April 4, 2010

Balenciaga gift from my Minh

It's official! I'm 23!
Minh came home from work, changed & we went to the animal shelter here in Seattle, and a few other places. I was excited because it was his first time visiting the shelter, and I wanted to show him a dog I fell in love with 2 weeks ago. I aslo went to make my birthday donations to the humane society : ) They take such great care of the animals there, that I want to do what I can to show my support to them.

Every time we would get out of the car, he'd accidentally pop open the trunk instead of locking the car doors. He kept asking me to close the trunk, which I did about 2 times and gave him attitude both times because it was raining & cold.

Then we got in and out of the car a 3rd time, and he popped open the trunk again in the rain, and I'm like WTFFFF, I was already sad because Gerald, the dog I wanted to show him at the shelter was adopted this morning : ( Anyhow..instead of closing the trunk he opens it more, and then I see a Barney's bag. lol He tricked me!!! No wonder he kept "accidentally" popping the trunk all day.

Anyhow, I was really surprised. He picked up a Balenciaga bag for me on his way home from work. He works a block from Barney's, Nordstrom, etc. I didn't even know they had this style bag. The hardware is covered. I guess the lady at the store helped him pick out a "flashy" bag he says. I dunno how it's flashy cause it's just black. It's black on black, just like how we like our cars! : ) He did good, he says my LV Galliera is like a huge duffle with no compartments. He wants me to have a black bag with zippers. lol I swear it's an Asian thing to want a million compartments and zippers. (What a fob Minh is...even though he was born in Colorado).
I thought the strap was really pretty, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it....
It's a lot of money. We could travel to NYC at least 4 times or have 1 bag.
I think I'm weird, I don't mind if I'm buying it myself, or blowing it at the casino.
But when someone gives me something this much...it's weird!

It means a lot that you picked it out though honey! haha it's the thought that counts. I don't need it!!! Cause your gf aint materialistic :P

: ) Thank you! And thank you for taking me to see Michael Buble tonight! He was amazing and I had a great time with you!!!

(even though you kept inappropriately shouting "wooo!! michael bubble!" & embarrassing me!!!)
I will share pictures & video clips with you tomorrow. He's better than I ever imagined live. His whole family was also in the audience too! His grandparents, mom, niece, nephew. It was sweet!

I've also never seen so many dressed up old ladies before at a concert. lol

I've had my eye on the Giant City Sahara...but it's not to be found anywhere...
just saying! haha

Will catch up with you ladies tomorrow : ) It's sleep time!


  1. LOL! Minh's so cute! It's funny how you didn't catch onto his surprise so quickly =D <3

    Happy birthday again, may all your wishes come true! I hope Minh's going to continue spoiling you later on today =D! All gfs likes to be spoiled =)

  2. that's lovely! ur bf is a sweetiee pie! :) happpy birthday, love!

  3. Awwe that is sooo sweet!!!
    Thaz so funny you didn't get the "hint" when he kept opening the trunk haha
    I know what you mean about expensive gifts though...my bf bought me a laptop for X~mas & I made him return it b4 he even gave it to me (cuz I made him tell me what it was lol)...but he ended up getting me a plane ticket to Hawaii so I guess that wasn't a very good example lol
    I'm only 21 but...I think us girls gotta enjoy these sorta gifts while they last lol <3
    If you don't have a match-everthing-black purse, you should keep it! (it's like the little black dress sorta thing :D )

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful night! <3 Happy birthday, Steph!!

  5. Aww that is so sweet! I like how he kept popping the trunk lol. Happy Birthday!

    P.S. Got my blog item sale today, thank you (^-^)

  6. That is so cute :) Hope you have a happy birthday!! And I think that concludes my wishes on both your blogs, youtube and twitter! xxx Hehe

  7. It's totally gorgeous! Minh has such great taste!!

    I know what you mean about expensive bag reluctance, though!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! Minh is so thoughtful!!! Handbags and Michael Buble! *faint*

  9. The bag Minh got u looks fabulous. Happy Birthday!!

  10. Happy birthday, Stephanie! Glad you started of your birthday celebration well with some Michael Buble... and then that gorgeous purse. =)

  11. omg i just turned green with envy! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! i love it so much. happy bday steph!

  12. Omg that is so sweet!! I don't think you should feel bad about the price, he knew how much he was paying, and he STILL bought it for you! :)
    Sounds like you had a wonderful night.
    LOL Michael Bubble!!!

    Happy birthday!!

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  14. sweet !!! happy birthday !! <33

  15. how sweet of ur bf!! the bag is gorgeous!! i love it!

