March 22, 2010

Picnik Photo Phun! jk FUN*

The webcam pic.
Step #1 CROP! Crop out that nasty arm & the space heater lulz!

Step #2 the touch up tool!

Step #3 Black & White!

The possibilities are endless!

Anyhow, I just watched Gossip Girl. I'm really starting to like it! I remember a while back I watched the very first episode & then never seemed to tune in...until last week Monday! :)

I think everyone on that show is mega attractive. ;)

What's up with everyone? Has anyone been massive makeup hauling lately?

:::random transition to a new topic!:::

Marisa and I went to the Seattle Humane Society today! I never knew it was so close to my house lol. I feel in love with a bunch of sweet dogs. It makes me really want to work hard towards buying a home, so I don't have to pay pet rent! Or any ridiculous pet deposits.

But for the next 10 months, I'm going to be living at the Metro Tower Apartments on the 15th floor in downtown Seattle. The rent is $2k+ / month (view of the space needle) pet rent. =/ I know...but hey you live once, why not enjoy downtown city life. Pet rent is $35/doggie. We're going to be adopting both of Minh's parents chihuahua's. Minh's quite excited, he loves his dogs. I can't wait to have more company!

Last week & today has been extra fun for me since I have Marisa coming over to keep me company :D We went to tour luxury homes today for the hell of it. lol

Basically, just have some fun before we clean my messy / unorganized workspace. blahhhhh

I wonder what we'll do tomorrow. lol

Oh! We did set out on a mission to find the EOS (egg style) lipbalm! & We found one! I got the green one, so far I love it! The packaging is just super awesome!

Speaking of Gossip Girl, lol even the celeb from the show uses it! & He's a dude!


  1. OOH! Was the heater from costco? keke i swear i have the same one!

  2. Oh Steph! This blog is super duper loved!!! BY ME (thaz all that counts jk hehe)
    I'm so jealous I wanna live in a nice apt...but as I've mentioned b4, my hospital bill from a couple weeks ago is ridiculous :'( & college is def not cheap either...maybe I'll stop buying food & go on a diet for once lol
    Your pics are beautiful <3

  3. What a nice new apartment. I love the layout. I remember moving to my first apt with the BF; he signed the lease and everything before I even saw the place, all I needed was the layout and I was sold :)

    Where did you find the EOS chapstick? I can never find it in Target, maybe Walgreens??

    Ed Westwick is hot :) Welcome to the GG fan club!

  4. congrats on the new living situation! =) life will be good with just you and minh and the doggies! ^_^

  5. muahah..what to do tmrw...COOKING =)

  6. well, if it's good enough for chuck bass, it's good enough for me ;p

  7. you looked good even without the touch up! :P

    haha! so funny how he is the one using it :P must be pretty good :P

  8. GOSSIP GIRL iz LOVE =D!!!
    & I LOVE CHUCK! >< !!
    OMG i want that lipbalm ><

  9. I like how you do your makeup :p and I'm not surprised to see men using lipbalm, we're not the only ones with dry lips :p

  10. LOL! he uses that lipbalm too :D

  11. I love the floorplan of your new place!! You'll have beautiful views!

    Congrats on the Doggie...I'm glad that I've got my Tommy Kitten to keep my company while I work from home.

  12. We're in the same state of mind Picnik is my new toy..I love that lipbalm (you can buy it at Walgreens), & I love GG, it's finally getting good again!!

  13. Ive been on a mission to find the EOS as well, but haven't had any luck!! :(

  14. *Drooling* over your last pic, he's soooo hot, lol, I want EOS now!!! I just learned of picnik, so much fun!!

    I know what you mean about massive apartment rates! Mines is $2K plus and I'm only on the 4th floor, lol. I love my kitchen, granite, stainless steel, hardwood floors. I can't wait until I can buy a house with those features (or remodel).

    Ummm, I've always loved Gossip Girl! I pause and look at the outfits foreverrrrr

    Tammy said you can buy at Walgreens, guess where I'll be hitting up in the next week? You guessed it, Walgreens!

  15. Rofl! :D I loove the eggies n____n

  16. hahah! i think its odd to see a man using lip balm. ehh, but atleast its better than super chapped lips!

  17. hey steph what are you gonna do with the second room? it looks like such a nice place does it have a ool?

    i wanna move in with my bf soon ;D

  18. you have to do a house tour once you're in!

  19. Ohh looks like a good place! Yay for doggies! It'll keep you occupied for sure!

    Hahaa.. he uses the nipple balms! ;)

    Yay for picnik! Love that site! Use it for all my blog photos!

    Loving the pic you did!

  20. um...hi! I'm a long time reader of your blog but have never left a comment and I thought it's about time I say hi! :) I think your new apt is absolutely gorgeous and I can see why u dont mind paying more rent! Its totally worth it :)

  21. I use picnik all the time to edit my photos. It's awesome! :)

  22. Yes, I love living here in downtown Culver City. I'm so close to everything, I can walk to lots of cool restaurants and theaters. There's nothing like city life. It's fun to do it while your young. I so want to get a house soon though. I pay $3200 for my rent, which is effing ridiculous. I should be spending that on something I'll own, but houses here cost so much. A 2 bedroom condo in my neighborhood is almost $900,000!
    Aww. I'm happy your going to have some dogs keep you company. I'm so happy I got mine. I never feel alone. =)

  23. so tempted to try OUT picnik but i always forget to.. hahaha (:


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