July 19, 2010

For Mom, Puppies!

It's 10:30am and Wally's a zombie!

Timmy's still tired from learning how to "sit"

My mom asked me to post more pictures of the puppies for her since she misses them so much. Yes, my mom reads my blog lol
I even have a video for you mom! Enjoy!


  1. hahaha! i love them! they're so adorable! your mom is just like my mom. she doesn't see ollie for 2 days and she's all "i miss him!!!" hahaha.

  2. hey steph!
    your puppies are too cute! I always followed your blog but never left a message here. Thought you would be too busy to reply :) Hope everything is going well. Love your site. Take care sweetie.

    Jen @ www.charmoflove.ca

  3. They're just toooo cute!! Makes me miss all my doggies at the ex's!! ANd when the were cute little puppies too!!

  4. awww your puppies are so cuuute! lol i know i say it all the time but ahh i love puppies! haha

  5. bahaha my mom reads my blog too. it's awkward sometimes. but you know, whatever.. :)


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