March 17, 2010

15 Things that Happened Today

1. Woke up at 5am to accompany Minh to Bremerton, Washington.
2. Ended up driving to Bremerton 1 hr 7 minutes.
3. Had McDonald's breakfast #3 Sausage egg McMuffin is the bomb!
4. Waiting while Minh met with his clients in court.
5. Took the ferry back to Seattle.
6. Minh loses his brand new Blackberry Bold (not even 2-3 wks old yet!)
7. The highlight of my day! Met Marisa for the first time : )
8. Work on DSK-related projects.
9. Muckleshoot casino to get my w-2 for a jackpot winning in 2009.
10. Ate a free casino dinner.
11. Lost $20 :D (we just considered it dinner).
12. Minh kept wanting to "win" a new phone. (We think we're lucky after we lose things).
13. I convinced Minh that it's not worth it! & Just buy a new phone.
14. Home & Blogging!
15. Now the real battle is Range Rover HSE Sport 2010 vs. Porsche Cayenne 2010

We did a little more research & quite a few of our friends don't suggest the Range Rover.

2 of Minh's buddies have the 2009 Range Rover...they say it's a high maintenance car with lots of problems. I consulted my car enthusiast bff and he says the car is known to be unreliable. Plus, he doesn't like it. haha

I really just want a safe car for my future babies. Is that too much to ask!?! lol
We both realize we can get both a safe & reliable SUV for less, but lets face reality.
We're both in our twenties & we're both luxury brand whores. Who doesn't like getting the best treatment? The coffee, cookies, bagels, fruits, logo water bottles are what we live for at a car dealership! lol

I'm not lying either, this will be the car I drive my future kiddies around in! I plan to buy this car, not leasing it. So I'll be keeping it for at least 5 years and maybe within 5 years we'll be married & have a lil one or two to protect. Sighh.. I'm thinking too far ahead now.

Anyhow, the game plan:

We're going to let the Range Rover people find our car for us (we two dealerships in different cities working on it), and then try to talk them down or negotiate the price. So in the meantime, we're going to check out Porsche Saturday. I've never been a fan of Porsche. Minh says the interior of their cars sucks just like the interior of the Saab's. Just very plastic-y & basic looking, which kind of sucks if you drop the money for a luxury car. But who are we to judge? These are just rumors we've heard & read online.

By the way, we're consolidating both our cars for one since we're moving downtown and parking your car costs $175-$200 per month. It's smarter to have just the workplace is next door to Minh's office building. After the trading in two cars, the new car shouldn't be bank breaking.

It's kind of like our first joint effort, apart from being roommates.
I dunno...I would like to have a new car by April for my birthday : )
We'll see what happens! I can't wait to give my review on the Porsche Cayenne.

I'm going to leave it up to my bf to make the decisions, I know the thought of a new car makes him more happy than anything. You hear that hunnie? It's all you. You pick!

Doesn't this car just shout "fat"?
I always thought it looked fat. But I have seem sharp ones around here in Bellevue.
Black on black with RED brakes..soooo hott!

It's so true about Bellevue, since I've moved here...I see a Maserati (well over $100K)! everyday almost.
Our neighbors down the street have a Lotus, another has an Audi R8 (~$140k)
In Downtown Bellevue, where I go to the post office...I see the Bentleys, Roll Royce, Maserati's, Ferraris, drool worthy of a town.
I can't wait for it to start getting warmer like I told "Beyond Me" ; )
I can't wait to see what these Bellevue-lites have as summer cars!
I know they must be nice...cause I stalk the mansions around here hahaha

But mom thinks I crazy that I want a new car and keeps pushing a home on me.
But I'm too young to settle! Not until I experience city life.


  1. THAT CAR IS PHAT (; so its a good thing lol good luck with all the car decisions girl! I know Bellevue got some nice ass cars rollin down the streets. My friend doesn't even bother to lock her car because her apartments have like 3 gates to enter the parking area oh how I love bellevue hehe

  2. Oh trust me girl! Its amazing in the summer! I like Bellevue way better than Seattle, its just so much classier and calmer than D-town Seattle. Just tell your mom, no one will really get to see your home at all times but when your out and about everyone will see your car! You can flaunt it ^_^ && people like me would drool over it (: hehe

  3. Someone around where I live got an audi r8 for $190k. and he's in his second year of college, who got a BRAND new car when he was in senior year (2008 BMW something something. lol)... all paid out. goshies. What's wrong with your car anyways? I think you should wait another year before getting a car or until the 2011 model comes out, it'll be one year newer?


    Over here, we call the Range Rover a Chelsea Tractor, driven by inconsiderate stay at home moms who push everyone else out of the way to get their child closest to the school gates!!

    A Range Rover will cost a BOMB to maintain...get the Porsche!

  5. Decisions! Decisions! I'm glad you guys are planning on getting an SUV...they're so much more roomier and luxurious than a sedan (especially if you're planning for kiddos). I have a MB SUV and I love it. Get the Porsche Cayenne. The Range is nice but what's the point of having a nice car if its going to be in the shop more than you're driving it?

  6. porsche is hot!! get it. :) in my area (the #2 richest county in the us) is filled with luxury cars. bentleys and maseratis and aston martins are driving around my area everydya like its normal. It makes me wish to work harder to earn all that stuff too. I'm hoping to get a BMW after I get a promotion this year. *crosses fingers*

    range rover is hot but i don't think you need it do you? actually nvm, WA might get a ton of snow int he winter. haha!

  7. Woahhh that car is awesome! Looks proper sexyyyy

  8. Oh and yea it's abit hard to follow but once you get into it, its reallly good! I'm on episode 10 I fink and its gettiong so exciting :)

    Yea the girl in vampire diaries is SUupppper Stunning Love her eyes

  9. omigosh definately the porshe! nothing screams young and classy like the cayenne!! my friend got a 2009 one last year and it's for his wife to shuffle their new baby boy around! i was it's a gift to your wife for the baby makin so basically it's a baby makin car! haha ;x we've rode in it a couple of times and i gotta say it's the most comfy SUV on earth...

    me and the bf just bought a beemer convertible together and it's nothing like riding nice when you're young because it's kinda less cool to do it when you're saggy ya know? haha ;x

  10. Men's new 2010 trend: Lose their BRAND NEW cell phone.

    My uncle lost his new iphone recently as well. He's off to get a new one. Tsk tsk!

  11. I say you get the mansion and the car bet that would make ur mom happy and u would be ballin

  12. You changed your layout again! :) Love it!! The new banner is hot! ;)

    That's quite a impressive 15 things! LOL! I hope you guys get the car you want! And lol Bellevue is so upscale!! You need the ride to fit the neighborhood! ;)

  13. Mercedes Benz GL 450 2010!!! The best. & The pros/critics suggest this car over the Range Rover. = SOO MUCH BETTER!

  14. So which car did you ended up getting?? Guess i'll have to continue reading :D


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