May 21, 2010

My New Chanel Earrings

My aunt from Paris arrived to Michigan a few days before I did, and lookie what she got me this time around. Last time she carried home a Louis Vuitton Galleria GM bag...this time..multiple pairs of Chanel earrings. She told me the limit is 2 per customer, but she went two different days and scored 3 pairs on one day even! She brought us 5 pairs. I learned that these earrings are handmade. That's why the availability of some styles is so limited. Especially the Baguettes.

She picked up the more Classic styles for me & my sister since we weren't really there to pick them ourselves. She says next time she'll get more : )

These are the Classic Chanel Studs
We also have a pair of Mini's that aren't pictured because they still aren't opened.

The cute Camellia flower on the bag.
I guess the Spring packaging is white, I was expecting to see some black boxes, but I was wrong.

Sorry for the blurry pic! My camera has been weird since I've been home.

This picture makes me smile, so pretty! I LOVE RIBBONS

They have a Camellia flower inside the box right when you open it. : )

This pair is BLING, I'm not sure what it's called..but they're pretty big
Sorry about the clipped polish!

They have Made in France stamped on the back

The Classic : )

What girl does not want a pair of Classic Chanel Earrings?
Especially a pair straight from Paris, France.
I've wanted these since my freshman year in college...that was 4.5 years ago!
I remember girls I knew were on waiting lists for these in the States back in the day.

These are the Baguettes, apparently the harder pair to hunt down.
The sales associate at Chanel told my aunt not to pass on the opportunity to buy these.

I can't capture a good photo of these for some reason.
It must be the cut of the crystals.

I can't wait to see the pair of mini's
Will post a pic when we open them : )
Time to go watch The September Issue!


  1. ooh i love the packaging!
    the baguettes look so glamourous!
    your baller status just continues to elevate ; )

    i wish i had an aunt from paris
    this post is just a total reminder of how im procrastinating from studying for my french final next week

  2. awwww! i'm jealous =)

  3. Girl please! Come to ATL we can get lots of Channel 'inspired' earrings at the Beauty Supply Stores!!! lol

  4. those are sexy. not because of chanel, but because of diamonds.

    also, i am learning at this exact moment that captain morgan is NOT my friend.

    But you are my friend. See you Sunday!

  5. Haha! Nice! How lucky of you, being spoiled by your family! Your aunt must love you a lot! =)

    I always thought the bags would be white actually. It was during x-mas time when I served this really arrogant client that wanted a cheap sports bag. After being rather rude and such, he stuffed the bags with the gifts he shopped for. And he forgot the BEST gift behind and never came back. It happened to be one of the Chanel perfumes. I'm not much of a fan of Chanel but my mom was. I gave her the perfume and she was delighted. LOL, karma favoured me when the rude client decided to act like a prick with me and gave me a Chanel perfume. Woo hoo!

    I always wanted the Chanel classic earrings but they look huge though... >_<! Oh~ This gives me an idea, I should check if my mom would like a pair and maybe I can gift her a pair for her upcoming birthday!

    Take pics of you wearing them, looking glamorous! Haha!

  6. I'm a sucker for sparkly things!!!

  7. Your earrings are gorgeous! You're a lucky, lucky girl! I hope you enjoy being home and your sister's graduation! =D

  8. You're Aunt is so sweet! She's always getting you the goods from Paris! :)

    These are great classic earrings! Dang.... I still need to get me a LV Speedy (thanks to you I know now what it is! LOL) too! Haha!!

    Oh the packaging of them are love too!!

    CONGRATS again to Julia! On the scholarship too! And have fun at home! Give Heidi & Tobey hugs for me!

  9. The classic design is really nice, but those large ones... man, that started a lemming. There's something about them that is just making me want to hunt them down.

  10. those are soooo precious! i am so jealous, steph! post a picture of you wearing em! i'm sure they'll look beautiful on u!

  11. so lucky! I've always wanted a pair...been years too..hopefully one day...

  12. Gorgeous! Love the white packagings and the camellias ;)

  13. They're so gorgeous I'm drooling! You're so blessed to have such a loving and thoughtful aunt.

  14. omgooodness, i really wish i had an aunt like urs... hahaha id be happy with one but wow 3 pairs?! or 5. are they all for u hahah gosh thats unthinkable :D xx

  15. PRETTYY! I want a pair, you're so lucky!


  16. wow, those the legit ones! I've seen so many fake channel earrings over here.


  17. You can't beat Chanel for Chic! Congrats on your gift and make sure you model them for us!!

  18. I've died and gone to Chanel heaven!!! You have such a generous and considerate aunt!!! I hope to save and buy a pair the day I go to Paris...I need to start convincing the hubs diamond earrings aren't enough =/ lol

    If you couldn't tell, I love the earrings you showed, esp the last one, it's def unique and special!

  19. Lucky lucky girl! Those Chanel earrings are just to die for! Love it!!

  20. wow I wish I had an auntie from Paris! Great blog doll, keep it glam xoxo

  21. i just drooled all over myself! i'm in lust! lucky girl, thanks for sharing the chanel pics :)

  22. your so lucky I wish I had an aunt like her

  23. OMG they're all so cute!!! I'd want to wear all 3 at once lol.

  24. I have been dreaming of the classic earrings for SO long! You are one lucky lady! Your aunt is super sweet.

    I am sorry I have been MIA! I'm a horrible blogger and friend! My family was about to put my picture on the back of milk cartons. LOL! I hope you're settled in your new home and loving it!

  25. OMG! i luv those!! Im drooling all over the pics now!


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