July 22, 2010

My Urban Decay Collection

Naked, Urban Arsenal Face Palette, Summer of Love

These are 4 of my 6 Urban Decay Palettes. ( I forgot to count the Alice palette earlier) lol
I have two other ones...they're just MIA somewhere in my draws.
Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette

I haven't had the heart to use my UD Alice in Wonderland Palette
It's too pretty to look at..so I'm saving it :P
I have these gorgeous Castle Dew Palettes as well & they are so pretty I haven't used them either.
I'm weird...and my CD eyeshadow palettes..I can't bring myself to using them cause they're so pretty.
Dior Eye Show #622 Undressed Biege


Urban Decay Summer of Love Palette, I wanted this palette so badly after I saw it in a magazine. I love the pop of purple.
CD Cream Shadow, Maui Wowie, & Smog, and the look I created with it below.
I will try to post a LOTD with the new Naked Palette tomorrow.
I bought a year membership to get my eyebrows threaded! It cost me $65 (eyebrows & lip!!!) versus the $15 each time I go for eyebrows alone (lip is $7), and that's not including tip. I figured why not.

Played around with Picnik : )
The Chanel Baguettes
The Uncut version lol for @ladylonline
I'm telling ya, it's the extra fat I'm carrying on me!
Who doesn't miss webcam photos!!!
I used to take one everyday in college, my roommate thought I was crazy but later joined in on the fun. It's fun to look back : )
I just have a 13" Macbook, I really want a 15" or 17" Macbook Pro!
Imagine all the work I could get done on one of those babies!
I can't help but stare at my bald spot.

The lipstick is MAC's I Like It Like That (it's way purple/pink). I don't recommend it. I really wanted Jazzed! I went to 3-4 MAC counters and it was all sold out along with Stereo Rose. I'm trying not to buy stuff, but it's so hard. I just needed to have 1 comfort item from the MAC In The Groove Collection.

I honestly feel that I have lost any blending skills I used to have. My makeup was best 4-5 years ago while I was in college and cared a lot about how I looked so I could attract a husband. lol
jk. but we all know that's the truth! well maybe.. to attract a boy..> boyfriend > then later on husband :D All that work did pay off jk, I'm never going to get married.

Thinking back to college brings back so many good memories! It was so much fun to casually meet new friends (guys!), study together, eat dinner together. blah blah blah, I'm such a loser now. I think I'm missing the excitement and the butterfly feeling of dating in my life.

I miss college A LOT, it was so much fun, just hanging out with friends..going to class with friends..making new friends in class. Class was the best. Getting ready for class was the best part of my morning lol. You never knew who you were going to meet that day.
I've let myself grow uglier and uglier these 2 years. It's so hard to get out of this hole I've fallen into.
Extra lbs = big face, and smaller eyes, bigger everything! FML sometimes. But it takes just me, myself, and I to dig myself out of the hole I've dug for myself.

I got an email from one of my readers that was so inspiring. She really makes me want to work harder at everything I do. She honored me with praise that I feel like it's undeserved.
I need to improve my health, and my lifestyle ...considering I got a BALD SPOT last week.
The only good thing I have going for me is my work ethic. I love to work & help my friends with their careers.

Anyhow......random babble, moving on! More palettes : )
This gorgeous set was a gift from my friend Nu last year.
How time flies! I really love this palette because of all the wear-able shades.
Plus who doesn't want to own Half-Baked!

I love the name Roach, so sexy sounding lol
I really like the look of the packaging, but I wish it wasn't a velvet material.
Velvet attracts so much dust.
I haven't used any in a while since I'm so stuck on cream shadows

Capturing the gorgeousness before I dip my brushes in
Virgin, Sin, Naked lol love the names!
Half Baked & Smog (I already have and do adore)

This palette is definitely one of those perfect gifts to give a beginner in makeup.
For example, my younger sister one day : )
Or my friend Phuong! : ) Hi Phuong if you're reading ^_^
Do you girls know the history of Urban Decay?
It was created by two friends...then one friend took ownership booting the other friend out.
Basically..the whole "you stole my idea" drama. Kind of like the whole Facebook drama!
It's very interesting, you should read about it here.
Who knew right?

Sometimes when I think about it, it makes me feel bad ~ but there's always several sides to a story. All we know as consumers is the fact that Urban Decay delivers an excellent product.
I'm not a big fan of the randomness of their palettes though. I feel like there's not enough structure in the packaging/style/ideas. It's just a bunch of randomness with no order. But then again..maybe that's the whole "urban" "decay" image.

