April 29, 2010

Louis Vuitton Failed Me!

So..I order the LV Tivoli PM bag for my mom for Mother's Day (May 9). I put her shipping address, all that info. Then...they call her to verify her mailing address! What the heck!!! Then they called me after calling her...I'm just like...WHAT! I told the lady it was a Mother's Day gift..and she goes oh that's such a nice gift. lol

I was pretty much speechless.

Sighhh, oh well. My mom all called me..and was so excited and asked me what it was all about. And I just changed the subject to filing my quarterly business taxes. hahaha

But ...yeah another bad experience with the world's most valued luxury brand. Did you know that? LV has a profit of 19.8 BILLION dollars. There was a recent article on Luxist.

Anyhow...I want to share with you photos of my dream home! Yesterday was really nice out, and my friend and I were driving to QFC (grocery store), and I look up the mountain and I see a whole set of homes! I flipped out because I've never seen them before. Usually the clouds cover up part of the mountainside. Another, I begged my friend who was driving to go check it out. LoL, we drive up...and we enter the MOST GORGEOUS neighborhood called China Creek, The Terrace. The homes there are huge! There were 2 or 3 homes for sale, and they were listed for a bit short of a million. What do you think? Isn't a dream house?! The view is of a country club golf course, and mountains!!! It's so beautiful. Seattle really is green & gorgeous when it's warm outside. : ) Stalking luxury homes is definitely a hobby of mine. I look forward to the future so much.

It looks like the sale is pending, someone lucky is going to be owning it : )

In other news,
I pick up my apartment keys tomorrow!!!
I'm excited, but I'll be paying rent at two different places for the next two months lol.
I can't wait to show you my new apartment. It has a view of the Little Darling Strip Club (haha I'm serious!) , Space Needle, and sliver of Pudget Sound.
We're on the 15th floor..so we basically see a lot of interesting places, such as Little Darlings.
I need to get me some binoculars or something. jk jk ; )

In makeup news...I have a Sephora VIB 10% off.
I'm thinking about investing in some more MUFE HD Foundation.
I think it's such a great foundation! The best I've come across.
I don't even think NARS Sheer Glows is as good as MUFE HD.
I'll definitely be posting more beauty related topics soon.
I just need to settle, and organize my life (for the millionth time).

I can't wait to live large in a small downtown apartment with 24 hr concierge service and all.


I will learn how to swim down on the 8th floor as well! That's my goal for the next 10 months,
Learn to swim, swim.
And I will use the Fitness Center everyday with @Marisa!


  1. blah to LV, what a bunch of buzz killers! but congrats on the new apt again, babes! so exciteddd for u! u know what? that pool pictures looks like the pool that jandi always practices swimming in in BOF! if you've seen it, you'll know what i mean..call me crazy, but that was the first thought that came to mind! lol

  2. p.s. MUFE HD allll the way! and shakes head* to nars sheer glow..it really doesn't compare

  3. ah lv failed you! :(
    its okay.. at least it wasn't a nasty thing, you were giving your mum a pleasant surprise! shes surprised nonetheless.. she just needs to wait for it! haha

    show pics of your apartment once you move in! :D

  4. hahaha. i still hate you for making me drive up that huge hill to see those houses!! *hmph* but they AREEEE super nice though lol.

  5. nice choice,though the LV crew kinda screw all the surprise,that was one clueless person haha,spaced out maybe,or just a spoiler lol,anyway goodluck on your swimming and advance happy moms day

  6. How exciting about your move tomorrow, good luck!

  7. good choice on LV, as for me not LV as too costly for me.


  8. What an awesome mother's day gift! And congrats on the apartment!

  9. Can't believe LV did that!!!

    I do the same, G & I stalk the big homes! We know our future will lead us to one of our dream homes!

    I haven't tried MUFE HD found. yet, can't wait for your review!

    I WANT YOUR POOL!! They finally took the blue plastic cover off the pool yesterday (for our pool), yay!

  10. Oh man! Major fail!! lol Well just keep on changing the subject when your mom brings it up. ahhaha

  11. Aw Steph, I'm sorry that happened with LV. Your mom will still be very happy I am sure. (:

  12. So many things to say! Ok, I'll number them. :)

    1. MUFE HD is the best! It's what I wear now and I love it. It's absolutely fantastic. It gives me great coverage and yet it looks so smooth and flawless!

    2. That totally stinks about LV ruining the surprise! Here's my mother's day story from last year: I bought my mom flowers from a local flower store where she lives. Well, I didn't tell her to expect them because I didn't want to ruin the surprise. Anyhow, so mother's day comes and goes and I'm like, why didn't mom call me about her flowers?? Well, they delivered them to the wrong house. Ugh! And then when I called the flower shop they tried to deny everything, saying that they had delivered them and that someone named "Matt" signed for them... my mom lives alone. Yeah.

    3. That house in those pictures is gorgeous!!! I wish I lived there... hahah

    4. Exciting about picking up your keys!!! Eee!!! Congrats!!!!

  13. Haha! Damn LV! LOL! But your mum knows its the thought that counts! But it would've been a great surprise!!

    Whoo for getting closer to the apt!! Almost time! Now that is an impressive pool for a apt building!

  14. ooh I know you'll get one of those pretty mansions that you mention here because you are so goal oriented!
    I am glad that the surprise wasn't ruined at all. :)
    But me being me, I would had complain...don't know what that would have done but I guess at least I would had vented.
    Hopefully your move to the apartment won't be too stressful! Keep being positive!

  15. OMG, i can't swim either!! but oneeee day, i will learn..it's on the bucket list. barcelona shade is a lot more peachy than Stromboli..and a little bit more yellow-ish..i don't know how to describe it..and yes, hun, do moreee FOTD/beauty blogs, i love the way you apply make up and your color choices!

    have a lovely weekend <3

  16. DOOODE. what the heck? i'd be pissed beyond all means if someone effed up some special event like Mother's Day. You should've complained your butt off! Maybe they would've gave you something in return ;)

  17. i need to learn how to swim too hahahaa. wow what a gorgeous pool! i can't wait to see your new apt as well ;D


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