April 19, 2010

No More Pores! La Mer Regenerating Serum

I splurge a couple months ago and bought myself the La Mer Regenerating Serum from Neiman Marcus online (they had their beauty event & there was a gift with purchase ^_^).
I've been using it for about 2 months now, and I have noticed a significant difference in my pore size.
This "beauty serum" has definitely helped my skin. I'm going to talk more about this product after I try it on my boyfriend. lol He has some acne scars & large pores, and if this will work on him. It's definitely worth 25,000 pennies : )

I also use samples of the La Mer Concentrate, and I loveeee the texture of that one.
I just don't really notice it doing anything for me, but make my face feel like a baby's bottom lol

Over the weekend, Minh and I went to CCO in Marysville, Washington...I left with nothing!
I was so proud of myself : ) I honestly wanted all the Photo Realism eyeshadow quads...They had them all there for $25.50! But...I controlled myself. I need to start using what I have before I invest in new cosmetic goodies.
MAC E/S Quad Photo Realism ~ what beautiful shades of green...

In random hair news, I'm loving Jessica Simpson's hair in this photo.
I can't wait to order some extensions. My hair just does not grow as fast as I would like it to.
My little sister today laughed at my Facebook profile pic and asked me "what's up with the mom hair cut." Can you believe she asked me that?! We have the same hair stylist!

Looking fab Jessica!

Below my dog Heidi. I miss her so much! She's all the way in Michigan with my family. :'(
I will be going back to Michigan for my sister's graduation at the end of May.
I'm excited to see everyone back at home : )

Random post...I know :D


  1. LOL. Sometimes, it's nice to splurge on ourselves. I mean.. don't we deserve it sometimes? <3

  2. jessica simpsons hair is gorgeous there but i'm pretty sure shes wearing her hair extensions!

    LOL@ your sisters comment! i still love your hair :)

  3. IMA VIsIT U while u IN mI! or you visit me at the lake!! sorry the shift key and /? keys are missing on my keyboard and it screws stuff up.

  4. lol @ Nonners! haha I thought she was purposely typing like that haha

    Don't worry about randomness, Steph! I love it! xD wow, you know what would be cool? You should take before & after pics of Minh using the La Mer Regenerating Serum!! It would be crazy to see the results if it really does work on him! haha

    I love how you said "in random hair news" LOL Jessica's hair DOES look fab. lol I can't believe Julia asked you that! I think your current hair makes you look very sophisticated and professional, just like the entrepreneur you are! ;P

    Heidi is adorable! is she a dachsund?

    ♥ caroline

  5. Go you with your self control! Whenever I go to the CCO I can't help but buy at least *something*. Sigh. It's bad. I really do need to start using what I have, like you said.


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