April 17, 2010

My little sister

Here's a video my little sister and her best friend made for their AP Psychology class. It's so funny we had the same teacher. hahahaha

My smarty pants sister got a full ride to Stanford, we're still waiting to see how much money Harvard gives her : ) So exciting for my parents : )

My friend John just posted the MSU APA newsletter, and we're both in it! : ) Yay!

me on the far left, and whatsurgenre on the far right
my lil article & haha had to put DSK Jewelry in there!!!
Too bad the law school part is now a lie. lol

it's all true, except I decided not going to law school ~ DSK Jewelry is more fun :P


  1. Awww yay for your little sister! She's so pretty! :)

  2. hahaha, no more law school?! My boss is graduating in May, taking her Bar really soon, I don't know how she does it, she's a soldier, really, a soldier.

    Love your sis's video!!! Gosh, you are some super smart sisters!!! Errr, wished I was at her level to get a full ride to Stanford, congrats to her!!

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  4. OH && federal way has lots of options for korean restaurants and buffets. There is this one buffet which has amazing food but it is $23.00 for one person to enter... but the food is worth it and they usually cook the meat for you ^_- in front of ya since I'm lazy and don't wanna be cooking my own meat I like that place but I can't quiet remember the name -_-

  5. BTW... I totally understand and know what your sister is talking about (: I was always into Psychology so I ended up taking two quarters at college and one in high school (: Totally feeling smart since I understand her fully LOL

  6. wow, that's sooo nice. Congrats to Julia.... and she is pretty!

  7. that video is hilarious haha! you sisters are so creative and funny :)

  8. Love your little sis! You and your sis do your family proud!


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