April 11, 2010


Hey ladies,

I went to meet my cousin and her family for the first time last night in Issaquah, WA. : )
Minh also met my Uncle & his family since they were visiting from So Cal for the first time. We had homemade Vietnamese bun bo! My Aunt is a great cook, and it was so nice to have a home cooked meal! It's been soooooo long since I had a bowl of bun bo! It's also been over a year since I saw them last.

I learned that my cousin Vy Vy has her own scrapbooking business! She does custom cards as well. I got to see her work, and everything was so cute. I can tell that she's a perfectionist because everything was so perfect. lol I loveeeee her cards, they're so cute.

If you get a chance, check out her website: www.smytten.com

She's very talented, and I'm so proud to have such a crafty cousin!
To inquire, just contact her directly, she's very nice & bubbly, you'll love her. : )
Don't forget to tell her that her jewelry making cousin DSK Steph sent ya!

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  1. Dang, Steph! You come from such an entrepreneurial family!! It's crazy!! Your cousin's work seems amazing, just like you!<3 I'm slowly, but surely updating my blog! Added a few new things and I'm working on a post right now :)

    <3 caroline


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