  16. That's a beautiful gift :p I'm happy to know your birthday was a great day :D

  17. OMG!!!! i'm jealous! that is a HOT bag!

    i loved the popping of the trunk thing, he mustve been getting so frustrated that you never saw the bag and you must've been frustrated like, wtf! hahaha

  18. I LOVE that bag!!! Minh is so thoughtful and sweet (what a keeper)! Keep the bag!! That black Balenciaga will always be stylish and plus I always justify expensive luxe items by dividing the price of the item by how many times you wear it. If you wear it 200 times, it will practically be free! LOL...just trying to make you feel less guiltless.

    Who knows? Maybe you'll get the puppy and still have the bag...how great would that be?

    Hope you're having a great Easter babe!

  19. LOL sounds like you're having a great Bday so far! And Michael Buble too! LOL at Minh!! haha.. I guess that's his way of loving you! The fam went too? Wow now that's a great fam outing! ANd he always has great taste! That bag is gorgeous!!

    Haha go get yourself that puppy too!

  20. the bag is beautiful! :D

    I hope you have an amazing birthday!!! and enjoy the Michael Buble concert. ^_^

  21. Sooo, soo sweet! My boyfriend is usually that thoughtful as well! YAY for good boyfriends!

    Happy birthday!! You're like the 5th person I know that has a birthday today! LOL Must be a great day. :) Hope you get all you want and hope '23' brings you lots of success and love!

    And Michael Buble... *faints.. You're such a lucky girl!

  22. Happy birthday !! :)
    Your boyfriend is soo sweet !
    That bag is absolutely wonderful, I think you should keep it ;)

  23. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great time at the Michael Buble concert! I'm a huge fan of his. =] I laughed reading about how Minh embarassed you by shouting at the concert. lol Hope you had a great birthday!

  24. Aww! What an awesome birthday! :D Happy Birthday!

  25. HAPPY 23rd!!I wish you nothing but the best birthday ever, remember you are still young so live, love, and be happy. You have so much going for you and now you are another year wiser...Happy Birthday!

  26. Happy birthday, Steph! That Balenciagia motorcycle bag is the bag of my dreams! ;)

  27. Happy late bday babe! I got a yorkie puppy as a grad gift from the bf. Wish I got your purse instead. A puppy is soooo much work!! LOL

  28. you say i never comment you anymore! here i comment you =)YOU SILLY!

  29. lol your boyfriend is so dorky
    you guys sound so cute together

    happy belated birthday steph!


  30. LOL i cracked up at the thought of your bf shouting Michael Bubble! (While you're next to him in embarassment). Hilarious.

  31. haha it so funny how you said he kept shouting Michael Buble and how he was embarrassing you

  32. Minh is so cute the way he kept popping open the trunk for you to notice the bag! The purse is gorgeous and if he took that time to shop for you you may want to keep the bag.

    Also, the Shisem Lashes arrived and my daughter loves them!! She says they fit her eye perfectly. This weekend we are on a mission to see if we can find Shisem Lashes in our area. ^_~

  33. I'm so happy you had an awesome birthday, Steph!<3 From what you tell us on your blog, Minh sounds like such a sweet and caring boyfriend! lol it's so cute that you got angry so many times haha. xD I'm quite oblivious at times, too! The part about Minh shouting "wooo!! michael buble!" is just freaking hilarious! I can't wait to see your pics and vids from the concert! I'm a Buble fan myself! LOL okay guess what...back in January, I burned a cd for myself to listen to when I was running some errands back home & when I went back to school, I gave it to my sister. Well, Michael Buble's "Save the Last Dance for Me" was on it and my little nieces for some reason developed such a strong liking and attachment to it that they make my sister play that song on REPEAT every.single.time. they are in the car!! haha so now my sister is sick of that song, and even I got kind of sick of it when I was back home for Spring Break (even though I kind of want that song for my first dance at my wedding in the future!) lol...sorry for babbling! I just thought I'd share that story with you ^_^

    The Balenciaga bag is just lovely!

    <3 caroline

  34. OMG OMG!! why yes!!!! It's GORGEOUS! I'm surprised by how similar the arena is with the city style. I at one point in my life... did own a city (but had to sell it because I needed the money for school. sighh). But anyways, it's stunning, Steph! Now my Balenciaga obsession is starting to cave into me again. I really love the strap detailing. The non-covered bals don't have that! Black on black is so classic and chic! Thank you for sharing this post with me! xoxo

  35. I want this bag sooooo bad!!! If i were to get it, i think i'll go for a classic city, or a giant city. The covered city bag is beautiful, but way too pricey for my pocket :(.

    How nice and sweet of Minh!!!! I don't think anyone would spend this much money on me. Well, my parents bought me a brand new car before..does that count???? Haha!!


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