April 18, 2010

Kick Ass!

Minh & I went to see Kick Ass tonight and it was awesome!
Watching that movie made me feel like I was in college again, I love that feeling!
I highly suggest you see it, you'll get a few good laughs :)
We had Uno's pizza at the theater too and it was soooo good! I love Uno's!

Now I leave you with my makeup today!
I've been playing around with PS again.
I don't really know how to do much but resize, adjust colors, tones, and blurrrrr

Geo Blue! I'm -6.0, -6.0!!!

Benefit Erase Paste in Medium #2 (I'm NC37-NC40) I like it, it's really salmon-y in color. The coverage is amazing, just like my Amazing Concealer.

I also used the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner for the first time today, and I personally don't like it.

The brush isn't that great...the formula of the gel is just weird...it's not dark enough for a gel liner in my opinion. I had to go back and forth 3-4 times to get it to be as black as I like my black liner.
I used my Jill Stuart eye jellie! I love that stuff, it's so damn shimmery/beautiful
Obviously, I look like wax hhaha check out my chest area.
Super blurred. Where is the happy medium! I don't know!
btw, I'm wearing peachstock lipstick by MAC!
I wish I knew how to do my eyebrows...I need to watch some tutorials or something.
I just feel that when I fill them in..I look so dramatic/weird. I don't know!
But I know leaving them the way they are looks weird as hell when I wear dramatic lashes.
I ordered another Anastasia Brow Pen (not the pencil that I already have), so I hope that will correct my problems.

For the eyeshadow, I used the Jill Stuart eye jelly as a base, then I used that new Give Me Gold eyeshadow quad I showed you yesterday.

Mascara is Guerlain, the bomb mascara.Cremsheen in Boy Bait & Lipstick in Peachstock!!!
I also back2mac and got a lipstick called Snob, can't wait to try that one tomorrow out and about.
The non-photoshopped. Haha, to be honest, the non-photoshop skin looks better.
All that wasted effort!!! jk jk
I've been using a lot of Guerlain lately thanks to Msfili's kick ass blog sales! ; )
This bronzer is in Bruenette, I really love it!
Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it so I snagged one from the web
I also used their blush quad, it smells like old lady (seriously)..but the colors are gorgeous!
I love how I can mix them, or use just one. They're HELLA pigmented, a lil goes a long way.
Check out my new shirt. $2.49 at Nordstrom Rack baby!!! HAHAHA

This photo just for fun : )


  1. Steph! YOu look like a doll! ♥ The Geo contacts looks super gorgeous on you! and i love your make up in here, gorgeous gorgeous!! =)

  2. oo we're online at the same time but isnt it mega late in the US? :D
    ps is hard to use but once you get the hang of it, its so much fun!
    im back to using paint tho, the computer man didnt install ps for me >< but it is much quicker!

    love the look, it looks great!! hows the guerlain mascara??

    btw LOVE your lashes, is it the shisem ones that you talk about?

  3. You look GORGEOUS with that Saturday-Night-Out look! xD gotta love the falsies and how they make your eyes pop! You look great with the geo blue contacts :)

    I was going to wear my geo angel browns today, but the moment I put them it, my eyes hurt so badly...I don't know what's wrong :( Why can't I wear circle lenses and be comfy ;_; I tried taking them out and cleaning them again then putting them on again, but they still hella hurt, so I just wore my acuvue colors. sigh. Do you ever have problems with comfort when you wear circle lenses?

    OMG!! KickAss! lol you and like 4 of my other friends have said it's awesome! My bf wants to see it, so tmrw is our movie day :P

    ♥ caroline

  4. loveee this look, steph! peachstock looks lovely on you and i bet snob will, too!

  5. i like your lipstick! :) very pretty nude color <3

    I agree.. the non photoshopped one looks better :) but the ps one gives it a cool effect :) still pretty also :)

  6. i love those lashes! =] what brand & model are they? =D

  7. I want to go see Kick Ass! lol

  8. I want PS! hahaha, I've been wanting it from when I was in high school.

    I know what you mean about filling in your eyebrows. Every time I go for a makeup session at a counter they always always always fill in my brows. I have never once done this on my own, so it's super weird for me to see my brows filled in... I don't really like it. It looks like I used a marker to fill them in-- to me at least!

  9. Steph your eye makeup is sooooo pretty! I want those contacts! P.S. I'm still working on your late birthday present.... I'm trying to get all creative... lol!

  10. You look so gorgeous Chi! Does the Benefit Erase paste crease? I am looking for a new concealer :)

  11. Steph you are so gorgeous! My gosh those lashes look INSANELY amazing on you!!!! You should be modeling your jewelry too! You are soo beautiful!

  12. Aggh, you look so purdy! I wish I knew how to Photoshop, too! I never took any computer classes in high school to learn...now I wish I did, lol. But Photoshopped or not, you're always beautiful, Stephie. =)

    Btw, I have MAC's Snob and I loved it at first. But now I love Saint Germain <33

  13. Ur eyes look so mesmerizing Steph. very pretty! i need to pick up that boy bait gloss. it looks fabulous :)

  14. Your eyes are HOT! LOVE how they look!

  15. Cute look! Love the eye makeup! It's so flattering for your eye shape, and MAC Peachstock looks gorgeous on you!

  16. Pretty<3 you've got beautiful eyes!
    The shape is perfect~
    Loving the eye shadow shades as well; it flatters your new circle lens<3

    Miss. P

  17. You look so stunnnnning, Steph!!!!

    I fel the same with eyebrows, no matter how little I put, I always look overdone, haha.

    I looove Snob & Guerlain's bronzer, I have it in Blonde :) btw, I know I"m a brunette, haha

    I need to go into Nordie's clothing racks more...I just go to the shoes and makeup section haha.

  18. your eyes are so pretty :D ohhh i want a jill stuart jelly eye.. SOOO pretty :) :)

    HAHAHA that tshirt is awesome.

  19. Great contacts and love the Peachstock. Hun, you look best without any photoshopping or retouching!

  20. Love the look. You always look beautiful girl!

    Love those lens on you too!

  21. The first picture of your full face is now my favorite in your entire blog.


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