March 19, 2010

I made a video!

Lips! MAC Pink Noveau & Chanel lipgloss #105 : )

I'm going to start using my HD camera in the near future to tape my youtube videos. I want to start vlogging more & talking more about makeup! The Macbook camera is so convenient lol, but the quality is really blahhh (at least it hides my flaws!) lulz


  1. Cute video and love your makeup - your skin is flawless!
    -wrecked stellar

  2. Your video is adorable!!!! I love your earrings and necklace <3

  3. Aw I hope you feel better soon. I'm getting over a respiratory infection here...I know what you mean about the Mac cameras. I used my bf's mac cam yesterday and my skin looked great LOL. My Sony laptop camera isn't as good - doesn't pick up nearly as much lighting and my skin sucks on it LOL

  4. Hehe I know I commented on youtube already! But Love you steph!! Btw love how big & doll like your eyes are in the pic! :)

  5. what flaws? hahaha love your vids


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