July 21, 2010

Puppy Play Date

I met up with my friend Kellie for the first time in a long time!
She goes to school in sunny CA, so I've been deprived for so long.
I've missed her immensely. *hearts*
But she can't hide from me anymore now that's she back for summer break!

We met up at Medina Park (Dog Park).
She brought with her a little girl puppy to meet my boys.
Kellie's mom has 8 Chihuahuas!!!
She could only manage to bring one. lol
You know they're just checking out the babes.
Wally goes, "found one!"
Timmy goes, Momma, meet my new gf

When I got home, I stopped at the concierge & picked up my......
Sephora package!!!
UD Naked!!! : )
I have all 3 of the perfume, but samples don't hurt to have either : )
Only Gold for Me, Sephora Top Coat : )
: )

So many smiles for me tonight!


  1. awe steph! ur the sweetest <333 we need to DEFINITELY hang out more often!!! and how do u like the UD naked palette! I BARELY wear makeup, BUT IT SEEMS SO PRETTY!!!! I WANT, HAHAHA!! <33333

  2. they are the cutest pups ever!

  3. @eri I wish our puppies could all have a play date!

  4. aww you should do EOTD using the naked palette Steph! i want to know what you think of it. I've been wanting to get it, but the Sephora in Utah doesn't have it. I'll probably have to order it online. sucks lol.

  5. LOL What playboys your boys are! ;) Sooo cute too!!

    Ohh someone got some UD Naked!


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