July 20, 2010

Bye Bye Stuff Part 3: Mostly Chanel

Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 packaging, very dainty

To be honest, I'm parting with a lot of my things lately is because I'm saving to buy a house next year, hopefully around February-April whenever our lease ends here. I'm currently paying a pretty penny on my downtown apartment. It's gorgeous here, but I've experienced it..and I can't be wasteful like this for another year. I'd rather invest it in a home since I'm already paying like 4 times as much as my parents paid on their house. But even they think it's nice here : ) Living in a sky high building is awesome, don't get me wrong, but it's always nice to own a home & a yard. I have puppies now and it's kind of not fair that they don't get a yard to run around in everyday. Maybe it's the Midwest girl in me, but I'm just ready to own a garage! My rollerblades are currently crammed in our coat closet. They need a garage. I want a garage with a house & a green yard for my dogs!

And the only reason, I'm selling my Chanel earrings is because my aunt can buy me another pair in the future. Plus, I'm already keeping my Chanel Baguette earrings & the larger pair.

Anyhow, I'm such a rambler > to the point Steph! > stay tuned for more sale posts, I'm really motivated to clear out my stuff. It's just so hard to let go of Jill Stuart eyeshadows & MAC eyeshadows. They're just so pretty to look at..I think most of you can agree. We've all worked so hard to collection (hoard) all this beautiful makeup into our lives. It's definitely hard to let go. I've always had a shopping problem. I'm an impulse buyer, spender. I don't think twice I just spend spend spend. My sister is complete opposite of me. She always tells me I'm going to spend myself broke one day.

It's that way in the casino too. I lose 1-2k in the blink of an eye playing high limit slots machines. Sometimes the pay off is 5-10k..so that 1-2k investment is worth..unless you don't win. lol We were actually up in 2009, got the win/loss statement to prove it! I'll post that one day for fun : ) Did you know you can request a win/loss statement from the casino? That is if you always use a player's card. That way you can declare the losses on your taxes at the end of the year since they tax you on wins over $1200.

Casino greed will probably be the end of me!
My mom's always telling me why do I always talk about casino, she's always like..people are going to judge you! I don't really care what anyone thinks cause I know the casino is the only place I can clear my mind, have a drink, and enjoy myself since I'm a social outcast : ) I like to hang out with old people at the casino.

The high of winning a couple grand is just awesome. I just consider my losses my vacation money or handbags that I've bought and lost. lol

I always just tell my bf in the car on the way home that I bought 1, 2, 3 new handbag and then lost them! He just laughs at me & shakes his head. He knows he enjoys casinos too. The funny thing is we ran into one of his bankruptcy clients at the casino recently..then we were back..and tried to avoid them lol. He doesn't want to let his clients think that he's an addict.

Also, before I forget to mention this,
Seattle people! or Washington people!
Need an attorney?

My friend Sam is going to have a Grand Opening type gig for his new law firm this fall & he's going to throw a party. A whole roast pig will probably be involved since you how know Asian parents can be..lol, especially on Grand Opening Day!

Anyone in the Seattle area interested in going? I'll be there : ) Also, if you're in the state of Washington and need an attorney, I can definitely introduce you. He's a graduate of the University of Washington, Vietnamese with a Chinese last name (I think he might be part Chinese), and a lambda if you're into fraternity guys. lol maybe you'll know him. Aren't fraternity brother's like super social? I dunno! My boyfriend's in a fraternity and he seems to have a great network of friends.

Anyhow I think Sam's single..not sure! Don't quote me, don't quote me. He's 27 or 28, I want to say. I don't know why I feel the need to tell the everyone if my friends are single or not, but yeah... Sam, Attorney at Law + Law Office Party! Any friend of mine is invited! Come meet him, come meet me : ) It will help spread the word for his new practice. I'll keep you updated where and when the event will take place. ^_^

I know some attorney friends in Illinois, Nevada, California, Washington, Connecticut & New York. Of course they all practice their own field of law, but they could probably refer you to another attorney who can help you for your specific need.
If you're from any of those states, and need an attorney, I can definitely connect you.
You never know, it's always better to get a referral cause you'll know it's an attorney you can trust, and hopefully they won't bill you a million hours for their time.