Just my two cents. : )

Then I had to pick up the Sephora OPI Glitter Top Coat!
I saw it on Msfili's blog & it looked fabulous on her nails

I think the bottle is really cute, especially how it says Sephora on the top

The Wet 'n Wild Gel Liner
Remember how I was saying how cheap it looked?
Well..here's my photo proof..I just can't stand the rim. They had this peel before using sticker.
And after you peel it you're left with sticky residue on the rip. It makes me cringe thinking about it. But the product is very good for $3.99

Kind of tacky just like my choice in nail polish lol
It's OPI Mandarin Orange..I didn't realize how super orange it was until after...
At least it looks really beachy cute on my toes : )

Also, are any of you girls part of ABB? AsianBeautyBlog.com?
It's definitely where most of our beauty blogging started : )
I used to post on ABB before I had this blog. That's where I found Stephie (Stephienese) & was a big fan of her work back in the day. Then last year or so we got to chatting ^_^ & now she's a model for DSK Jewelry. Blogosphere friendships are awesome : ) I love all my blog friends! Some of them have actually become really great RL (real life) friends :D :D :D

You should all visit Asian Beauty Blog, the creator of the site, Phil is really awesome & one of my good friends.
He used to be on board with DSK when it was nothing. Definitely one of those friends who were my friends from the start. Plus, I used to try and be sneaky and post DSK Jewelry related stuff on abb ~ haha he's used to yell at me, but then he made an exception cause I'm DSK Steph!

By the way, he's a guy, and Macedonian ^_^
Random huh? lol, there's a story behind it of course.
He started the blog for his girlfriend at the time who was Asian.
She was really beautiful & it was her smoky eye video on youtube that really caught my attention back when I was a freshman in college (5 years ago!) Look at me now..chatting on AIM with Phil about how some guy at CVS complimented his sexy legs. I think he's taking a pic right now as I type.

Phil: also i have nice legs, which helps

Me: haha yeah take pix

Phil: srsly? k just a sec...

Me: hahaha k

Phil: wtf i'm actually doing this hahaha now i'm getting performance anxiety

Phil: are my legs going to be sexy enough? i don't know!

Me: i'm about to post this on blog

Phil: oh god.

To See Phil's sexy legs, click here
He says he's wearing running shorts, so don't get too excited hahaha
He's so funny. Anyhow... Phil tweeted,

Also, he has a bad ass tattoo on his back of a dragon, click here
Seeing so many people have tattoos really makes me want to experience getting a tattoo!

Well from reading this blog post, you now are informed that the creator of ABB is in fact a guy named Phil who has nice legs & a bad ass dragon tattoo. : )

Go Figure!

I'll try to find my other Urban Decay Palettes & post them just for fun, opposed to not for fun. lol


  1. steph! so much make up eye candies in this post! I love half baked, too!! you are such a make up collector!! I'm so sad you didn't get any into the groove stuff, next time anything hyped like that comes out I'll ask you if you want anything so I can pre order for you! I hate how Mac does that! they never make enough of good items and everything is always a hunt! but then strangely they have CCOs where all the leftovers go! side eyes* I enjoyed this post and reading about all your pass experiences :))) ps, your blending skills are still on point, babes!!!

  2. dang girl! so many UD palettes :) I'm drooling! i love blurred pics haha orton-ish is my fave picnik setting for ulzzang photo attempts lollll.
    I know what you mean about missing the excitement and stuff. I feel like even now IN college i'm wilting and shriveling and turning into blah ... I also saw some fine wrinkles under my eyes this week D:

    That guy has a badass tattoo! I kind of want one x_x

  3. I'm eyeing on that palette (naked) very lovely!

  4. The naked palette looks so awesome! Oh and of course the $OPI gold glittah!

    I found ABB randomly years ago after watching May's smokey eye tutorial, wonder if that's the one you mean as well? I do remember some of your earrings and necklaces you posted ages ago :D

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. i love your posts with randomness in the middle, it's exactly what i end up doing and then deleting all the randomness, i'm lame

    loves all the palettes and the nail polishes, both the gold and orange, so pretty!!

    with makeup skills, you gotta use em or you'll lose em, lol

  6. Hey Steph! Don't know if you remember me, but I bought an Emote from you a few weeks back ;D If I can find a Jazzed L/S here in HI, I'll pick if up for you =) I noticed the hype is not as big here, so there may be a chance our stores still have them in stock. I was able to find 2 Stereo Roses days after the release.

  7. DAYEEEEEEEEM that is some juh-rom-maaaaaaa about the history of Urban Decay. That's also shady, I mean c'mon..but whatevers. Money is evil, but it makes the world go round.

    I totally know what you mean about makeup skills. I'm like why the hell do I even have a beauty blog? I don't even care about my makeup anymore. I toss on eyeliner and call it a day HAHAHHAHA

  8. omg i'm totally like that about my CD palette too! i know i SHOULD use it but it's just sitting there it's STILL in the box it came in because i don't want to touch it! haha and i did not know that about UD's owners! that's pretty crazy. and i agree about the randomness with the palettes and it's kind of annoying how midnight cowboy is in EVERY palette i swear it's not even that great of a color IMO lol!

  9. Roach and shotgun are some of my favorites! I have that same palette (first one EVER) and it's hitting pan!

  10. LOL I started out on ABB too! THen they had all this dramamama going on, and that's when I created my blogger! LOL!

    That is a good collection! And w/ palettes it takes so long to run out! LOL!

    Yay for FOTDs!! And I love picnik.. L turned me on to that site long ago, and it's what I use to edit all my pics now! LOL!

    Your bald spot is not noticeable! LOL! Silly!

  11. hahah aw! so much fun to read random stuff :) i love your long posts.


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