March 19, 2010

Spanish Tapas!

I'm craving tapas! The last time I had Spanish tapas was on my birthday last year in Chicago. It was my first time & it was soo yummy!

Spanish Tapas are "small bites of Spanish flavor." aka delicious Spanish appetizers!

I need to find a a tapas restaurant in Seattle. If you're from the area, let me know where to go!
I was googling, and Tango Restaurant came up with the most reviews. I take it, that's a winner?

Pictures from my birthday last year in Chicago : )



Please let me know if you've tried tapas!


  1. I am sitting here and hungry now Steph! I have never tried tapas..makes me want to try some now.

  2. mmm...i'm hungry. it's making my breakfast seem blah. hahaha.

    and steph...what is that w/you pair of icecream balls? ;p

  3. lol sorry, can only recommend cali tapas! is it different when they are italian tapas?

    is the dessert supposed to be so... dirty? xD

  4. nomnomnomnom! looks super good!

  5. Theres this restaurant over here in L.A. called Sevillas. Its a salsa club/restaurant They have the best tapas Ive ever tried.

    Looks like you had fun eating your desert lol.

  6. You know I don't think I've ever had Tapas. But you make it look real good!! Now I've got to try some when I come across it! :)

  7. That looks really delicious! I think I'll go look for some tapas restaurant in NYC area =D

  8. Oh I LOVE tapas! I can seriously munch on patatas bravas and sip sangrias all night. The last time I went was when I was in DC though =C

  9. I've had tapas sooooo many times and I love them!! Looks like you had a great bday in Chicago last year!!

    I hope you find a great tapas place in you area (they're all over DC...) womp womp

    later chica!


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