March 15, 2010

I Fail in an Office

  • It's 6:00PM, and I'm at the office still. I went to work with Minh today.
  • I got my very own office too! I keep joking that it's "take your daughter to work day" with Minh, he just thinks I'm so very funny, except not really. :P
  • He has this great idea of sharing an office together one day. I think it would be cool, but I'd rather have a warehouse style workshop. I like to be expressive/messy & he likes to be professional/uniform. You can pretty much tell by our rooms at home too. I'm SUPER unorganized...sadly!

  • But I hope Marisa will be able to help me get in line! Isn't that right girl? ; )

I went to the IRS Building this morning at 8:30AM to get a new copy of my S-Corporation because my CPA's office did not have it on they should have had! GRR

Anyhow, Minh invited me to go to work with him right after since we got breakfast together too. I spent all day reading & studying trends. I spend mucho time reading books, and magazines , DSK believe it or not. I have to stay up to date on what's going on! Breaking news, current events, and fashion trends. I recently learned that the current "in" color is Griege/Grege, aka Grey! lol

I'm just enjoying the sun & waiting to get outta here and go to dinner!
Look at the cool misty effect all the bright lights make with the Macbook webcam : )
Pretty sweet!
Random, but we had Chinese food for lunch, my all time favorite is Chinese Eggplant and rice! YUM.


  1. Hey Steph- You are so funny!

    Take your daughter to work day is on April 22nd :)

  2. Grey is an AWESOME color! Right up there with black! ;)

    LOL Take your kid to work day! Haha!! Yeah I think you'd need a warehouse style place too. You need open space for your creativity to flow! :)

  3. Hey, it's me (Jennifer/Reiko)! Lol, I remembered when recently you sent me a reply on Twitter with the "Take your daughter to work" joke - had me rollin'! :D

  4. Looks like the weather was really nice. Atleast the room you were in had a window with great lighting. I love having my room lit with sunlight when I work. It's 6pm and the sun is still that bright? Nice.

    Eggplant with rice... {*yum}. That's one of my favorite dishes as well.

  5. LOL. At least Minh will take you to work with him. Henry thinks I'll be too annoying. =P

  6. darn right :) hehe.

    yummm i wanna get some chinese food now! mongolian beef<3

  7. awww. you're super gorgeous with your funny faces :)

  8. Steph, you are too cute. You and Minh are too adorable for words.

  9. We have two separate offices, on two separate floors in our house, and never the two shall meet!!

  10. You're too cute~ And I'm so jealous of your big eyes.

    Men in suits are sexay! All men look good in suits! I'd force my boyfriend in a suit if I could! >D

  11. Love your FOTD, especially your eyeshadow :)

  12. Your hair looks nice, up like that :)

  13. hahahah! take your daughter to work day.. you're so mean to him :P but it's funny.

    love your lip combo!! even though i think i told you on twitter :P


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