May 15, 2010

Sea?! I told you!

OPI's Sea? I Told You, is a brilliant Aqua Blue!
It was a gift from the super sweet Shellie : )

Thank you so much! I love this summery blue!

The color plays tricks on me! In natural light it's more blue, while
indoor light it looks teal!

Indoor light = TEAL!
I get tripped up, it's too cool!

My Stila Find @ Costco : )

I saw SparkleMissA on youtube mention the set included their famous eyeshadow in Kitten!
I knew I must try it.
Only $20 at Costco!

I've been pretty good at the new apartment : )
I put my sneakers to good use here!

I love the fitness center : ) Free Gym!
+ Free TV! Since we don't have cable yet. They're getting direct TV in the complex
in about a week. Yay!


  1. you have beEeeautiful toes!!!!

    *i know im so random, but i must let you know!!!*

    only $20 for that stila is wow! xD
    it's really cool to have a big fitness on the same bulding you're living- reaaaaally worth the living expenses there!!! x3
    Let the sweat wins your bodaye!!!!

  2. loveee the stila find! they nver have any of those at my costco booo

  3. Is that the blue polish in the pic from your NYX post? NICE!! Haha!! work them sneaks!

  4. i want to have one of those stila kits! do they have one at sephora? we don't have costco here :(

  5. ur doggie is so cute!
    the stila makeup kit is cool!

    JN from The Fac Couture

  6. woohoo! love the gym :D and what a gorgeous blue!


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