May 1, 2010

My New Hair Extensions!

A Haul Video!

Haha me & my new hair extensions
Isn't this the cutest tissue box ever?! I love Target!
They have Pineapple & Kiwi too...but sold out!
It just makes me want it even more!Left: exterior of our new home, Right: my boyfriend's work!
He best come home everyday for lunch!
I need to learn to cook..simple dishes first. I can do it.
I will start studying food blogs more often!
I'm starting to like walking by the lobby everyday : )


  1. Aww loving the extensions (: know I love them buffets!!! But haven't been to many good one's here -_- let me know if there is any good ones out there (: haha its made in china

    never heard of that horse shampoo? gotta try it out, cause my hair doesn't grow so fast

  2. No I haven't. I gotta try it out next week (: Yum! Can't wait to eat there hehe

  3. Experiment!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cooking and baking!! (After many years of DREADING it.) I know, I know, but it is really relaxing. It's a good stress reliever. But really, most of the things I learned how to cook are from experimenting with ingredients and whatnot.

    I used to watch my mom a lot when she was in the kitchen and learned that most of the ingredients she cooked with were repetitious in a lot of dishes (especially Vietnamese dishes.) Typical asian people... Fish sauce, soy sauce, salt, pepper and sugar.. LOL, it never fails..

    Start off with basics and work your way up! :) Can't wait to see new FOOD blogs.. HINT HINT!

    OHH yeahhh, congrats on the new place! That's sooo exciting. Furnishing the apartment is probably one of best and funnest (if thats a word..) things to do! I'm in the process of doing mine as well!

  4. hahaha I freaking LOVE watching your vlogs, Steph! I get such a kick out of them bc you're such a naturally funny person!! Effortless're funny without even tryin..."umm these were made in China, so I don't really even know whose hair I have on? o_O" lol xD anyway, I LOVE the extensions on you! I love the waves! They look really natural and just FAB!!<3 You look soo pretty with long hair!

    I feel your pain, sistah! My hair grows out SOO takes hella months to grow out, that's why I'm always so reluctant to get a trim, but I force myself to get like a 1" trim every now and then so that it can be healthy and continue growing faster :( Did you curl the extensions & your real hair before clipping them in?

    ARGH! I was trying to comment on YouTube and tried 5 times, but it won't let me for some reason and kept saying error! so angry.

    ♥ caroline

    p.s. big fan of buffet right here too...if we ever meet up, we should do it at a buffet! lol :P

  5. Ooohhh! Your hair looks so pretty with extensions! That's an awesome tissue box!

  6. The hair extensions look great on you! That tissue box is so cool! My sister would love it! She uses tissues like crazy and she loves watermelons. haha

  7. Hair looks gorgeous! Very shiny, hehehe. HD really is a great foundation!

  8. Great extensions! You're fading really rapidly, a bonus of living like a vampire in Seattle!!

    Love the new place!

  9. Love Love the hair girl! Looks good on ya. I'm thinking of trying out the HD foundation soon.


    Those hair extensions look so great on you! super pretty and it looks totally natural. Hey have you used that straightening comb yet? I really love mine, but my hair is super curly so I wanna know how it works with someone who has straight-er hair!

    Also I bought a really pretty piece of art for my new condo that I am going to use to display your jewelryyyyy you gave me! Pictures soon!

  11. The extensions look so natural on you! Very nice! Love how everyone is getting extensions & I'm dying to chop my hair off! LOL!

    Ooohh haulage! Nice!! LOL At first I was like, that is one small watermelon rind! LOL HELLO it's tissue box!! I'm dumb!

  12. the extensions look absolutely gorgeous on you!

    i feel the need to do some serious hair maintenance now

  13. ohhhh i love the extensions on you :)

  14. pineapple sounds awesome :D and i love your extensions!

  15. love ur hair extensions! u should grow your hair like that :)

  16. I love those watermelon tissue boxes!

    Are they clip ons or real hair extensions?


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