April 20, 2010

Ferrari, Puma, LV Bags I Regret

Hey ladies : )

Not too long ago, Minh and I were looking at Ferrari's (the car) for the hell of it. lol Anyhow, we went to see my CPA to get my business taxes taken care of, and he had a Ferrari jacket. I asked him if he had a Ferrari. He didn't, but I thought the jacket was so cool! Then Minh told me that Ferrari & Puma have a clothing line a few years now. I thought that was pretty cool. The last time I saw "Ferarri Clothing" was in Las Vegas at the Ferrari Store. lol

Anyhow, we went to Bellevue Square, and stopped by Puma. We picked up this jacket for Minh, he really likes it, and it looks good on him. I was jealous because our Puma store didn't carry much of anything for girls. Not that I really would want one....well maybe I secretly do. :)

We paid about $80-90 with tax for his jacket.
I want to get my dad one because they're so nice!

So...I was shopping online this morning at Puma.com.
They're having a sale on a lot of merchandise, I picked out a few things.
I have not added anything to cart yet, but this blog will be my way of getting
satisfaction from the say without indulging and going click happy at Puma.com

Don't you love how they cut prices 50% for a sale? lol

I really like this sweater/jacket above, but I think it would make me look frumpy from the cut of it. Not many know this, but I used to design sweatshirts, and jackets for my former High School's clothing line. I think 3 of my designs are still selling at the spirit store. It's really cool going to football games and seeing people wearing your design.

This belt would have been so cool if I was still in high school!
I'd totally buy it if I was younger.

Now imaginary online shopping for my boyfriend.

Ok, the name is just worth the $42. lol

Everyone can use track pants!

See, I'm jealous they don't have these shoes for womens.
I've always wanted a pair of Puma Cat shoes...*jealous!*

Ok..maybe this piece of luggage is a bit brand-whore-y considering it has TWO logos lol

Out of everything, I would get this bag for travel. It looks great and for $60!!!

I somewhat regret buying my LV Keepall 55...for $1250....
It's just NOT a practical bag for travel, as much as they'd like you to think it's made for travel...it's not. It's just made for looks. Minh & I hate carrying it around at the airport because it's just not comfy, nor can it fit much =/ Epic..Fail.

Another LV bag I regret buying...the Galliera GM
It's HUGE.
This is the bag my aunt hauled for me all the way from the LV store in Paris.
She lives there more than half the year. Minh think it's the worlds biggest handbag ever. lol
That's why he bought me a bag for my birthday because he was tired of seeing me carrying the Galliera GM around haha

To be honest...I have 3 other LV bags that I also regret.
All 3 Speedy's. I think I went though an LV phase. Now they just sit in my closet.
Maybe I just didn't like the choices I've made.
I do plan on getting my mom an LV bag for Mother's Day.
I know she wants one : )

We live & we learn. All I want to save for now is a home.
I don't need any more material goods...unless they're cosmetics! :P

In random Seattle news...
Whales & Sea Lions have been washing up on shore =/
They cut open the whale and found tons of trash inside the whale's stomach.
A golf bag, loads on plastic bags, and other man made materials : (

The Sea Lion that washed up on shore alive..just passed away. They're going to be running tests on the Sea Lion this week to see what's going on with the animals.

I think human pollution in Pudget Sound is hurting the animals.

Read the story here,


  1. Wow! And I'm saving up for the Neverfull for myself too! Too rich : )

  2. How sad...poor whales!! Made me teary-eyed.

    You can always re-sell your LVs to a high-end vintage shop.

  3. The story about the whales made me sad =(.

    Take a picture of Minh in his new ferrari jacket. hhahah

  4. Oh my gosh, the story about the whales and sea lions is heartbreaking! A golf bag in its stomach? that's just terrible! :(

    Wow, you have quite the collection of LV purses, Steph! xD

    ♥ caroline

  5. Yeah, I noticed some of my guy friends wear Ferrari stuff. I was like, wtheck. Lol, but you're right! Puma had something going on with that. Puma makes really cute activewear! I have a HUGE Puma bag, that I actually started to use as my school bag a couple of years ago. I remember walkin' on campus, and literally---3 out of 4 girls would stop me along the way to ask about it. So, that made my day. :)

    About your LV bags...if you regret it so much, you should sell your bags in order to get the LV bag that you REALLY wanted instead!!

    Aww, that last picture makes me so sad :'(

  6. Puma was so my brand in HS! hahaha :) I had purple Pumas and I thought I was sooo cool, and I went and got a Puma airplane bag, too. :)

    I am a huge impulse shopper, so I end up returning a lot of stuff and I also buy a lot of stuff and it just sits and collects dust in my drawer/closet. But, if I overthink purchases then I just end up never getting anything, so I guess either I never buy anything or buy everything...? hahah :)

  7. We just had a baby gray whale found floating by the Ferry Building here in San Francisco. It's so sad. I tell you, mother nature is telling us something....

  8. Oh, it's so sad with the animals... and so scary too! There's so much junk out there in the oceans that it's really overwhelming to think about - and clean up efforts are really hard to do way out in the water!

    (And I definitely have shopping regrets - a whole bunch of bags that I'm now wondering how to get rid of.)

  9. minh's jacket looks really nice! ugghh, tell me about it, i regret buying ALL my little LV bags. I could've bought one or two larger bags instead of all the tiny ones. if only i wasn't too lazy to ebay them....

  10. Poor animals!

    I got the OH a Ferrari T-shirt and bear mascot keyring at the Ferrari store in Milan (I think the prices are cheaper there).

  11. Oh no...that is so terribly sad about the animals washing up on the shore!

    I have lots of cheapy clothing/shoes purchases I regret, but never handbags. I carefully plan out my handbag purchases (1x a year, lol) and hunt deliberately for "petite" sized bags...had to avoid all LV GM sizes and their travel bags and settled for a speedy 25 last year. I can see how the travel bag can be very impractical and uncomfy, but at least it looks tres chic!

  12. that's so sad about the animals and pollution :( we had a whale wash up on our shores about 2-2.5 years ago, i don't know the cause of it but, still! such majestic creatures.


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