me a SIGNED COPY.
I had no idea he's original from Seattle! Too awesome!

My former Professor & AUTHOR of Reflect & Relate COMMENTED ON MY BLOG POST.
This is for real! I'm so flattered!

THANK YOU for having the most memorable class at MSU!

Some facts in the book will shock you. If you spend some time think hard enough about your interpersonal relationships, you will have a whole lot of "ah ha!" moments.

I recommend this book, you can find it new for $92, or used $69
A bit on the expensive side because it is a "college textbook."

Shop the Student Book Store @ MSU, Click here.
I'm thinking about stopping by the book store at MSU before I head back to Seattle.
I was published a textbook for a case study I wrote with my team my senior year. It will be fun to see my name in a book! lol

It's an International Retailing Textbook..nothing too exciting, but still!
I'm proud of my team :)


  1. hmm ure seriously making me want to read that book.. maybe ill give it a try.. but soo expensive!

  2. Hey Steph, just dropping by to say hi =) I previously purchased one of your star necklaces.

    Thanks for recommending this book, it sounds really good, I wish my college had a course like this!

  3. we have a class similar to this called "Human Sex." You should share some tips/lessons from this class. Thanks

  4. @Justinga, lol they discontinued that class my year! I was so bummed. I so would have taken it!

  5. it was my favorite class in college since all of my chemistry classes were no FUN. Beside that I get to meet some jocks at our school (UT is very big in football).

    P.S I fricking love ur blog. I feel like a stalker visiting ur blog like way too much. My bf is going to hate me for doing this. hhahaha oh well!! u are entertaining, what can I say??

  6. @NQN I'm glad you understand my sense of humor :D

  7. I really don't read into stuff like relationships, but it looks interesting; if it weren't on the expensive side, I think I'd buy that! :o

  8. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the kind comments!! -Steve McCornack- PS If you'd like a free (signed) copy of R&R 2e, just let me know. Look me up on Facebook!

  9. PS - CONGRATS on your company! How exciting for you!! And in BELLEVUE? Good lord - my old stomping grounds! (I actually grew up on Mercer Island, although I always say "Seattle" when asked....). Warm regards. SMcC

  10. ^^ That's my professor! Wow...this is awesome!

  11. Wow that's soooo cool that he'll give you a free copy. It sees like such an interesting read, Im quite tempted, I would have loved the class. but girl! that book is expensive, I'll check amazon.


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