March 7, 2010

Bye Michigan!

I was on the phone with the bf the other evening and chatting online with L.

Minh goes, "what are you doing?" (since you know...when you're on the phone and on the computer sometimes there are moments of weird silence)

Me, "I'm just chatting with L, you know my military wife friend in Japan." (I talk about all my friends with my bf).

Minh, "Oh, so are you know on blog as the girl with the lawyer boyfriend" (He says this with joy and probably a cocky smile).

Me, "umm, excuse me, I'm actually known as DSK Jewelry...DUH"

Minh, *probably embarrassed cause he just got PWNED!*

I just talked to him earlier and brought it up again, he was like whatever you're known as the lawyer's wife.

haha, I go Minh, plz. I am your wife! EW. (follow by) Nasty.
PWNED again!
Basically, doesn't he know who I am?

Seriously... lol. Know who you date...! :P

I should tell him he'll probably only be known as DSK's bf. No other title needed. lol

Him and I are kind of rivals in some aspects, but it's all in fun and games. In the first year that we dated, he always thought he'd be the future breadwinner (hence a bit arrogant).

haha who's the debt free breadwinner now, son!

*waves to Minh* It's his free Sunday today, aka catch up on this blog to see if I write about him.

*Edit picture was taken up in the CN tower in Toronto! Great lighting up there :P*

By the way I cut my hair like this again.
This pic is from 2 years ago, but it's the same hair cut w/ bang.
I'll take pictures of my new do when I'm back in Seattle.
I've been sick with a lot of dry skin. Not a pretty sight lol.
I've also been wanting to make a youtube video, it's been a while.
I think I need to separate my channels. One for personal/blogging and one for DSK Jewelry.
I used to have so much fun making videos from my college dorm.
I will be back!

Before haircut! w/ MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick

Here's a closer picture of the eyes.
You can pretty much tell I did a lazy job putting on the lashes on my right eye (pictured the left eye). lol FAIL.....
Just playing with a Stila eyeshadow palette, Maybelline mascara, and falsies
This was from my outing with Nonners last Thursday.
I used Ardell 109 lashes from Target. They're pretty light, I loved them.
But yeah...been kind of squinty eyes since I seem to be at my ultimate chubbiness.
I don't know what's my deal. I think I'm just too lazy to be active. I just sit around all day making jewelry. I really need to add physical body movement into my lifestyle.

Random, but I thought this was funny.
But kind of mean since they probably scared the cat to get him to jump like that :(
I really want the new Pink Canon!!!
I really really would love to have this white giant city Balenciaga bag....
I just hate going to Barney's. I always feel like the sales associates are snobby. lol
Oh well! Maybe one day when I look more mature & less of a young adult bum.
But.....I need to save for future rent.

HINT HINT MINH jk, but I'm not joking.

Also...I've found a new obsession.
I am so into Kevin Rose & Tim Ferriss right now it's not even funny.
I've been watching most of their show.
They call it, "The Random Show" lol
Check them out HERE.
Just great daily life / business advice for young people like us.
Kevin also is a tea drinker which is awesomesauce <---so Apolo Ohno's word! Basically, I'm obsessed with Kevin Rose...I had no idea who he was until about 2 weeks ago. But now..he's definitely my idol! Plus, he's pretty fly for a white guy...yeah I've been crushing. And Minh has heard about it all this past week. By the way Kevin Rose is the founder of a website called Have you heard of Digg? If I ever met him in real life, I'd definitely pitch him DSK Jewelry LLC :D I'd love to get advice from him. My also friend who introduced me to Kevin & Tim keeps telling me to read Tim's book "Four Hour Work Week."
I'll definitely get on it, but I'm currently reading a book called "Priceless."
I'm scared reading Four Hour Work Week will make me lazy!

I definitely will keep you update on what I learn, but you should definitely check out the episodes of "Random." Watch their China Episode 1 & 2, they talk about a common scam the Chinese pull on tourists.

Anyhow...I gotta get running. My flight back to Seattle is at 5:30pm!
I should arrive back to SEA at 9:08pm :D

Bye everyone!



  1. LOVEEEEEE that balenciaga! i went into the store at southcoast and didn't really see anything i liked there. boo. now i must find this white bag! :P hahaha.

  2. Yay you posted pics Viva Glam Gaga, it looks soooo good on you!

    and LMAO@ "umm, excuse me, Im actually known as DSK Jewelry..DUH!!""""