Ok...now to the good stuff!

The receipt book

From the Chanel store in Paris, my aunt lives there and got me a few pairs when she came back.
I can't give you the receipt since it has my aunts full name, home address,cc info., and her other purchases on it.
But they're straight from Chanel Paris, hand carried by my 65 year old aunt back to the states. lol
This is their Spring/Summer 2010 packaging with the white Camellia

Aren't they gorgeous?
The much sought after Chanel Classic Logo Earrings : )

The real deal, they have the stamp on the back of the earrings
The Classics are actually pretty big, the Mini's are way cute, but my sister has them.
Lucky bi*atch!
The little earring pouch, I notice the draw string is only on one side for this pair
My aunt wrote that since she bought us (my sis & I) 5 pairs.
You're only allowed 2 pairs per person per visit or something like that, but they made an exception one of the days for her to leave with 3. She went multiply days since she lives near.
My aunt said she can get me more when the Euro drops lol.

One day soon, I'll go visit her & see Paris. I tried to talk her into buying me a Chanel flap bag, but that was a no go. lol She's like, you get it when you visit. You don't need it now.

Brand New Chanel Classic Earrings Spring 2010
They're Handmade in France From the Chanel Paris Boutique
Definitely hard to get your hands on here in the US
(I've looked, but I think they can put you on a waiting list if you go the boutique or call them)

Here's a link to the post when I first saw all the earrings, you can see the other two pairs I have, the bigger ones & the rare baguettes : )


For the follow items, not the earrings.
Shipping is $2 US Only Please : )
Email: nguyenst@msu.edu

Brand New Chanel Varnish #307 Orange Fizz
from the Summer 2009 Collection

Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #105 Sideral
Limited Edition
Used 2x
Original Price. $27
MAC 1N lipgloss (swatched 1 time) & NYX lipgloss in Sweetheart (used 3x)
Both for $13

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Pearl Gloss Lipgloss #822
Made in Paris, France
Used 2x
Original $30
Brand New MAC Emote Blush
*Last One I have*

MAC Wisteria Eye Trio from the Dame Edna Collection
Used no more than 3-4 times
Shadows: Fineshine (L), Wisteria (V), and Divine Night (V)

Dior Lipstick Rouge Dior #296
Biege Box Office
A mauvy/biege Used 1x

Random, does anyone know if the Public Library will take old magazines?
I'm subscribe to 7 magazines...and I haven't thrown away one in the past 6 months. SEE, I even hoard old magazines. We've moved them from the old house to the new apartment. They're 2 heavy crates full of magazines!
They take up a lot of space...if you know leave me a message. I'll try giving the library a call tomorrow : )

My friend Danielle just read this post and she gave me some advice,

the magazine thing felt great to give up
one key is no subscriptions. if i buy a magazine on the street, i can't bring it home
i read it on the subway/plane
but throw it out no matter what b4 getting home"

Does she feel no shame in throwing it away???! lol


  1. *Hello Steph! :)
    I been following you for quite sometimes now through twitter and your jewlery line and hopefully one day I'll bump into you in person! :D My hometown is Bellevue also but as of right now I'm married and live in Everett with my husband and son of 11 months! :D I use to live near by Lake Hills blueberry farm if you have an idea of where that is. heheh! I just wanted to drop by and say hello and see what you have for sale. Your sales are pretty reasonable and affordable. But unfortunately I'm broke! lol. Dont be surprise but I will definitely buy a necklace in the future! They look sooooo gorgeous. My sisters call me a glittery freak. ahaha, anything sparkle and shiny is going to attract me. There's so much goregous jewerly you have here, and I cant pick but maybe in the future when I order something I like, I might have to ask it custom made because all the jewl hearts are so goregous. I lovee like everything! From the purples, to blues and etc. Gosh, I WANT THEM ALL! hahaha. A friend of mines told me about the DSK contest but like I said never got into the part of buying it so I'll wait until next yr when you open one again. :D So anywhos with that being said, just dropping by to say HELLO! Love your doggies they are the cutest! :) Have a great night now.

  2. Hi from Cali! :)

    I just got Mistral in the mail and just wanted to say thank you thank you! Oh and thanks for feeding my sweet tooth too lol.



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