March 9, 2010

He Was Waiting with Roses

Hey everyone!
I arrived back in Seattle, WA safely : )
To my surprise, Minh was waiting inside the airport for me with some roses in hand.
lol, I thought that was so sweet.
(He's usually not a flower guy).
I think this is the 3rd time he's given me flowers ^_^
The welcome home was nice...until the car was running out of gas and it took us 15 minutes to find a gas station! I got SO mad, I flipped out on him because I get really bad anxiety when the fuel light comes on! He should have taken care of that before picking me up!

It's always been something I've always always feared.
Running out of gas!

Anyhow..I put them on my desk in my room to make me feel better since I'm still under the weather :D

Also! After a month being away...I came back to beautiful cherry blossoms in the backyard.
I had no idea!

Across the street, basically everyone has at least 1 sakura tree!

Also, Minh ordered A TON of business cards for me.
lol, I like that they're pink now : ) It fits in with my blog theme today
If you haven't already, check out Twitter!
It's my new fav.

I'm craving sushi tonight..I hope Minh gets home early so we can go get some grub!


  1. Awwwww! The sakura tree is so pretty. Get well soon.

  2. They're absolutely beautiful! The only time my BF ever gets me flowers is Valentine's day, oddly enough... hahah :D

  3. @Kessa Thank you! I'm trying :) Drinking lots of hot tea

    @HT! That's so sweet of him! I don't think my bf would even think to get flowers on Valentine's day, haha just chocolates!

  4. hehe. all the flowers in the post were pink & your business cards match! cute ^_^

  5. aww! so sweet. i ran out of gas once, but i was literally 5 min away from home, hahaha. still, my dad flipped out on me. not pretty.

  6. hmmm, so there is something good at the house you rent. Cherry blossoms are so pretty!!! I agree with you, he should of taken care of it. I used to freak out when I saw my gas tank half empty.... and that was just half empty! lol.

  7. speaking of out of gas...I ran out of gas in the middle of Houston's downtown at 8:30 AM trying to find my interview place. Houston is known for their crazy traffic and drivers. guh!!! FML!!

  8. Get well doll face!!!! How sweet of Minh to wait for roses! A girl deserves such and how pretty they are! :) Love you hun! Hope all is well!

  9. Aww how sweet of Minh!! Until the gas light! LOL! You're too funny Steph! But I'm glad you guys made it to a gas station in time! LOL!

    The roses and the cherry blossoms are beautiful! No wonder you crank out such pretty things, you're surrounded by love & beauty! ;)

  10. AWWWWW! that is the sweetest thing!!!!
    the roses are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  11. roses so sweet....WA State already has some cherry blossoms?I can't see any flowers blooming here until now...

  12. That's so sweet of Minh! the roses are so pretty and so as the cherry blossoms ;)

  13. What a sweet Minh!! So romantic!!

  14. Awww...he was waiting for you with flowers, that's really sweet!! Your business cards are really pretty.

    Get well soon!

  15. LOL that is so me i get paranoid when ever my sister is low on gas. her car has this sound that goes off when its low and I start to freak out thinking omg are we going to make it what if the car stops I am not getting off to push how embarressing and to make it even worse she laughs and says your going to have to get off and push the car if it stops and I just freak out even more. How nice of Mihn to buy you pink roses

  16. Hope you get well soon Steph! The flowers Minh got you are beautiful! He really missed your pretty face!

    PS, I'm the same way about my gas light. Daniel has a habit of letting the gas light come on and then driving for another 30 minutes with it on E. It aggravates me everytime he does that!

  17. blimey o reilly Steph! I'm jonesin' for spring to hurry up and rear it's pretty head over here a la Scotland.. very temperamental PMS weather here we get, sort it out weatherman! The sakura blossoms look so peaceful.. beautiful sight to see! xxxx

  18. awww that's so sweet of him :)


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