  3. oo i cant wait to see ur new hair! i was just at barneys yesterday and their sales people are pretty snobby so ure not imagining it. i also want that balenciaga bag! ive been looking at it everytime i go to barneys and posing infront of the mirror like a total loser. =P have a good trip back to seattle!

  4. You rock the MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick:) Look forward seeing your new haircut. The white Balenciaga bag is love!

  5. LOL
    you and your boyfriend (notice that i did not say minh =) )
    are hilarious!

    my boyfriend and i have the same breadwinner fight all the time
    but he cant be too cocky because his "multimillion dollar empire" doesnt even have a penny in it yet

    have a safe flight!


  6. Have a safe trip! *drools* i want a balenciaga bag, too!!! <3 Rina

  7. Hope you had a great flight! HA, I always kid my BF about being debt free since he has all his law school student loans.

    Cute haircut! Um, and I totally love that pink Canon too... I just got a new Canon last year for my birthday but that pink is callin my naaaaame! hahahah!!!

  8. Love how you always *hinthint* to Minh and he listens! LOL :)

    Haha.. Just DSK's BF! Poor Minh! Can't compete w/ his awesome GF! :D

    Loving the haircut Steph! ANd you're looking radiant as always! :)

  9. hello steph!

    so i'm new to this whole blog thing.. but i have to admit that i've been following both of your blogs from a distance over the past couple of months. lol sounds stalkerish, i know. but trust me i'm not!

    i've just been reading back on some of your older posts and i've got to say that i really adore your personality! you're soo head strong and i truly admire that in a person!

    before i start sounding anymore like a stalker.. i'll stop.. lol keep up the great work with your jewelry! can't wait for more posts!

  10. welcome back to seattle... unfortunately the weather is nasty....but i hear friday will be nice ^_^ && i would refer to minh as DSK's bf haha

  11. I am really glad that Seattle is working out for you!

    Yeah, you gotta stay out of Barney's to save that rent money!!

    Love the's like crack!

  12. XD *super amused by the way Minh and you talk to each other* You two are so cute. I really wish I was around to hear that. Love it when the gf burns her bf like that XD <3 Character, that's hot! Hehe!

    I love your new/ "old" hair cut! Fits you really well! =D, I need to get a hair cut soon, my bangs are getting too long but I'm afraid they'll cut my hair too short; I have a wedding to attend this summer (maid of honour, woo hoo!) and I need to keep my hair long. Booooo!

    Sorry if I haven't been leaving a lot of comments around =D, mid-terms!

    Welcome back to Seattle by the way! Don't overwork yourself, =( I hope you got over your sickness!

  13. lmfao! funny how i remember you tellin me this convo as u were chattin with him! PUHAHA!

    ya MINH, take that! (pow) DSK's BOYFWEN!

    I love the new cut btw, you look more sophis' fo'sho sUNNN!

  14. Can i just truly and honestly say... i friggin LOVE that photo of you in the coat with the glam lipstick, it's really really gorge Steph!
    Super natural beauty.... dare i say it but Minh you're a lucky bastard.

  15. I LOVE the gaga lipstick on you! *-* SUPERrrrrr pretty!

  16. Hey Steph! Thanks for checking out my blog :) I want a pink Canon too! I haven't seen that colour camera at my local Best Buy.
    Wow - I've never seen a cat do that LOL.
    I love your makeup - I can't tell anything's wrong with your falsies ;) And were you in Toronto at some point? I see the word Toronto in your first pic girl....

  17. the camera look nice and slim. Man I really want me a Balenciaga too

  18. "I should tell him he'll probably only be known as DSK's bf. No other title needed. lol"

    I laughed so hard when I read that, because I think that's so true! You go girl! :)

  19. Looking beautiful steph!

    I awarded you on my blog btw :)

  20. Steph! I hope you had a safe flight!!<3 I lovee the new Canon point & shoot cameras! It first time I saw that style was back in December or November of last year, and I only saw it available in red! That pink is too cute! But I wouldn't mind getting the silver/platinum/white-ish color or orange either! I just love the new design--so much sleeker and slimmer! LOVE! and that bag...OMG. I love white bags! lol :P You are Minh are just so funny--I love reading your little random blurbs and stories about the two of you. What a cute pair! :)

    <3 caroline


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