May 14, 2010

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Sweet Heart (& New Bow?)

We missed the 8:30pm showing of Letters to Juliet : (
So we walked to Bartell's so Minh could buy deodorant haha, and I was looking at NYX.
I noticed that the Mega Shine Lipglosses had these cute bows on the top!
I was like WHOA
Then I..bought it :)

Sweet Heart is the shade.
I think it was $6.49 (probably over priced for NYX), but it was the last one!

Is this bow new? I have 2 older ones and they didn't have bows!


  1. Love it (: I have the NYX mega shine lip gloss in frosted beige and i love it! they are so pigmented =] but i hate the smell, anything cough medicine like i dislike hehe...about the bow i wouldn't know >.<

  2. ohhh i forgot to say i love ur nail polish =]

  3. wow, the shade looks really pretty on you!

    i only own one of these and im not sure if the bow is new. probably lol.

  4. the color looks lovely on you Steph! I only have 1 lipgloss from NYX, but it's the round one. That bow on top is just adorable!!!

  5. Love your nail polish! So pretty. :) Yes I think the bow on top is new. I have the mega shine in french kiss and the top of mine just says NYX. I think the bow is cuter!

  6. I was wondering what you were twitterin about! LOL! Yeah that has to be new. Frosty goodness on you there!!

    ps lovin the blue polish!

  7. The bow is on some of them since the end of 2009 so I guess it's still relevantly new. I got a few with the bows on the top, really cute isn't it? hehe.

  8. aww! way cute, i want one with a bow now, hahaha :)


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