February 25, 2010

Yin's Love Story and a special DSK Bracelet

The sweetest story!!!!!!
a love story
I feel so happy right now!!! READ!

"Hey Steph,

OMGGGGG, u know what just happened to me lolz...I was trying to buy the "Rosaline"

My bf saw me keep staring at ur blog and keep restarting the site. Finally he bought the bracelet for me. I was thinking that some other girls bought it already then I cried a lot lolz....He was scared then try to calm me down. Then he took the camera to recorded my face. I didn't stop crying until he showed me his paypal account just purchased the " Rosaline"

It's my happiest moment in my life. I just wanna share with u ;)
He told me that he know I love DSK so he been waiting to get one Everything Bracelet for me."

"I just told him that u want us to share the story and he said he even recorded the video. But I look ugly and funny like a lil' kid in that video so ... >:)
But seriously I did cry. I don't know why but I 've been waiting so long. Then when I hit "process" I thought I made it this time, but the site told me it soldddd outttt.

My bf said that he "Sorry" can you believe that. He was trying to surprise me and making me happy then after I cried he scared n' keep telling me that he Sorry ...lmao

I bet tonight is my best nite ever.

Thank you, Steph

:D :D :D

Photos of Yin! She's entering the DSK 2010 Model Search too!

p.s. Yin, tell him to show us the vid! lol

Yin's Video
(lol her bf bought her the bracelet & she had no idea!)

"Rosaline" <---Property of Yinna!
7"-7 1/4" Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet
Crystallized Swarovski Elements

It's your's Yin, no more tears baby!
You have one of the sweetest boyfriends of all time. lol
Everyone on the jewelry blog is so envious :)

Thank you for all your love & support in me & DSK Jewelry!




  1. What a sweet story!

    Gorgeous bracelet!

  2. Aaaw I'm happy her bf bought it for her, she seemed so upset :(

  3. awww....I wish my hubby is like that....

  4. That bracelet is so beautiful. I think its like the ultimate girl bracelet. <3

  5. awww that is so cute & sweet of him and such a lovely surprise!

  6. AWWWWW her boyfriend is sooo sweet! He must've watched your blog like crazy because those everything bracelets sell fast! Like you said DSK, I'm so envious!! Haha.

  7. Oooh yaaye how cool is that I got DSK Steph to comment my blog lol! Did I tell you, you inspired me to open a blog? hehe (: i love this story! super cute!!! now only if i can train my bf to do this for me as well

  8. Yes I have (: Such a great place to go and talk about things I'm interested in because none of my girlfriends here are interested in the same things I am, and my poor boyfriend has a hard time understanding why I get so excited about make up haha

  9. haha I wasn't sure where to post this but I talked about the lip balms you always mentioned (I think haha)
    thought I should tell you

  10. That was so sweet of her BF to buy her the bracelet but her crying sounds kinda fake to me dont you think????

  11. that is such a cute story! and that is a gorgeous bracelet!! :D

  12. steph, you are like my biggest inspiration. I just spent the past like week and a half reading through your whole blog. (wow not creepy and stalkerish to say at all... X_X). You are just so dedicated to everything you do, it's amazing! I just wanted to tell that you that in a non-creepy obsessed way... haha

    I keep telling my BF how about how you have your own LLC and what not at such a young age and he thinks I'm like a lesbian now. haha

    &&I totally know what you mean about gaining weight with your bf... my bf and I eat non-stop everyday, i've gained 20 lbs because of him!

  13. Super sweet story! I'm glad you liked the kiss blog. haha. Sounds like you've been watching all kinds of Korean things lately! Antique was interesting wasn't it? haha. It threw me off too, but I love pastry and baking. That was my 2nd career choice if I hadn't ended up at Brooks. XD Did you like Goong? I found it really boring at times. And it took them FOREVER to realize their feelings for each other. >_< My favorite korean drama is My Girl! You MUST watch that one. :D

  14. SO sweet!!!! This bracelet is perfection, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


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