March 4, 2010

Sheet Masks!

I got my first order from :D
Look at all the sheet masks!!!
I've actually been to the Sasa store in Taipei, Taiwan.
It was pretty trendy & bright from what I remember (expensive too). I love how all the sales associates are super attractive in most retail stores in Taiwan. Especially at Versace...the sales guy was a freaking model lol

Equal opportunity in Asia? I think not!

These are all for my mommy. I'm surprised the shipping was so fast, it was estimated to arrive next week. I figured it would be a nice surprise for my mom to get a ton of sheet masks.
I'm just going to snag a few for my flight on Sunday back to Seattle!

Earlier today Minh got a voicemail from Metro Towers, it looks like they have 2 units available in our price range :D I can't wait to check it out. They're ready to move into the first of April!
Living there is probably a dream I didn't realize I had until now : )

I have my fingers crossed!

In other news, my friend Yuan is plotting a vacation to Bimini Bay for all of us.
Yuan and I are both self-employed...and our significant others are not...
lol, Yuan calls them "baggage"

Minh's a lawyer with a fixed schedule...
Danielle's a law student with a fixed schedule...
They never get a break. =/

Yuan & I can't wait to live off their money & have them buy us stuff.
har har har
jk. Yuan's very successful.
& I think I'll be successful one day as well!

But in the meantime, what to do with those two?
The law is such a jealous mistress!
Bimini Bay
I can't wait to go somewhere nice to soak in some sun!

Random, but one of my friends is practicing law in Nevada and he recently told me how a real Las Vegas PIMP came in for legal service with a girl in each arm lol.


  1. how quickly did shipping come for you? i wanna order but i hate waiting for stuff...

    oh and i was laughing out loud when your friend called your sig others "baggage" haha ;z

    oh and i saw some real "girls" at guess where? In and Out burger in vegas...they were wearing spaghetti straps and booty shorts...*shudder*

  2. OMG...YOU BOUGHT A WHOLE BUNCH OF MBD MASKS!! && It's all for your mommy, You're such a Great daughter.
    My mom just came back from Hong Kong for vacation. I asked my mom to pick up some beauty diary masks for me. Instead, she bought me something else...she was like...oh bah bah bah those are not good bah bah bah...and bought me something else....sigh! I guess I really need to order it online...

  3. How sweet! You bought all that for your mom?! AwwWww... <3 I bet she'll love it all.

    I hope you get your dream place and get to go on that vacation soon! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. =]

    You will definitely be successful. You have the passion, dedication, and drive. It is obvious through all the time and energy you spend on DSK.

  4. wow that place looks so pretty! I love Sasa. I like this whitening mask that they have. It's one of the peel off masks, but it's super dark navy and kinda looks like tribal paint if I don't warn people about it. haha.

  5. Hope you get the place and how funny that your friend got visited by a pimp with a girl on each arm lol

  6. I want to visit Taiwain someday, lucky u =). Those masks look super awesome, made me want some. thanks for the website

  7. OMG that Bimini Bay look awesome!! LUCKY LUCKY!! and wow at those sheet mask! I've been lusting over those MBD mask but I heard sasa has slow shipping >.< I'm surprised you got it fast. I wanna buy some whenever I get some moolah! hahahaha!

  8. omfg! i ordered some stuff from too..but havent gotten it yet...probably cause i choose the longer shipment?!?! did you get any of the undereye masks?!

  9. OMG that place looks beautiful! Reminds me of BOF LOL! ;)

    Congrats on findings an apt in your range! I hope you and Minh snag one! Then you don't have to worry about other peeps dramas!

    Dang woman! Did you buy the whole inventory of masks?! O_o

  10. wow congrats on finding a place! must be so exciting!

    i love those masks, i think my fav is the bulgarian rose or whatever its called.

  11. Awww your trip is ending...

    Very sweet too buy your mom a present, they love them so much, don't they?

    Can't wait to hear details on your new place, fingers crossed!!!

  12. I hope it works out for you!!! FINGERS CROSSED!

    No EOE, hahaha, that's in latin countries too, they don't want you unless you're under 25 and thing (and beautiful!)

    How reasonable are the shipping costs? Can't wait to hear a review on these :)

    I don't even know where Bimini Bay is...I need to google that!

    My boss is taking her BAR this year...I see the strict schedule they're on!

  13. WOW! i hope you go on that vaca! <3

  14. awww that's so sweet of you to buy all those MBD masks for your mom! & bimini bay looks super nice!

  15. That's exciting about that place having available units!!! Whee!!! Y'know, I never really knew about sheet masks until like, a month ago (I know, sad right??) but they're the best things ever!

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  17. My Beauty Diary masks are the best! Have a safe flight back to Seattle/Bellevue! =]

  18. It's so nice of you to order all those masks for your Mom! Also, if those two units work out you may be in your new place celebrating your birthday!! :D

  19. My order from Sasa came so fast too... I love ordering stuff from there except I'm always scared that I didn't read the labels correctly and ordered whitening masks and creams and stuff. =S

  20. How sweet of you to buy all these masks for your mom! She must be happy:)

  21. You're such a sweet daughter to buy all those masks for your mom. She must be so proud and happy that you share your success with her.
    The picture of Bimini bay looks amazing. You're so lucky you have the freedom to make your own schedule. :)


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