July 20, 2010

My Chanel Baguette Earrings

In case anyone was wondering what Chanel Baguette Earrings look like ^_^
They're a gold color CC, more expensive than the Classic & the Classic Mini's

Chanel Baguette Earrings
From the Chanel Paris Boutique
Thanks to my aunt : )
The flash makes it hard to see the stamped engraving, but it's there
I've never seen these before in the US, but then again...how often do I visit Chanel?
Not often, unless I want to be depressed.


  1. theyre sooo lovely, steph!!! <3333 lol at "unless i want to be depressed" part! ure so silly!

  2. they're so very pretty!! i just walk into chanel or any high end stores unless i have the flow (they're 5 minutes from my job...don't think i haven't thought about walking into gucci as if I was a princess from another country picking out my weekly handbag, lol)

  3. Ohh such a classic iconic piece of jewelry to own! You're so lucky Steph.

  4. oo lala :D you're a lucky girl steph!


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