March 20, 2010

LOTD March 20, 2010

MAC Eyeshadows in Suave Intentions & Contrast

I doubled up two different pair of Shisem lashes for fuller lashes
I am in love with these contacts! They are sooooo comfortable.
I think they're Platinum Barbie Black? A friend hooked it up : )
I love how "natural" these lenses look. The center is my natural eye color, and surrounding them is just the black contact. It's just the best pair of my life. lol It's that good!

The difference between a Canon DSLR & regular Macbook photo lol

Now just waiting for the bf to get home to go play! : )

Have a great weekend ladies!



p.s. I want this bag!
Balenciaga Giant City in Sahara Beige
They come with a complimentary key ring now too!
Too bad it's sold out on the web... lol maybe it's GOOD thing it's sold out.
I get click happy online.

By the way, is my blog okay? Is it still not showing up on reader?


  1. the look is fabbbb, steph! you look beautiful! and that balenciaga=drools

  2. You look so gorgeous! It looks really great on you! That bag is really cute!

  3. Wow, your triple-quadruple-ultra winged eyeliner is great! The look definitely makes your eyes look really cool and pretty. c:

    Aaaand it's showing up on my reader fine. Hope that helps...?

  4. Dang Steph.. I feel like I'm being hypnotized by your eyes!! They're just sucking me in!!

    Love the lining and blending on it! :) And doubling up on the Shisems really make your lashes look lush!

  5. The blog came up on my reader. I had a hunch you doubled up the lashes and you did! I love it, you look so dolly-like. :D

  6. love your EOTD! the doubled lashes really make a difference, your lashes look really full :)
    your blog does show on my reader :)

  7. Wow those eyes!!! The double effect of the eyelashes are amazing!!! and btw, that balenciaga.. drooollssss hahaha

  8. I just love the shape of your eyes in general. The lashes are super nice doubled up like that. That is such a nice bag. I have the same problem with shopping online :x

  9. Your eyes look stunning, like the double lashes! Those contacts are awesome :)

  10. your blog shows up on reader just fine :D

    LOVE THAT BALENCIAGA! oh gosh. i wish they had a pewter silver, i would totally buy that in an instance.... assuming i had the money ;P


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