June 28, 2010

Two Looks!

Mom and Dad arrive Thursday already! I really need to clear out my space.

My new jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters! : )
It was $32 in case anyone was wondering :D
I love it!

I haven't done a Look of the Day in a long time! Lots has changed when it comes to makeup.
I finally put my lower falsies to use! I think these lashes (top & bottom) are from Daiso, the Japanese $1.50 store. I live across the street from one now : )

I was seriously impressed by these lashes, for $1.50..you get top & bottom!
I've been using my MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe religiously. It's my fav!
I hate how I always smudge my mascara on my lower lashes line when I apply.
I'm too lazy to correct it.
Lipstick in MAC Lazy Day of course! Isn't that the current "in" MAC lipstick? lol

Notice, I have more eyebrows now! lol
I stopped getting my eyebrows threaded. They were taking way too much hair off that I felt like I had a threads for eyebrows! I've also been taking my Max-Hair vitamins, and I think they really have helped strength my nails, and hair. I'm half way done with my first bottle. I'll post before and after pictures of my hair once I finish my 90 tablets.

This was Sunday's super fast look. Sadly, this mascara sucks!
It's one of the Loreal dual ones (gold on one side, black on the other side), with a primer & comb mascara.
The primer is amazing, but the comb mascara is just crazy! It clumps like no other.
Minh made fun of me for not having enough lashes.
Don't they just look crazy??? Obvious clumps on top!
I was going to use lashes, but I passed because it would look to obviously not similar to my mascara-ed clump lashes that day. lol

I hate how sparse my eyebrows are : (
My mom even shaved them when I was born hoping they would grow in thicker. haha
I hear lots of Vietnamese people shave their babies' eyebrows.
I did use a $3.99 wet n' wild gel liner to line my eyes.
It's surprisingly awesome!
It stays all day, the black is very black.
The only downside is that the gel liner container pot looks soooo cheap!
It's plastic, and when you open the seal, you get like gooey-residue on the rim of the pot.
But it's the product that counts. : ) Glad I finally tried it!

The contacts are my favorite Barbie Black, I don't know the brand. But I personally love black lenses!

Missha 31 BB Cream, it's a pretty good match to me. I've been using it for over a week now.
Although it does give me more of an orange-y tan look with flash photography, but in RL, it's doesn't look crazy.
No eyeliner on the waterline, this is new for me. I'm so used to always lining my eyes.
It gives less of a dramatic appearance making one look more friendly in my opinion lol.
Puppy damage!!! They ruined my sandals...: (
They're teething...

lol & Timmy, my psycho fur baby was asleep no photos for him! lol My furby. lol
I forgot to post my latest puppy video on my blog.

Here it is : )
I'll have a new one soon, I just have to organize all the puppie's photos & videos and put it into one video.


  1. i don't know how you get your falsies on so perfectly. the lashes are so groomed and natural looking! i have no idea how to operate falsies properly xD

    aww don't let your bf make fun of you! haha my bf's lashes are 5 million times longer than mine x_x so jealous. and his lips are so big i want to put lipstick on them all the time LOL. he could model my mascaras and lippies for me instead xD

    the makeup look you did is really cute and dolly with the lashes and pink lips :) like! i've been wanting to try the wet n wild eyeliner for a while - i'll def have to look out for it : )

  2. Oolala I love your eyes, they are gorgeous. Lazy Day looks nice- yup it's very popular right now :) but sadly the shade doesn't flatter me personally.. It's interesting that one of your pups is more chihuahua and the other maltese! lol you should watch out for any shoes lying around. My doggies ruined a pair of my heels before =__=

  3. I love Daiso! :P Those falsies look great on you :)

    awwwwwww such cute puppies!!! ><
    so bratty of them to ruin your shoes :p

  4. Oh by the way.. I don't know if it's just me but I received a ton of updates from your blog just now & when I looked at all the dates the posts had been up for quite awhile :S

    Anywhooo... you have the cutest little pups. If I was any closer, I'd snatch them up for reals! But I don't know how you do it. When our puppy was young he was such a hassle, imagine two! & I absolutely hate it when they teeth :( they ruin a lot of things *le siiigh*

  5. @ladys0ul yeah my blog feed has been messed up for a quite a while. I finally resolved the problem!

  6. Ugh, mine is still teething, I have a ruined dress, several shoes (one was new), two pairs of pants, a laptop bag, I can continue, haha.

    Love your two looks :) I probably own 50 pairs of falsies and haven't worn a pair since new years =/

    had no idea people shaved their babies eyebrows so they'd grow back thicker!

    my hair was so thin and straight, i hated it, my mom (a cosmetologist) decided to give me a perm every 6 months at the young age of 14 (I think it's young) and I loved every minute of the curly hair, believe it or not, my hair got thicker and wavy (but not a cute wave, but who cares) and that's why my mom did it, she claimed it would make my hair thicker, whouldda thunk it!?

  7. awww Steph, i'm a sucker for puppies. You've sold me with your twitpics on your pups!
    I'm loving how the bottom lashes look on you. I really like Daiso's falsies, they're so cheap and reusable. Lucky that you live across the street from one, dang! I'm kind of scared of gluing false lashes on my bottom lid.. Is it hard?? I guess i'll give it a try. Just wanted to drop by and check out your new looks :)
    The bird cage jewelry stand is so gorgeous, I wish I had room for it!

  8. cute lashes! i'm too scared to wear bottom false lashes :( i don't even wear mascara on bottom b/c it makes my eyes look tarantula-ish...but it looks so nice on you and other bloggers! btw YES and YES to Satin Taupe and Lazy Day lipstick...Lazy Day was the first product I bought a back up for, which shows you how much I like it :D.

  9. you look sooo amazing! loving those daiso bottom lashes, too!


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