April 21, 2010

Christian Louboutin Flats

The most attractive flats imo (in my opinion).

I tried these black Christian Louboutin flats on at Barney's, and fell in love with the way they look on my feet. The top is slanted so they make your toes look quite easy on the eyes. Well..they were easy on my eyes at least :P

Now that is what I call an attractive shoe!
At a handsome price of $495...
I remember when I thought my bf was crazy for buying a pair of $300 dress shoes.
Now who is the crazy one?

I saw these on the website...they look pretty cool..but I'm not really into snake skin.
It's kinda..sorta..creepy looking. The toe area...looks like a real anaconda's head!
Your Thoughts?

In an ideal world, I would own a pair of Louboutin's already. Sadly, my world is not yet ideal.

I have a few goals I want to accomplish before I splurge on my first pair of Christian Louboutins...whichever pair those might be...

For now...
I will find joy & love in trying them on at Nordstrom, and Barneys. lol
Every chance I get to slip on a pair, I go for it. Why not right? Free country!
The 5 minutes of bliss is worth the whole drive to the mall.

What are your thoughts on these famous red soles?
Overpriced? Or priced just right? : )

I'd love to hear what you think!


p.s. Thank you for 1,000, my friends : )

Now I'm just going to keep refreshing my page cause I know a few of my friends are going to "unfollow me" haha, I love you regardless!


  1. I heart Louboutins! My "materialistic" bucket list is to own a pair and a quilted Chanel bag.
    I do love the back flats! You are so good and self controlled not to purchase the shoes.

  2. Have Minh by them for you, that's the obvious solution. :] Come on, who's the lawyer here?? :P

  3. congrats on the 1000 friends! :D

  4. @Fuzkittie you are such a good problem solver! haha why didn't I think of that! ;) You made my day!

  5. I think as long as you don't own a closet full of these shoes then it's alright. for $500 a pair, i think its expensive, but thats me, HAHA I usually dont buy shoes over $50! LOL... I get you do pay for quality and the name. so if you love it, GO FOR ITTTTT :) :) sell ur regrettable purses !! lolol

  6. now you have 1001 ;) congrats !

  7. congrats on 1k!

    (at least) one pair of louboutins are a staple in every ladies closet

    plus, those black flats would
    go with EVERYTHING, so its more of a topnotch investment rather than a random splurge =)


  8. Lol, Steph, I always have so much fun reading your posts...they're just so amusing! :P

    In my ideal world, I would have a walk-in closet full of spectacular high high end clothing, shoes, and accessories (purses, jewelry[DSK!])...and a wall dedicated to my Louboutin heels. haha xD Wow, Tiffany read my mind! A classic Chanel quilted flap bag is on my list of material lusts too haha >:)

    Congrats on hitting 1000!!

    OMG your weenie, Heidi, can play with my bf's family's dachsund, Alice!! hehe Alice is white and has like 2 brown spots on her...so cute! I love the way they walk/run around the house ^_^

    ♥ caroline

  9. they are beautiful! I want a pair of his pumps but I think that I would never wear them outside because I don't want it to get ruined =)

  10. YAY CONGRATS ON THE 1000 FRIENDS! You truly deserve it =) You are a nice girl and a friend to all of us, and I always enjoy your posts =) I value your friendship and I hope we all cont to support each other here in our little community :D

    Anyway, I love those flats! They look lovely esp the first one. looks comfy. I wish I can afford it though. Haha. :P Yeah real world sucks - bills, bills and more bills :( The one that looks like anaconda head is cool! I would wear it :D and scare all the people with it. Hahaha! Looks like a snake skin.

  11. I would love to own Louboutins one day... definitely a goal of mine. I agree with you that those snake ones are a little creepy, though! I have always dreamt of owning a pair of Louboutin heels, but those flats are adorable! I love the way the toe is shaped on them. Very elegant and ballerina. :)

  12. When I worked in the City of London, I was very fond of Prada and Gucci shoes and bags. I also earned 20% more then.

    When I went back to the Corporate World (I left the lucrative world of consulting), I took a humungo pay cut, and there went the designer shoes!

  13. aww. it would be nice to get some supa-nice louboutins but I can't ever ever bring myself to splurge on flats! I don't know why. I feel like flats should be cheaper since they don't have a dramatic difference in comfiness if you get a more expensive pair. Heels, sometimes you get what you pay for. ;D

  14. I think the flats are okay, but if I'm going to buy a pair of Louboutins it's definitely going to be a pair of heels! His heels are stunning!

  15. omigosh i wanted a pair so badly but i couldn't afford it and they had them in encore hotel in vegas for just $200 bucks but...they ran out of my size...LOL sucks ;x i got big feet!! i actually wanted to buy the Christian Louboutins barbie...cus the mini shoes are sooooo cute but $150 for a barbie...LOL <3

  16. wow those look great! i'm afraid to try on nice shoes because i know i can't afford them hahaa. and then i'll be sad that i can't get them :P but hey if i win the lotto, i will def hook you up with a pair of these flats!

  17. From Indonesia here....
    Christian Louboutins have a most beautiful heels in this world.. U must check it out..
    following u :)


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