May 4, 2010

Rimmel Steel Grey Nail Polish, Meet Nickel, The Chihuahua

The brush is really wide, it really helped applying really easy.
I've had it on for 3 days now and the nail polish doesn't chip easy :)

What I picked up from Sephora last week : )
Brush cleaner, MUFE HD Blush #5 & #6 (#6 not showing).
MUFE HD Foundation #123 (perfect match for me!)
Freebie: Neck Cream!

Nickel just moved in!
He's Minh's parents dog (they have two).
Now that we have an apartment, Minh wants to have Nickel.
We were planning on having both, Nickel & his sister Penny, but his mom wanted to keep a watch dog.

Nickel looks super anorexic! Every since I've known him he just is skinny.
You can see his ribs..I took him to the apartment yesterday and a lady goes, WHAT IS THAT?!
Then I was at Uvillage eating dinner, and a lady goes..OH MY YOU NEED TO GET HIM SOME CLOTHES. (He doesn't like clothes..) I told my friend Marisa...this guy is making me look bad!
So my project is to put some meat on his bones. It seems like he likes chicken a lot.
He barely touches his dog food!

But we have room for one more dog...

That means! I'm going to get another dog when I get back from Michigan.
I've been scoping out the Animal Shelters : )

Nickel's currently in my lap curled up and cute!


  1. LOL i wonder if he gonna be scared of me later? ahaha way to nickel's heart is to give him chicken!

  2. Awwww, he's so cute! I'd do some research to see what human foods are ok for dogs. Chicken can be tricky since you have to make sure it has absolutely no bones (chicken bones can shatter and create nasty splinters). I think grapes are bad for dogs but carrots and apples are great!

  3. aww nickel is so adorable, i wanna see some an apartment tour with furniture this time!!! i loved watching it without the furniture and i wanna see what you guys did with it!! =]

  4. I have the same purple Hello Kitty stamper thing!!!
    Chloe doesn't like wearing clothes either, she rolls around and whines......

  5. Aw, I have a little chihuahua too. Her name is Bella! (:

    You know I love that nail polish! Very pretty.

    I saw your tweet about hiring movers. Best wishes for a safe move! It will all be worth the hassle when you are settled in to your new place! Then it's all fun.

  6. I recently got this nail color too. I really like it. =] Nickel is so cute!

  7. The Rimmel nail polish is gorgeous! I love the purple-ish grey color a lot!

    Will head to the drugstore tomorrow, and see, if it is available here in Austria. ;)

  8. omg that nail color is gorgeous! :)

  9. Love the nail color, almost like OPI's Metro Chic. I tried to love the color, but just looks so muddy on me. I might like this better.

  10. Congrats on getting Nickel! He's so cute :)

    Love the new items you got!!! I want one of those blushes, they're super pigmented!

    i want that nail polish NOW!!

  11. that color is gorgggg. i wasn't going to look at this, but iyah said she wants it, so i was so curious..doesn't help the make up no buy :((

  12. NICKEL!!! LOL! He really is a cutie!

    that's a nice shade of polish! Loving the creaminess it has!

    Uh.. you don't have turkey neck, so why would that be the freebie?! LOL!

  13. Hello there Nickel!!! *HUGS*

    Steph, Rimmel steel grey looks so good on your nails! :)

  14. You have lovely nails!

    xo, Diana

  15. love your new buys :) and looks like he's all acclimated to the camera!

  16. Nickel is sooo cute! And yes, he's soo skinny but adorable. =P


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