April 27, 2010

Tivoli PM

Thank you for all your help everyone : )
The winner is the Tivoli PM!
I think it's a great size for my mom. She's very petite, so I think the bag will compliment her frame.

I can't believe Mother's Day is May 9th this year!
I always thought it runs on May 12th...hahaha

: )

hehe, sending it to Michigan..the sales tax is only 6% vs. the 9.5% here in Washington!

The reason I even thought about getting the Tivoli PM for my mom is because I watched my new friend SparklemissA on youtube! I absolutely love her & her sense of style.

She's a fan of LV, and of course we would get along ^_^V
She also is one of my DSK customers!
She talks about a pair of my earrings in one of her more recents vids. I feel the love!
Thank you girl!

Watch her review on the Tivoli PM,

She also is a blogger!


Tell her Hi! for me!

Now, I have to pick out flowers to send Minh's mom.
I'm on 1800flowers...so many choices!!!!
There are about 20 other ones that I really like lol


  1. aww...thats so sweet of you!!!
    its funny how both of our mom are in michigan and we're all the way in the west coast. lol

  2. Hey that's the bag my mom wants too!!! Haha I guess it's a mom bag...

  3. Agggh, you are succcch a great daughter!! :)

    It's great that you're planning all of this so early. That way, it's not rushed and complicated. Glad that you made the right decision! (Actually either choices could be considered a "right" decision :p )

  4. Oh orchids! And roses! both are so pretty I wouldn't know what to choose! LOL!

    Dang Steph you always make me lemm the high end bags aI can't afford! LOL!

  5. awww : ) the flowers are gorgeous! and the bag omggg :D

    i feel so honoured to have my blog read by you. your jewelry is kind of famous, you know : ) haha when i saw your comment i freaked out a little. yes, i am a nubcake :D

    <3 angie


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