April 15, 2010

Thank You Erika!

I just wanted to show off my beautiful present from Eki for my birthday.
This week I will be sharing more goodies I've received from friends & family all over : )
You all made my 23rd birthday very special! Thank you!
I woke up at 5am, then 7am this morning because the birds decide to have a musical outside. lol
That's a lot of goodies!
And they're all for me!

Eki told me about Canmake Cosmetics a few weeks ago, and sent me a beautiful palette!
I can't wait to try it. My friend Marisa was over yesterday and she wanted to open it, and I was like...NOOOOO! I wanna open it. lol
I'm selfish like that, you know :P
I'm going to use it today : )

Nom nom nom!!!

She also sent me a full size Strawberry Face Scrub by the popular Mario Badescu.
I forgot to to take a photo of it because it was in my bathroom : )

^_^ It smells wonderful!
I appreciate everything you do for me girly!

I also receive birthday cards & gifts from many of my friends & family, and I will be sharing them with you soon. : )

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

Special shout out to my fellow Sweet April Babies Eki (April 1st), May (April 7th)!!!
I have packages going your way ladies!!!
Happy Birthday to all the April Babies out there!

I went to Alki Beach for the first time yesterday, Marisa and I went walking on the beach (how romantic, right?) jk, we're both straight. hahaha

It was so beautiful! I collected a bunch of shells, I'm planning an arts & crafts project lol
Will be moving soon! Can't wait!

Talk to you girls later!


  1. yay for april babies :) my birthday is coming up soon too!

  2. Happy Birthday! What a sweet package!

  3. Aww thanks! You said happy birthday to all the April birthday babies! I turned 25 on April 7th. :)

  4. aww happy belated birthday sweetie! Eki is super sweet, that pouch is so adorable, with that cute bow on the zipper, ahhhh TDF!!! Yay for April babies :D

  5. happy belated bday! that make up pouch is too cute! :]

  6. hahahaha "no homo" steph! next time.. it's coulon =)!

  7. Happy Belated bday Step!! I'm happy to hear you had a wonderful one :)

  8. Ohh an EkiLove pouch! ANd I should be concentrating on that lovely Canmake palette she sent you, but my eyes are drooling over all the KitKat!!! LOL!

  9. wowwwwww, gotta love eki :D :D she's sooo sweet!


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