July 7, 2010

Puppies' 4th of July

We took the boys out around Pike's Market on the morning of the 4th : )
Their first time on a leash. They didn't walk very much because we just carried them most of the time. lol Didn't want them to get stepped on! Wally was too small for his harness he kept slipping out!

Then later that night, Penny & Ty came to visit!
They stayed with us for two days so we had a total of 5 dogs!

Penny & Nickel are brother and sister (full size Chihuahua's)
Timmy & Wally are brothers (75% Maltese/25% Chihuahua), and Ty (75% Shih Tsu / 25% Chihuahua)

So many doggies!

Ty & Timmy loved playing with each other, they spent all day and night chasing each other around. It was cute : ) Video footage coming soon!

Have a great day!


  1. they are SO cute! ollie doesn't like to walk w/a leash either...i've had the hardest time trying to find one that fits him!

  2. They're soooo cute!! They had they're friends over for the holiday. When I take my pug out for a walk, he gets lazy and just falls over & waits for me to carry him.

  3. I had my bro, sis in law, 3 yo nephew, bff, puppy, and husband at my house on the fourth, so technically, I had 6 babies on my hands LOL

    love the pics of your babies!!!!

  4. omg theyre so cute it makes me want to squeal and squeeze them !!

  5. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow?! Awww they look so cute!! Yay for friends for them to play with!

    Can't wait for the vids!

  6. Looks like they all had a good time! They are all lookin super cute (^-^:)

  7. haha thanks! wish i had the guts to talk though..well i did try..several times..haha and i looked real stupid

  8. soo cute! i wish i could carry my dog but he's too heavy! LOL


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